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Title: Phase question- Matching and non-matching
Post by: floodrod on June 05, 2022, 05:03:44 AM
I am trying to wrap my head around different phases of a generator coil and a prime mover.  If anyone can offer some clarity- it would be great.

Today I had a thick pancake coil moving a rotor.  Between the pancake coil and the rotor was a standard generator coil sitting on the pancake coil. The pickup coil was being affected by both the pancake coil pulsing AND the magnet rotor.    I was monitoring the waves on the scope of both coils.  By adjusting the timing of the prime movers polarity flips, I was able to also move the phase of the generator pickup coil to match the prime movers phase, be 180 degrees out of phase, or get them in between. RPM and input power did change depending how the phase was matching.  Outpower also changed depending on RPM obviously.

All phase positions (matching / or 180 out of phase) all showed some drag when shorting the pickup coil. So I definitely was not escaping Lenz. But I am still a little bewildered by all this.
I will add-  when In Phase, the input raises and RPM slow by a margin.

1.  If the phases were indeed matching, wouldn't the pickup coil be adding to the the prime movers power that was moving the rotor?

2. How could in phase and out of phase both show drag?

3. Is it possible that if I get them to operate "in phase" again, switching the coil at preferred times may have some benefit?

Again- any clarity offered is appreciated.