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Title: Food ideas, to reduce waste, increase health etc
Post by: ideas99889 on July 07, 2022, 04:25:50 AM

    Food ideas, to replace rubbish foods, to reduce what supermarkets throw out, and maybe also increase health.

    Supermarkets should sell much more items, as fully cooked, instead of as short shelf life items, what they throw out, must be incredible

  They should sell -

  Cooked White fish, hake / cod ( others ? ), either at counters in the supermarket, cooked on the day, or, as packaged long life shelf items, not everyone can eat tuna / sardines

  Cooked three delicacies rice, at counters in the supermarket, cooked on the day, or, as cooked long life shelf items, but where the rice remains soft, and hopefully lower in fat than what is currently available on the shelf as long life shelf items.

   Cooked thin crust pizza, the type in the supermarket freezer ( not on the supermarket refrigerator ), for some reason those specific ones are ultra good, should be sold the same as bread, in the fresh cooked bread section of the supermarket, surely most people would agree this is an optimum food, much healthier than most fresh cooked snack foods

    Cooked spring rolls, and also as cooked long life shelf items

    Cooked dim sims, and also as cooked long life shelf items

    Cooked meat pies, crispy crust, like from those cheap 8-packs, which seem much much lower in meat ( a good thing ) and higher in brown gravy, just add canned tomato, OR, sell on the shelf, as long life shelf items, cooked crispy crust, and in an attached container the cooked brown gravy filling stuff like in those cheap 8-pack meat pies.
    It is incredible, just how bad the food of some countries are, that they provide for tourists, streets covered in vomit, foods made of red chillies and awful seafoods etc, foods that will activate any digestive condition etc etc

   Also, what about a new type pf restaurant, just based on heating / cooking solely supermarket foods / items, I mean solely the prepackaged foods in the supermarket freezer or on the supermarket shelf, so minimal effort and stuff to clean, maybe even combined with the idea of a robot restaurant, where robots ( or other fully automated design ) deliver the meal items to booths of only one or 2 people ( a full silence restaurant, maybe sneakily classify it as an adult restaurant to ban children, reduce noise ), and, where the robots would be ultra cheap type of robots, not the currently available ones which cost $80000 and have moving arms than can even clear tables, I mean robots that would only have the meals items inserted in their chest, and simply go to the customer, obviously this idea would only work for indoor restaurants ( it would not work for outdoor restaurants ), some people, at the end of the day, are very tired, and often just don't want to see or interact with anyone, this would be just the type of restaurant they would require