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Title: Giant Storage Battries
Post by: Thaelin on May 18, 2022, 11:32:05 PM
   Was just on YT and saw this video about a gent that made a giant battery, aka 55gal plastic barrel size. It was made with two lengths of copper pipe with a tubular magnet seperating the coiled up tube. Specifics are a bit lax but wanted to pass this around to see if this is correct or just more YT junk.
   Starts out with 5 meters of copper pipe about 3/4" cut in half. Sleve magnet (?) with both ends inserted. Other ends are taken out to the top for the connections. Suspended in the barrel, then filled with honeycomb charcoal broken up. A spout to fill up with rain water. Then charged for 5 hours. Shows to have a very good amp and voltage rating.
   This could be a great way to store solar out in the boonies for the off grid guy at a good price.

I would like to get some serious replies on this idea. Not sure on the life span of this idea but easy to get parts and make. Earth friendly too. Reuseable container to make more with. Think the copper surface area will govern voltage and amps available.


Title: Re: Giant Storage Battries
Post by: hartiberlin on May 19, 2022, 01:09:52 AM
This battery ist Just not possible to do this way...
You could only charge this up to about 1 or 1.5 Volts, because the
2nd dissimular metal is missing...So there is probably a hidden power source inside the drum...
And charging it up would not work,
Cause it can not store the energy this way.
Regards, Stefan.
Title: Re: Giant Storage Battries
Post by: hartiberlin on May 19, 2022, 01:13:06 AM
If this would work, it would defy all battery and Supercapacitor theory...
Title: Re: Giant Storage Battries
Post by: Thaelin on May 19, 2022, 01:18:05 AM
  Many thanks for the corrections here. Thought it was one of those to good to be true YT vids. So wished they would go  take an areonotical fornication with a rotating pastry.
Wastes so much time.
Title: Re: Giant Storage Battries
Post by: Cadman on May 19, 2022, 02:34:52 PM
Wait a minute, charcoal is mostly carbon, isn't it? Why wouldn't a carbon / copper battery work?

Easy enough to make a small one to test the idea.

But what's with the magnet? What is that supposed to do?

Title: Re: Giant Storage Battries
Post by: Cadman on May 19, 2022, 07:19:56 PM
You know, what intrigues me about this idea is the size of it. Lately I’ve been thinking about how a person could make batteries from junk yard or scrap yard materials including anodizing some steel. Drums might be hard to get but plastic 5 gallon pails are around.

A bucket, stripped wiring from junk cars and some steel and charcoal might make a pretty good battery.
Just ordered some alum the other day to convert some other batteries so this is a good time to experiment.

Title: Re: Giant Storage Battries
Post by: sm0ky2 on May 19, 2022, 07:47:55 PM
Carbon / copper does provide a potential (if its the right form of carbon)
Graphite (and even better graphene) will do this, as per the series.

The problem is the current is generally minuscule.
It is a factor of surface area, so making it large does have a bit of sense to it.

Stephan is correct in that the set-up in the video will cap out around 0.7-1.69V
(enough to power a superbright LED spotlight)
and if there is enough current - power it brightly.

The 5-gallon bucket idea seems more economical than buying hundreds of 50-gal barrels.
Even if you didn’t go all the way, a series of buckets could step the V up enough to drive a motor
or greater if you had enough of them.

The addition of an electrolyte could increase productivity, although i would initially test using
Deionized Water

However, with the use of an electrolyte keep in mind
 the potential of carbon is 0
the potential of copper is -0.34
So the lower the ionization potential of the electrolyte the better

Tubing is better than a wire because of the surface area

There is not a lot of info seen in the video
That appears to be standard graphite filter rod
(Used in aquariums and industrial filters)
If you get a used one there may be unknown contaminants.

Simple testing could tell us if this warrants any further investigation.

Title: Re: Giant Storage Battries
Post by: Cadman on May 19, 2022, 08:25:06 PM
Thanks Smoky2,

That video is bogus, no doubt, but it got me thinking. A big battery with a filler to hold the electrolyte is what I had in mind. Anodized steel (anodized with KOH) and brass with KOH electrolyte made a good rechargeable battery

If the ordinary charcoal is not a good idea for a filler, what would be? Common soil? Sand?
Something you could find anywhere for free would be best.