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Author Topic: opinions, motivations, responses, interactions, - only social life/inpolitics .  (Read 1360 times)

Offline stivep

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FE movement
, and your contribution
to the better future of our self, personally and/or socially. 

why you should help me?
why I should help you?
what makes me to help you-is a depression, pressure, empathy, lack of choice, friendship, or what?
once you had been helped ,more of our help is expected or demanded, and if not then you'll see he's/ her/ its disappointment.
and why is that?
I gave the helping hand?
So why?

У вас,наверное ничего. Примерно тоже самое было и 1938году,когда нас на свете
еще не было. Просто хочу понять,это банальные слабость,лень,нерешительность,
или еще что то другое,чего мы не знаем. :)

oh goodness,
I'm going to answer you in English.
The quote from the picture:
you were given the choice between war and dishonor, you chose dishonor and you will have war.
human animal (Darwin) implemented meaning of honor, dishonor
but the war is just collective response of one group of interest against the other,
were under  the human rules of honor and dishonor people die.

my wife highly educated psychologist, transited from Poland  to the 24 years older man me the American Jew, helping me financially because she wanted.
Poland is one group of interest

USA is yet another group of interest so now she cares less about Poland and more about USA and me.

normal mammal behavior:

– cat aggressiveness against another cat  turns into escape
of the attacker when human or something bigger comes into the picture.



–countries are separate entities.
-given country citizens are entitled beneficiaries only in their own country.
- strangers are not friends
–friends are not brothers
-when brothers are married their own families are more important than brotherhood


friendship of one country to the other is likely politics based on given country population emotional approach likeliness empathy, or historical foundation .
Exactly the same is in social group.
And exactly the same applies to a  friendship or family.
Your response is mostly based on created by you or newly  created by you obligation.

you not giving me any money why should I give you money?
I'm always in the white shirt and tie,
and homeless guy looking at me is expecting help

because he thinks I'm better richer in life than he himself,
-how do you know that I'm better than any guy or kolbacict you know ?

The truth:

   The truth:
The truth:

A friend businessman having traditionally not less than a hundred thousand dollars weekly
on his account hired Dima young immigrant from Ukraine.
at the last Friday Dima said to his boss :

let's go together to GoGo bar have some good whiskey, have some fun
The boss responded:
Thank you, and I am sorry but I have no money  left.
the customer didn't pay for the job yet,
80 employees needs 75,000 every week.after a payed my mortgage, car loan, insurance, property tax, gas and electric I have $7.35 left.
-no worry,  you just paid me  my $650, said Dima.
my parents paid the school,
and I am in their house
I have zero expenses, I'll pay for GoGo for two of us.

so the businessman hopes to make more income than his expenses that must be paid or he's bankrupt.
the Ukrainian guy  hopes to make more income but she/he has no expenses, and no obligation.
who is better in life?

таким чином, бізнесмен сподівається заробити більше доходу, ніж його витрати, які повинні бути сплачені або він збанкрутував. український хлопець сподівається отримати більше доходу, але у нього немає витрат і немає зобов'язань. Хто кращий у житті? 
so the question is:
-why USA  citizens should help Ukraine?
-why the human animals should help other animals?
-what is the reason we the free energy researchers are here?
-are we helping each other, or just waiting that somebody give us help
And we will have free rides to the future making money on this fool helping us?( joke)

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Offline kolbacict

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why I should help you?
So why?[/sub]
so the question is:
-why USA  citizens should help Ukraine?
-why the human animals should help other animals?
Maybe because Poland will be next, then the Baltic states, and maybe your America? ;D

Offline stivep

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                                          WELCOME TO USA 

- WE WILL PAY YOUR EXPENSES if you qualify, and that is not a joke.         
- МЫ ОПЛАТИМ ВАШИ РАСХОДЫ, если вы пройдете квалификацию, и это не шутка.


You may not like it but we are animals.( Darwin)

normal mammal behavior:– cat aggressiveness against another cat  turns into escape
of the attacker when human or something bigger comes into the picture.

It is not that I think this way , not at all.
I'm going to give you
provocative set of questions
to find what is your position in this matter.
Please respond in any known to me language for your convenience.
in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English, Hebrew, Idish.,

From your personal perspective today- right now, you can  escape to USA and start new life here.
100 000 visas are waiting for Ukrainians .
Ukrainians in Mexico are allowed to Enter USA without waiting on line or in line.

You will be given
-free education to you and your family members,
-free medical care,
-social benefits
-in New York  you will likely be given an apartment if you are with  your family,
 paid by American taxpayer according to refugee rights in USA
Ukrainian organization in New Jersey helps with job and everything that needs to be done for free.

You are likely talented educated Ukrainian but for some talented Russians the absolutely new program just started.

Although escape to EU or USA is for them not like to Ukrainians helped everywhere.
When they get here they will end at the same programs as Ukrainians.
What are you waiting for in that completely corrupted part of the world?
Чего вы ждете в этой полностью коррумпированной части мира?

So now here it comes - the provocative:

Is it because you are waiting for an American acting as an American waiter serving you our American help
on the dish delivered into  your own living room?
Не потому ли, что вы ждете, когда американец, выступающий в роли американского официанта, будет оказывать
вам нашу американскую помощь по посуде в вашей собственной гостиной?



–countries are separate entities.
-given country citizens are entitled beneficiaries only in their own country.
- strangers are not friends
–friends are not brothers
-when brothers are married their own families are more important than brotherhood

We Americans are the country of emigrants.
Is that why we are seen as the strongest power in the world?
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Offline rakarskiy

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    • Personal Systems Free Energy (UA)
Memorantum of the Garants of lack ofness in connection with the annexation of Ukrainians to the agreement on the non
 -extension of the venerable weapon (Budapest memorandum)
- an interstate document on security guarantees in connection with the accession of Ukraine
to the agreement on the non -proliferation of nuclear weapons.
Signed on December 5, 1994 by the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain and the USA.Будапештский_меморандум

All about the honesty of Russia in order to fulfill its obligations.
By the way, the guarantors of Ukraine in this memorandum in addition
to militaristic Russia were the United States and Great Britain.
The answer to the question: why?
« Last Edit: June 18, 2022, 02:27:10 PM by stivep »

Offline stivep

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(Budapest memorandum)
 Signed  1994 by the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain and the USA.Будапештский_меморандум

guarantors of Ukraine in this memorandum  United States and Great Britain.
answer // (Wesley)//to the question: why?
You need to understand what memorandum means:
A memorandum is a written message
Commonly abbreviated "memo,"  brief, designed to be easily and quickly understood. …

"theoretical" example of memorandum:

I, Dr. Hans, and one more scientist, all three of us,
We didn't see a need to
acquire Tesla tower,in 2021, as it is cheap now, due to the collapse of Viziv.
In our internal memorandum, we promised, to ND of our working model.

practical example of negative sides (cons) of memorandum:
our working model, can be published by any of my friends or me at anytime
and there is no penalty.

where was the mistake?
why Ukraine is in war now?

Memorandum is just a form of gentleman agreement
There is no penalty specified in memorandum, to the parties
signing it and they can break it, revoke it, change their mind.
no penalty was specified,  .

The significant difference between an Agreement and a MoU (memorandum)
-Agreement can be made enforceable in the court.
-Memorandum is just an Offer, Acceptance, Intention, and...

 e.g NDA is an agreement and not a memorandum.
However in 1939 Britain and France signed a series of military agreements with Poland
that contained very specific promises to defend it against Germany - it never happened, Poland was left alone to fight Hitler.

in related example we see that there is  no power of punishment to the parties signing memorandum.
and even agreements can be questionable, just because...

Who's going to penalize USA, EU, England now?

Dear rakarskiy,
-corrupted, bribed, Ukraine, (exactly like Russia,) signed Budapest memorandum.
-Poland was also corrupted  but not to this extent.
Poland is EU now.
-you had your chance to be EU - you corroded it and screwed, it - as a total loser,
with puppet Yanukovych. - please correct me if I'm wrong.

The question is:
1.can you blame yourself and can Ukraine blame itself?
2.What can you do now today as Ukraine to gain.?
3.What can you do now today as you  rakarskiy, to have mine and Dr. Hans working model of free energy device,
on your table?

do you see this interconnection between .2 and .3 or you are completely lost?

« Last Edit: June 18, 2022, 06:18:47 PM by stivep »

Offline kolbacict

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К сожалению,тут Весли прав. С меморандумом украина лоханулась.
Не знаю такого подходящего слова в английском,но точнее не скажешь!
No one can be trusted in this cruel world.

p.s. But your Schwarzenegger, handsome, said well. 8)
It does not remove responsibility from itself.

Offline stivep

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Why FE movement may be so dangerous ( life threatening )
for successful and convincing Free Energy researchers:
Free energy is just energy that doesn't need to be paid for.

Some recent history first:
In 2014 after Ukrainian government against its own nation,rejected EU offer to join the Union
-Ukrainians overturned the government and pro-Russian President Yanukovych escaped, fleeing to Russia.

Ukrainians cut water supply ( dam) to Crimea
when in 2014 Russia annexed Ukrainian half-island Crimea, and occupied Ukrainian region of Doneck
and Lugansk turning it into 8 years of Positioned  Battle.

19 km long  Crimean Bridge build in 2016 between Russia and Crimea didn't help with water.
Maintenance  cost, Western sanctions, -
-The occupation of Crimea, for Russia's president Putin, become humiliating experience.

1,234-km natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany running through the Baltic Sea, financed by Gazprom
and several European energy companies. It was started in 2011
completed in September 2021, but has not yet entered service.
So much money spend  to control EU  and punish USA,  cut a need for existing  Ukrainian pipeline,  and nothing.. just nothing..
Putin, become  furious - Burst with anger started.

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, in a major escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War that began in 2014 and
caused need to punish Russia by Western World.

EU and USA placed more sanctions,
imports of Russian piped gas to Germany  using Ukrainian path
pipeline,  in December 2021 had already been cut to  32% 
But now Germany wants to stop it completely in 2024 due to recent Russian aggression .

Russia is leading loser in the world
but EU still pays to RF( Russian Federation) ~1 billion dollars per day for gas and oil.
- that earning is less money than Russia's cost of the war per day.

Time is running,
Russia the feudal country that served only  as world gas station is cut form electronics, technology,
and its 85 years old outdated junky  armory  shrinkage, in the next few months  may cause the dictator throne to shake. 

USA and EU supports Ukraine with weapons and money not because thy must or want to do it,
but because they have no choice.

- members of EU - Poland , Baltic countries supports Ukraine  and USA says that is the country of Emigrants,
but they don't need more emigrants nor Russian hegemony,  so they must stop the war.

Oil is up
Inflation is up
And this is very good for some.
They don't need or want any Tesla cars or new Nicola Tesla.
Russia reminds cornered tyrant ready to bite before its collapse.
And USA likely don't want it to collapse, as Western World need some sort of enemy.
Congress  approves next budget, for new war technologies only if there is that enemy somewhere  out there.