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Author Topic: Reversing Eddy Currents? Speedup Confirmed- No Core - Coil Open or Shorted  (Read 886 times)

Offline floodrod

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What's happening here?  And can this effect be optimized to go overunity?

I spend time testing unconventional coil orientations and today I got a motor speedup effect..  I can make it gain over 200 RPM currently.

Two Magnets are on the rotor are positioned on the side with both polarities facing the driver and the outside. I am pulsing a pancake coil at the bottom one polarity only.  When I thread another pancake coil over the shaft where the magnets are NOT cutting the coils (magnets are traveling with the windings) I get a very noticeable speedup effect.  It makes little if any difference if the coil is open or shorted. Of course it produces no voltage.

We know it's not core saturation because no iron, steel, or any metal is used.
Holding the coil in other positions and angles slows the rotor in almost all other orientations
I can get the speedup to happen holding a coil in the same direction but not centered -  but not as much speedup it seems.

See the Video-

Do you think it's related to eddy currents? (i think it has to be).. 

The investigation continues!

Note-  The image is how the magnets on the rotor are aligned.
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Offline floodrod

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A few experiments later, I have this to report.

1.  Wound a pancake with rubber coated steel rope and tried the speedup effect..  NO Good. Major Bog Down..  Apparently magnetic metal is a no-go.

2. Tried aluminum flashing- solid piece.  Minor speedup noticed only at spaced distance.  Too close and it bogs.

3. Switched driver coil and spaced it away from the rotor to check if it was the driver coil's flux bouncing. Still had speedup relative to RPM regardless. So it must be coming from the magnets.

4. Tried a 4 magnet rotor.  Only minor speedup noticed.  like 1/7th as much as a 2 magnet rotor.

However this effect is working, it prefers 2 magnets only..  I am yet to try 2 magnets in the conventional way yet (where 1 pole faces the coil).  But I will be trying that next..  It is still unknown if this effect is "scalable" to take full advantage.. 

My next testing plan includes:

1. Test 2 magnet rotor with the conventional orientation.  Something tells me it won't work..  We will see!

2. Test scalability by making 2 rotors and 2 coils.  See if I can double the effect..

3. Powering the rig with a separate motor to eliminate any chance the prime mover is responsible.

I will be reporting back when I have more