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Simple Joule Thief 2-4V to 110-140V 250-350W 2-3 Amps

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Simple Joule Thief using:
- a chinese step-up booster
- 3x850V capacitors tested with multiple values and all works connected in parallel
- a flashlight tube starter (starter formed by a gas lamp and a capacitor)
- a 2.5v or 4v battery to start the booster
Very much attention because the circuit has parts under HV !!

the device is a prototype I didn't test this for endurance
i put a light bulb there optional for my safety in case of circuit overload
the circuit is made only for test / demo, the cable connectors are not for HV

Thanks  ;)


I managed to get the voltage of 220 V and turn on a light bulb at 220 V. I got the voltage of 220 V in the area of the circuit protection light bulb which was used as protection against circuit overload. I also managed to start the circuit with 2 AA 1.5 V batteries of course at a lower power compared to 4 V. I repeat, the whole circuit is a voltage booster based on a cheap Chinese toy that is powered at low voltages but provides high voltage in circuit. Watch the video:


It is not a Joule Thief.
Converting few voltts to a few hundreds Volts at some microamps.
I can't see any "gain" in that circuit.



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