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Capacitor Electrons Captor from Don Smith / Tesla

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That is not good
( doxing?)

Will make sure to notify today !
This is definitely terms of service violation


--- Quote from: ramset on May 28, 2022, 01:12:59 PM ---That is not good
( doxing?)

Will make sure to notify today !
This is definitely terms of service violation

--- End quote ---

Mr. nix85 brought discussin on this forum to the next level.

Vortex 22:

--- Quote from: nix85 on May 27, 2022, 04:50:07 PM ---@ramset

Exactly, he doesn't want to help but to confuse and distract, like you say,
spamming with redundant nonsense, trying to take over the thread,
clearly in violation of TOS.

Stefan has been notified, further actions will be taken as needed.


Your story is full of holes, but i don't care. I just don't want my
thread infested with filth.

Success stories are always welcome when they are shared with some
minimum degree of decency and clarity, but when it is but a
self exalting patronizing pile of drivel, then we got a problem.

As for charge cap with voltage only (from the ground), what are you
parroting about, that idea is as old as Tesla's radiant energy patent
that is the basic premise of all we are talking about, how many videos
i shared doing exactly that (not just hot air like you two).

Here is one again, 1100W straight from the ground, load is insulated
by the transformers, there is no possibility of closing the circuit
(bypassing the meter), just radiant energy. Wall voltage is only
a source of information, nothing more. As guy says in Russian,
it is a different kind of energy, high frequency, white light...

If YOU can't see the value in THAT, yo have no business being here discussing FE/OU.

As for kindness, FIRST RULE of kindness is NOT to have a condescending,
arrogant attitude you two (or one) had since the beginning.

--- End quote ---
Jesus Christ
You admit it !!! The idea of charging the Capacitor from what ever ground... Works perfect !!! My God help me
But you don't want to discuss it?
You prefer to hear it from a YouTube Russian guy? Is that you or just a friend!

Mr . Vortex
Please respond to pm I sent ,will be trying to speak with Stefan about this shortly

And also clarify your wishes ( seems you still are interacting with…?

I did not see original ….do to link not opening on my phone
However on computer it does ( I never use computer here)

Sorry it would have been removed much sooner !

Have forwarded to admin ,will keep trying until I get result ( removal of offense

Yes Stefan is working in field ATM ( away from computer)
He will remedy later tonight

Vortex 22:


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