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Author Topic: Poland & Bulgaria have Russian gas cut off. Can we help? [ Polska, българия ].  (Read 1252 times)

Offline Paul-R

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Today it is announced that Poland and Bulgaria are to lose their Russian gas connection. The matter will become urgent in the the Autumn when the weather turns.

What can be done?
Every garden could have a Savonius type wind turbine connected to a simple generator. A wheel hub motor from an e-scooter would be a start, connected to a resistive load.
What other suggestions are there?

Offline DonMolka

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If Poland doesn't pay for its gas in roubles, it won't get gas. :o

If you have a garden, you can produce your own gas.

That's what I mean:

Offline stivep

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This is not a political forum.
It is difficult and potentially inflammatory and we don't want people to jump on each other.

Due to the kindness of Stefan we have
ukraine-and-russia topic
That should be enough to cover all necessary answers in friendly peaceful to every nation manner including Russians.
Thanks for the question it will be handled on : Ukraine and Russia  .

Offline Paul-R

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I think you have this quite wrong.

The trigger may be political but the substance is intended to be about getting people into their gardens or even hanging stuff out of their window. DIY alternative generating.  Cutting a 20 liter veg oil tin into a savonius turbine and even winding a home made genny. It might be driven forward by what may be desperate situation in the fall and hopefully it will attract attention from the countries most affected which is why I put those countries in their native languages in the thread title in the hope that it will attract search engines. (The idea is lost in "Ukraine and Russia". No relevance to what they are discussing).


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Reduce the number of rooms you occupy in the house or apartment.

Restrict room usage to rooms which have 1 wall or no walls, which are
an exterior wall.

Pitch a big tent inside the house or apartment cover it with blankets and so on.

Create a canopy style bed for sleeping.

Store / collect, solar heat gain from southern windows in jugs and bottle (paint them black).
Move them into your tent or under your bed once the sun is lost to them.

Heat water with automotive engine heat (on long driving trips home) bring the water
containers into the home upon arrival.

Be very fire safety aware.

Run ELECTRIC  (only) clothes driers with the vent into the house  and use it
when it is also useful to heat the home as well as drying the clothes.

After use, let hot water stand in the kitchen sink and / or bathtub
(catch shower water in the tub) until it has cooled off / given its heat to the home.
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
In summer use a clothes line out doors.
In summer use the electric clothes drier in no heat mode. 
An electric dryer uses about 1/4 the kwh in no heat mode, even though it takes
about 4 times as long to dry the clothes.

It will serve double duty and act as an evaporative cooler if you vent it to the interior
(works only in dry climates) other wise vent it to the house exterior.