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Author Topic: Clean gas energy source - stable and an efficient gas from water  (Read 800 times)

Offline Goat

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Hey All;
I ran across an article of a company called Voltage Enterprises that have a "Formula" to turn water into a flammable gas! 

Here's a few quotes from the article:
"Code-named KINETIC 7™ , the scientific breakthrough is a clean gas energy source that is a stable and an efficient gas derived solely from water. Whilst creating a gas from water such as hydrogen is not new, KINETIC 7™ has a unique molecular chemistry that is way more advanced than hydrogen gas."
"KINETIC 7™ patented technology reconstructs and converts water into molecular clusters, which are electrically charged to create a constant oxidisation and friction. This makes the molecules more efficient, causing them to vibrate, which in turn creates a very reactive gas, providing a clean gas and flame. Unlike hydrogen gas KINETIC 7™ is also inert, making it a safe and controllable gas for domestic and industrial supply. Most importantly, the cost savings by using KINETIC 7™ will be substantial against current gas and energy costs. The KINETIC 7™ generators which create the clean gas, will be manufactured to high standards in Europe. The current process of making the gas is both EU-approved and CE-certified."
There was a press release about 4 days ago so you should be able to find them if you Google " Voltage Enterprises KINETIC 7™ " and they have a website but the press release and website are short on specifics but it's interesting.

Offline forest

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Re: Clean gas energy source - stable and an efficient gas from water
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2022, 08:36:52 PM »
well...I said many years ago that converting water into gas is possible by making isomer HHO.
H2O is a exception , all other hydrides in this group are gases in normal state.

Interesting that Tesla patented a device for efficient creation of ozone where he mentioned other important usage