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Author Topic: total climate meltdown  (Read 929 times)


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total climate meltdown
« on: July 31, 2022, 05:35:13 PM »

The crucial point, he argues, is that there is now no chance of us avoiding a perilous, all-pervasive climate breakdown. We have passed the point of no return and can expect a future in which lethal heatwaves and temperatures in excess of 50C (120F) are common in the tropics; where summers at temperate latitudes will invariably be baking hot, and where our oceans are destined to become warm and acidic. “A child born in 2020 will face a far more hostile world that its grandparents did,” McGuire insists.

I was waiting for the other shoe to drop...

From what I understand of energy and nature it was inevitable the small changes we produced on the planet would have big consequences. Now were finding out most credible scientists also knew how bad things were going to get. However they were told not to rock the boat because as we know from Covid many people are irrational and panic on a whim.

Think of the Earth like your body and even a small change in temperature can have big results. A relatively small change in temperature of 7 to 8 degrees is the difference between normal and deathly sick. Like your body it's not only the temperature but it's effect on our vital organs and other systems which compounds the problems exponentially. One thing does not lead to another but 10 or more other problems which creates that many more and so on...

Nature does not move in straight lines, it is not linear nor a closed system and everything effects everything else to some degree. As Viktor Schauberger implied, most are blind, deaf and dumb with respect to how nature actually works. They believe they can just do whatever they want and nothing will come of it. Viktor predicted literally everything were seeing today in the 1930's.

In any case it's come time to pay the piper for our ignorance. As we can see almost nobody has the capacity to change there lifestyle so we already know the outcome. Even worse many on the far right/communist end of the spectrum are doing everything in there power to accelerate the problem. I'm sure natural selection will sort this mess out and it's time to transition to survival mode in my opinion.