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Author Topic: Flux Mill 3D Model Based Dr. Jorge L. Duarte 2019 Hypothesis  (Read 363 times)

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Flux Mill 3D Model Based Dr. Jorge L. Duarte 2019 Hypothesis
« on: October 02, 2022, 03:51:16 AM »
I'm not claiming this thing works, or ever will work, as I haven't built it yet. I'm still working on gathering all the parts I need. Last week I got the 3D model complete, so now I have to get the 3D prints and those are pricey so I need some time to save for the parts.

I have a repository for all the 3D files if anyone would wish to replicate this hypothesis.

Flux Mill 3D Model

Flux Mill 3D Model based on Hypothesis of Magnetic Wind-Mills:

View 3D Model at Sketchfab:

Should you wish to build: Required parts for build, 3D print:

2x base
8x big cylinder
2x big gear
48x small cylinder
6x small gear
Each cylinder sits at 360/8 = 45 degree angles from the next cylinder.

Cylinder   offsets
Cyl1   0/360 degrees
Cyl2   45 degrees
Cyl3   90 degrees
Cyl4   135 degrees
Cyl5   180 degrees
Cyl6   225 degrees
Cyl7   270 degrees
Cyl8   315 degrees

Middle axel is rotated at 5 degrees against outer axels and held in place using the gears/cogs, see hypothesis.


7x 8mm diameter x at least 120mm steel rod for a shaft.
14x 8mm bore bearings
168x 10x3mm N52 Neodymium magnets
56x 2mm steel rods to hold everything in place.
4x M8 (8mm bore) threaded rod roughy 250mm in length each + 16x nuts suited for the thread to hold and adjust base corners (Buy in your local hardware store)
28x M5 (5mm bore) bolts of between 12 to 20mm in length + suited 38x suited nuts to screw down bearing (Buy in your local hardware store)
Some adhesive to stick magnets down. (Buy in your local hardware store)