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Title: A gravity analogy...
Post by: iacob alex on January 24, 2007, 05:50:55 AM
    ...or a setting side by side,of the gravity with a likeness phenomenon,can be, in my opinion,the gusty winds.
      So,if we don't  know  ,what's  really this invisible potential flow,we can find some coincidence,similitude with something that we can understand and handle.
      The air currents,as gravity free fall,are moving from an area of high pressure(level),to an area of low pressure(level).
      The gusty winds,as gravity free fall,is an energizing,stronger and stronger,abrupt rush of wind,fluidic matter.
       If we imagine a windmill for gusty winds,and we are interested to collect the maximum power,we must set free the current to the extreme velocity of the flow.
      It could do it in a gusty,outbursting winds by storing(as the first step) energy in the form of inertia.
      Living in a  "gusty" potential field,envisioning a gravity power collector,should we take into consideration this characteristic feature,trait,nature of  the gravity flow?
     Vision can be our help of seeing things invisible.
               All the Bests!    /    Alex