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Capacitor Electrons Captor from Don Smith / Tesla

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Vortex 22:

--- Quote from: Vortex 22 on May 25, 2022, 03:40:01 PM ---Hello,

Please don't forget the title of the game, electrons Captor from earth ground and/or air, water grounding ?

Try this basic setup and see if any result or not?

Polar capacitor 400 volts DC and 300 micro farads
Using full bridge rectifier ?

Sorry for the schematic, I can't upload a video for the moment.

Vortex 22

--- End quote ---
You can power the circuit from any source
Like battery+ inverter or from solar panels...
The mains is not need for this!!

Be careful please

Vortex 22:
I just can't upload a video.

Vortex 22:

--- Quote from: tomd on May 27, 2022, 04:58:57 AM ---What size diodes would you suggest? I have no idea of the earth/water current.

--- End quote ---

Any diodes with voltage rating that can support the Capacitor charging!!

If your polar capacitor are rated 400 volts DC
Use 600 volts for the diodes
We are not using amps, so high current diodes lts not needed!!

Be careful
Good luck

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I don't see any progress here? Just wondering..

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