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Author Topic: opinions, motivations, responses, interactions, - only social life/inpolitics .  (Read 2268 times)


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FE movement
, and your contribution
to the better future of our self, personally and/or socially. 

why you should help me?
why I should help you?
what makes me to help you-is a depression, pressure, empathy, lack of choice, friendship, or what?
once you had been helped ,more of our help is expected or demanded, and if not then you'll see he's/ her/ its disappointment.
and why is that?
I gave the helping hand?
So why?

normal mammal behavior:
– cat aggressiveness against another cat  turns into escape
of the attacker when human or something bigger comes into the picture.



–countries are separate entities.
-given country citizens are entitled beneficiaries only in their own country.
- strangers are not friends
–friends are not brothers
-when brothers are married their own families are more important than brotherhood

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No More Politics over here Wesley...!!
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Why FE movement may be so dangerous ( life threatening )
for successful and convincing Free Energy researchers:

Free energy is just energy that doesn't need to be paid for.


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Please no more politics over here. Many thanks , Stefan.
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