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Wheel hub motor for cars. Open sourced?

Electric vehicles > Electric cars

Wheel hub motor for cars. Open sourced?

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Could someone open source the building of wheel hub motors for a car? Apparently, Yes.
It seems a tall order. Access to a 3D printer is needed. A lot of neos and coil winding. They are a bit apprehensive about people designing up the power. Is it a practical project?


and also:


A dream come true !!

The kind of direction this world could/would take when FE
Becomes the norm

Retrofitting industry etc etc

Thanks for sharing

Chet K
I am going to touch base with some members who have more
Experience with 3D printing to get feedback here!


--- Quote from: ramset on July 06, 2022, 08:21:34 PM ---
I am going to touch base with some members who have more
Experience with 3D printing to get feedback here!

--- End quote ---
That would be very useful. He has the program data files for 3D printers.  The strength of different plastic filaments needs considering. Also, the milling of the aluminium plate is going to need planning. In due course, we could organise someone to set up to make half a dozen to start with.

Re Github, I don't really understand their software. will try further. For instance, the neos are defined as 30x10 and we need a 3rd dimension. But who do youi ask, and how? I suspect they will be 30x10x10 but they might be 30x30x10. After all, it is a serious piece of kit.

Still asking the open source builders with printers for input

Scalability is an issue for some .. ( making it smaller

Quite certain this is relatively simple ..but?

IMO this tech or approach is a big problem solver
In addition to battery power…
I am interested to put ancillary power plant ( small range assist etc)
And hopefully that power plant will run on very planet friendly ( and pocket friendly)
Non carbon Substance !

So car / transport can be battery powered for mots etc
but tiny power assist can come along for the ride ( when needed
Like luggage..

There will be plenty of room in previous engine bay

With a little imagination it Solves lots of issues !

Chet K

Interesting stuff, Chet. Scalability.   

For my part, I have registered with that Gitghub website but cannot understand how it works. It purports to be a collaborative site but doesn't seem to have opportunities for contacting people and discussing. It might be merely an archive for 3D printer files etc. I'll keep trying to find a webmaster.


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