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Lil help with resonance transformer plz.

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Lil help with resonance transformer plz.

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I have a large transformer which I was able to find the resonance frequency ranges starting at about 10 Khz using my signal generator and scope.  At about 10 Khz the phases shift about 90 degrees, and at 31 Khz, the phase shifts the full 180 degrees.

I am pulsing DC in different frequencies within that range and measuring how many amps I can catch in a 6V battery..  I know I am in the right ranges because input amperage goes DOWN when pulling a load from the secondary.  So the waves are definitely in my favor at this point.

Now the problem is extracting power...   When I rectify the output, I can only capture roughly 20% of the input power..  And because the input goes down when pulling power from it, it's difficult to pass power through it.. 

I was thinking because the waves are now reversed and it's like "self-inducting", perhaps I should be collecting from both the input and output.  This helps my averages slightly (I think)..  But I am still way down from input..

I also tried collecting from the secondary into a High Voltage capacitor to see the amperage roll-off as voltage goes higher.  It seems that the secondary is WAY WAY more efficient in terms of amount collected when you let the voltage stay sky-high..  Amperage roll-off does occur, but it seems not at the standard rate..

What kind of knowledge is out there regarding this?  What has been tried and what is the community consensus on these issues?


I documented some interesting effects..

Ferrite, laminate, ceramic magnet, and steel placed between resonant coils.  Pretty interesting stuff!  Not sure what it all means, but cool.


Edit-  I also did neo's inside- which did NOT mimic ceramic in any way..  Neo's actually hurt it immensely..

Well this resonant coil is definitely producing good amounts of ozone..  I was wondering what the funky smell was when it's sparking, turns out I made a pretty decent ozone generator so-far.

Now if I could just figure out how to tap it for overunity..  lol 8)

So I got 2x  40 watt cfl bulbs lit with about 4 Watts input with the resonant coil.  Since there is like no amperage, voltage drop through a series circuit should be minimal if existent at all.  So i thought why not wire many bulbs up in series and try to convert the light output to usable DC with a solar panel..

I incorporated an earth ground and the light improves 2 fold..  But I can't figure out what is happening here...  The hookup is very touchy...

With 2 bulbs, I can get both pretty bright using an earth ground for the same input energy..  But if I disconnect 1 bulb, it will not light back up unless I unhook and re-hook the earth ground. then they both  shine bright again.  It seems like if I disconnect the bulb, it loses it's oscillations and needs to be restarted by unhooking and rehooking the earth ground.

See what I am saying here-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq9UbTh1OFQ

So I went and grabbed 5 bulbs from the basement.  And the system acts funky..  As of now I can not get it to work with 3 bulbs, nevermind 5..

I am way over my head here,  I know very very little about what is going on here.  but one thing for certain, it does not follow usual standard electrical theory..

I cannot help you but you have again distracted me. Using my signal generator on my 1k generator stator and rotor. Not seeing sparks but some interestingly odd behaviour s for sure. Seeing 256v on my rotor by using 48khz on the two short stator coils in series. No current but you can light an led by holding a leg. Position of the stator matters almost feels like tuning some sort of magnetic antenna. Anyway delete this if ot. I’ll put it with my quadrilateral pancake coil :) blue trace is input. Yellow trace is 8 ohm stator coil, purple trace on one 8ohm rotor coil.


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