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Author Topic: High Efficiency Lamp Driver  (Read 4096 times)

Offline ramset

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Re: High Efficiency Lamp Driver
« Reply #30 on: January 26, 2023, 07:25:39 PM »
Read your post 23 in this thread.
Nobody is following you … your telling some story about me ..
Which is not accurate!

we are all searching for the same reason !
Again below is sum total of our exchange prior to your post 23 invitation to me at this

Chet K

Edit for comment below
Open source community needs research builders
Here there are thousands with experience..

If as you say in a previous post
The rest of the needed input is being provided by the local vacuum. And clever circuitry.
End quote

This desperately needs eyes on if accurate !
As already mentioned !
Run towards scrutiny ..

Anybody who carries water for cause and shares open source
Is the back bone of FE research

Yes they will look for reasons to stop us ( easy reasons)
And unfortunately here our hosts are vulnerable !

We almost lost one forum do to a members contributions !
And many times” here “ things have been averted!

I really like your work..
You have required boldness…and zeal!

Offline joellagace

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Re: High Efficiency Lamp Driver
« Reply #31 on: January 26, 2023, 07:27:46 PM »
Actually do you have anything factual to say that can help my circuit, Other then repeating yourself?  If not go away please, We get it by now. You don't like me or my circuits,

Offline stivep

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Re: High Efficiency Lamp Driver
« Reply #32 on: January 26, 2023, 07:55:21 PM »
LOL you keep saying I'm wrong, inductance has resistance lol you can't have an inductor with no resistance, A wire has resistance and is considered an inductance.//
// stop wasting your big brain efforts I got going here. 40ma in and 15 watts out this works.

Technical language and terminology:
It is unfortunate, but criticism you are experiencing has its own merit.
Your fantasy and imagination while trying to talk to us, is not always convincing ... due to the a direct conflict
with physics, and basic electronics.You are sharing your experience with some pretty much   experienced and advanced members of this form.
Technical language and terminology used by you, impacts the quality of your interaction and it is nothing wrong with being troubled, scrutinized, judged or analyzed.

Your device looks nice, It is a pulser charging bank of capacitors.
There is no flickering due to discharge curve of capacitor.
No gain of any kind,
If you have a 0.5A load, multiplying 9V by 0.5A gives you 4.5 watts.
If you have a 1A load, multiplying 9V by 1A gives you 9 watts.

You may change the big coil with a small one winded with gauge 28

To compare side by side:
with yet another 15W LED lightbulb  but now powered from the 110V please use 40 years old cheap light intensity meter .used in photography .
You can get it for about $5 visiting some flea-market.
Everyone has a lot of value, we not good enough to know and/or understand.

We are not against you.
I'm not immune here too.
If I start to talk in language that for them looks like a nonsense, this community will eat me in few seconds.


Offline joellagace

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Re: High Efficiency Lamp Driver
« Reply #33 on: January 26, 2023, 08:05:37 PM »
I just measured the load on my battery to be no more then 80ma it varies from 70 to 80 on the meter. About the language, I understand, As most can also understand from hearing my accent in these videos English is not my native language, sometimes I make a bad tongue twister like ill say "Reactive instead of reactance, Or make some odd spelling mistake on a term. I'm sorry about that. lol it's not to make anyone feel bad it's just the way it is and sometimes it does hinder communications I admit that much!

Offline Kator01

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Re: High Efficiency Lamp Driver
« Reply #34 on: January 26, 2023, 09:12:13 PM »

Hello Joellagace,

welcome to this forum.

a capacitor in series with a rectifier bridge with a load connected is not pumping  power back into the grid ( strongly reactive component )

This circuit does it:

These LED-Driver-Circuit a used widely - I would guess in billions of LED-Lamps worldwide

quote by Cifta:

"What your circuit does is introduce a strongly reactive component back into the power grid.
All commercial appliances are tested to make sure they do NOT add a strongly reactive component back into the power grid."

This accusation is exaggerated, as your 1 myF capacitor is a frequency dependent resistor in series to a load and only feeds back a very small power  into grid if it is running idle by disconnecting the load after the rectifier-bridge which no one does. Any fridge has a much more reactive component.

How many fridges and how many LED-Lamps are running wordwide ?

I myself have torn down more than a hundred of these LED-Lamps which I collected form the dump in order to find the cause why they failed.
Today the manufactures have other means for driving LED- or filament-Lamps which contain chips after the rectifier which can handle the full
rectified Voltage level of 325 Volt ( 230 V AC grid in Europe ) the don't use the current limiting capacitor, the chip does it internally.

Here you can read about this simple circuit in the wikipedia., its used en masse.Scroll down to "example" there you see these cheap circuit board.

Dont be discouraged but pay attention to the warnings ( not galvanic decoupled and need of a residual circuit-braker )


Offline joellagace

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Re: High Efficiency Lamp Driver
« Reply #35 on: January 26, 2023, 09:20:35 PM »
Thanks Mike and a few others have pointed this out more or less, These people seem hung up on it for some reason. Such negative outlook. Thanks again for trying to clear that up! I know these reactive supplies are used all over these days, common! Concerns of a lawsuit? lol that's just someone on sour grapes! I'm sorry but that's what it is.