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Author Topic: The Joseph Newman Free energy Machine  (Read 10134 times)

Offline youknowfreenergy

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The Joseph Newman Free energy Machine
« on: March 12, 2015, 03:02:59 PM »
Hi,  this is a post about the Joseph Newman device. In the Joseph Newman device the extra of energy comes directly from the copper, it means that the result of the capacity of a magnetic field in a copper coil has a direct relation with the mass of the cooper and not with the amount of electricity put in the cooper, according with this and with the teachings of Joseph Newman if you put a iron core within a coil, the magnetic field increases but the consumption does not change.

If you want to create a replica, keep this useful image:

Words by Joseph Newman:

How to get energy?
Simply put, the technological process which I will discuss converts mass into energy on a 100% conversion process via E=MC2

Where comes the extra of energy in your device?
Copper is extremely magnetic, the extra energy current (gyroscopic particles) comes from the components parts of atoms comprising the copper coil and simply utilizes Einstein´s Equation of E=MC2

How your device works?
The current input (gyroscopic particles) simply acts as a catalyst relative to the atoms comprising the copper coil (atoms which align and unalign extremely fast compared to the atoms of conventional, magnetic materials) thereby releasing virtually immeasurable portions of the gyroscopic particles comprising the atoms of the coil. This release generates the magnetic field. When the input current is turned off, the collapsing (gyroscopic particles attempting to return to the atoms from which they initially emanates. Such mechanical actions results in the gyroscopic particles striking other atoms within the copper coil at some degree of a right angle and moving at right angles to that force.

The energy out of the total system is equivalent to the small amount of electrical energy input (acting as a pure catalyst) plus the extant magnetic energy (in the form of gyroscopic particles) within the system.

The current input triggers the atom alignment which results in energy (gyroscopic particles) released from the atom aligned. However, the electrical current input does not participate in the magnetic field released.

All about the Joseph Newman Machine on:
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Re: The Joseph Newman Free energy Machine
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2018, 06:17:02 PM »
Newman may be simulatable in LTSpice as a legitimate motor that does not possess overunity...

Both Dr. Hastings' analysis in chapter six of Newman's book...

And Newman himself failed to account for all energy sources in the Newman device. They left out the value which a rotating magnetic field has on the Newman Coil produced by the spinning permanent bar magnet/s in the Newman device. This spinning field consolidates its energy as an amperage dominant input while the batteries consolidates their contribution as a voltage dominant input creating a sort of dipole which is maintained by virtue of the isolation between them across the mutual inductance between the coil and the spinning bar magnet's field - not unlike an isolation transformer. Under these conditions, it is possible to achieve a negative current at the battery pack to block any drainage there...

Newman's machine produced mechanical advantage in the form of torque dominating over speed. Hence, it did not do well as an EV motor. Also, it required too much time to alter its voltage and hence alter its speed of rotation creating another hindrance to functioning as a useful EV motor.

But working off of his original design, a few modifications can render his motor into an electric generator capable of supplying amps to an EV's motor and supply varying amps to modify the EV's speed...

JPG screenshots of simulation...

LTSpice asc files...


BTW, the National Bureau of Standards admits in their report to shorting out the Newman coil by connecting a resistive load in parallel to the Newman coil of lower resistance than the Newman coil. Thus, a current division circuit was established in which a greater percentage of current would want to travel the Bureau's test load's path of least resistance rather than travel the path of greater resistance through the Newman coil and, thus, invalidate the test as being a non-exclusive test of the Newman device.