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Title: New to this field and would really appreciate some advice please
Post by: Ourkid123uk on July 19, 2022, 01:30:25 PM
Hi all,

Im Drew and for about 6 months i have been looking into "free for me" energy devices. The reason for this is because im moving off grid next month so wanted to see whats actually out there and usable.

I realise that there are alot of devices and concepts that fail but also believe some are legit.

So this is the help / advice i would really appreciate if possible.

Im after a Permanent Magnet Motor design... BUT it doesnt have to permanently run.

Im trying to find a buildable design that rotates at a decent speed but only has to do this for say 30 seconds - 5 mins before the cogging effect kicks in and it stops completely.

I believe i have found a way to keep a device as mentioned abouve running and also incresing in speed.

As im sure everyone has experienced many people stating this (without proof & rebuildability) and my plan was to find such a machine as mentioned above and
using what i have found, make a working machine. Once complete and if successfull i want to share everything.

Any advice, suggestions for a permanent magnet motor that i can purchase or build that only runs for 30 seconds - 5mins?

Many thanks,