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Capacitor Electrons Captor from Don Smith / Tesla

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Hi forest.
Well, that's easier said than done. That chinese taser HV module is my only source of HV at the moment and if I spread the sparkgap  contacts further than 10mm apart I'm sure it will die.  :D There is no need to measure the input at this stage, I'm sure it is many times the output power.
I was thinking about buying some neon sign transformers up to 5kV from aliexpress.
When dealing with HV 20kV there are certain hurdles to overcome like finding the right diodes, making a DIY capacitor (maybe I can deal with that) and so on. Can you imagine the noise of that sparkgap firing at 20kv?  ;D
I agree that Don's tabletop device is an essential part when taking this route, but I was hoping to avoid voltages above 5Kv, unless all the hard to obtain components can be avoided.

Vortex 22:

Also Coil electrones Captor must exist!!!

When we combine
(Capacitor+ Coil ) electrons Captor
This is Resonance in Smith terminology!!!

In Don's briefcase device he has two 4000V DC  0.1nF capacitors and a couple of diodes before the primary coil. Therefore the caps are not forming part of a tank circuit. So maybe the coil is self resonant or not.

8 pages into the thread, we still have not seen this method (which is a banalized version of Don Smith's/Tesla electron captor method) produce a single watt of power, forget about 1W, let's see it produce 1/10 of a watt OU.

You vortex are lifetimes away from knowing the Truth. In 10 lifetimes maybe you will understand it is ALL about resonance.


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