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Field propulsion shown working and explained.


Field Propulsion, is motion produced by the inertia of a moving volume of Aether.
Let me explain and show how this works in short.

From my research into the use of Nikola Tesla's impulses, I came to understand,
that a displacement current is created by the rapid change in time of high voltages.

These displacement currents, are Tesla's Radiant Energy and also known as "Tesla currents".

So when you read Tesla writing about currents in his 1890's lectures, keep in mind,
he does not mean conventional magnetic current,
but dielectric displacement current!

The impulse creates a positive and negative displacement current, both equal in size.
So the net movement of Aether is zero.

Therefor I concluded I needed to use sawtooth wave,
to create a single direction longitudinal motion of the Aether.

A sawtooth has a slow charge, and a fast discharge.
This I successfully created by using a ZVS driven flyback transformer,
a HV microwave diode, a HV capacitor bank and a grounded Spark gap.

This is then able to produce movement of a loose hanging large capacitor plate.
(which is insulated, to prevent corona discharge)

I expected the 4kV voltage to be discharged to the zero earth ground voltage.
But was surprised it created a -6kV from the discharge! (limited by the HV diode)
This is an indication that the Aether has (or better said IS) inertia.

I explain all this into detail in this video,
and show the moving plates,
which are moved by the displacement currents,
induced by the rapid unipolar HV discharges.



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