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Title: walts oldest AG-cell running test
Post by: Walter Hofmann on April 27, 2005, 12:16:45 PM
hi all
like previously allready posted I have a setup with four of my AG-cells in a 6V lantern container in series what was setup last year on september the 18. with a 1W withe LED. This test is now running for 7 month = 216 day's a total of 5,184 hours continously. the voltage startetd after connecting the LED with 2.934V and is now at 2.495V what makes the 1 Watt LED dimm, but is still lighted up.
I believe this is a verry high result.
I have also the reply from other fellows who use this for 3 to 5 month with 2 white LED's who say that this are the first battery what did last such a long time and counting, without to be recharged or exchanged and they use it every night for 4 to 6 hours and have the same brightness like with 2 highpower AA batteries ( 2.000mA) which mostly last only for 2 to 4 night of use.
This cells was still build with the 1/4 inch diameter zamak #2 rods and the previous version of my graphite poly powder mix. the latest version with my own alloy plates and the advanced powder version like stefan calle's it the power powder is capable of powering a 6 inch flouresence tube for more then 72 hours and counting.
I believe this shows the real value of this development.