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WTP Patent Pending Broadcast Free Energy 200 Mile Radius from Tower

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Ronald Besser:
I am a new member and very wet behind the ears, so please be patient with me if you will.  I am a historian, not an electrical engineer although I spent all my work career working for civil engineering companies as representative of the engineer to municipal governments.  However, I am also a fan of Nikola Tesla, and always have been.  I looked at his 1902 experiments in particular on Long Island and felt two things first:

1 - He is right.  Electricity can be broadcast and it has a long distance range to go;
2 - He made a couple of errors due to the fact the idea of preparticles and how they work was too little known to avoid mistakes.

For years I attempted to back engineer Tesla and finally made a break through.  I have to admit you are going to think me maybe not playing with a full deck upstairs.  But this is how the patent I am receiving (applied for and to be delivered shortly) explains how real WTP works in what we have calculated to be 20MW of power broadcast on a carrier wave reaching at least for a 200 mile radius.

I think Tesla made two fundamental mistakes at Wardenclyffe Tower in 1901-1902.  I corrected his process used then by removing the oscillator idea entirely.  Second, I corrected the idea of tower orientation for WTP operates out of the magnetosphere and so the tower has to operate as though it is part of the magnetosphere and become an electromagnet itself.

And this patent would not work without one over riding principle no one knew then and have no idea now what is wrong using electrons to attempt a broadcast.  Simply stated, the electron is too passive to broadcast.  One must find a way to modify the electron that it flies off the broadcast tower at the speed of light.  That I do by looking at the Lepton classification of preparticles.  Please note that the Muon is included.

I won't tell you now how I convert electrons to muons now, but something else about a muon WTP enthusiasts would like to know, and that is you will never see a muon because it is primarily an anitgravity preparticle and that mimics the idea of prematter enough it is not visible.  What is very important to note is that the muon, we have discovered, carries the amperage of the electron but not the voltage.  When the muon strikes a house antenna to receive WTP, the muon converts immediately back to an electron and powers the entire house easily through existing wiring.

I am open to discussions and questions on this as you may wish.  Thank you.


Welcome to OU and thanks for sharing this interesting info.  When it comes to muons and such that's over my head of current knowledge.  I'm sure there will some some others here who will be able to discuss this with you.  Tesla is certainly a favorite among most people here.   

You may want to talk with Ernst who I don't think is on this forum but you can find him on EF as he has built a rather large Wardenclyffe type Tesla device:

Ronald Besser:
Thank you E2Matrix.  The invention to transmit electricity will reset how preparticles are taught I feel fairly sure as no one understands yet that a preparticle is a kaleidoscope of changes as moves about the universe.   No one yet understands a Muon really exits although some insist it does, and do not worry about not understanding such things, as the important things discovered here is that the preparticles, once formed, can change into something else depending on the conductivity of the aether, as Tesla would call it.

Preparticles are discreet individuals.  Yet they exist because Einstein's Unqualified Absolute (those equations he uses to correct for light deviation as tracks through space and which he calls it the Absolute force) uses preparticles to materialize energy into some solid objects.  Our material world operates only with visible matter, but if one understands that the force of the Absolute refreshes and renews the details that cause preparticles to come into existence, then one approaches their use differently than Tesla felt he had to do.

I am attaching a graphic to show the building of an electron and what it takes to form one.  The white dots shown in its body are prematter sparks that bond together to form the shell of an electron.  The dark spots indicate a universe phenomena which are energy sparks but not preparticles but what every electron needs to know and the dark spots direct the bonding of electric cells that make up the body of the electron.  When I say we can transmit electricity by modifying the electron, it is to modify the electron by kicking out one of the white dots by electrical conductivity, and when that white dot leaves the electron's body, the remaining body fragments form the charge of a Muon body.   A Muon acts like antigravity and flies up the tower at the speed of light.  If it were just electrons, they would mostly fall off to ground underneath the tower and disappear because the electron is too heavy as it does not have antigravity characteristics. 

I thank you for your help and I hope there are other questions for me as I do not want to launch into a white paper on how the electron is built as it runs nearly 20 pages long.  I appreciate your response.  Thank you.


It doesn't surprise me that your diagram is a toroid  ;)    I'm not sure how many members here will engage in discussion on this as this seems to lean into quantum physics and I don't think too many people here are deep into that subject.   But I think any reference to different ways to transmit energy will be of interest.   

My question or thoughts would be related to some of Don Smith's concepts where it seemed a central coil could transmit energy to one coil or five coils without any difference in power used in the transmitting coil if you are familiar with some of his devices.   Would power transmitted by your concept require more power input to the transmitter as more power was used remotely?   

One other thought - would this be considered scalar in concept?

Ronald Besser:

Hello E2Matrix and thank you for your comments.  I am attaching another graphic which shows you how this design transmits free electricity.  The DOE has a copy of it to help explain the verbal part of the patent our attorney had to prepare to indicate sections of the patent process requiring a verbal description.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think this one does it very well to show the free energy transmission we do actually is to be built in very simple terms.

How you transmit free energy requires some knowledge of how preparticles behave.  And the reason for that is that right now most people have a poor idea of the nature of preparticles and just how the magnetosphere handles preparticles.   For instance we have discovered that the Magnetosphere is a dome of electromagnetic activity fitting roughly eighty-feet about sea level ground.  The dome is a parabola which extends out over the arc of the horizon for 360 degrees.  But you can't just stick an antenna a few hundred feet up into it and expect to arrange electrons to get on to the antenna, because the Magnetosphere is conditioned itself to:

1 - Throw molecules it creates by being electromagnet, out of the dome at the top which is at its limit at one hundred fifty miles high.  Molecular nitrogen and sulfur are the chief molecular components forced out at the top;

2 - Form about 30,000 feet up in the air, the Magnetosphere composes free electrons out of the aether (I like the term) and like volcanic dust almost, these free-form electrons are allowed to drift down to ground themselves into the earth.  If you place an antenna into them, they jump around and refuse to be trained to the attraction of a tower leg or oscillator, but jump ship because no tower material is latent enough to hold a free electron from them just falling toward it.  Free electrons must be pushed and then forced on a tower leg, and that is just why using an oscillator just will not work.  Anything using an oscillator does not work for free electricity just because the oscillator duplicates not the Magnetosphere, but duplicates the tower tendency to become itself a weak oscillator, and the electrons actually jump away from such paths of conductivity.

For these reasons we use a 230 foot high box style antenna to reach above the worst snow drift of free electrons and add an induction sphere to capture some of them and send it to an underground cable to take them to GE generators.

If you could see the Magnetosphere and preparticles like snow in it, look way up in the sky and see snowballs being tossed out the top way high, and snow flakes light and fluffy dropping down to earth.  For that reason any scheme using an oscillator will not work as that device forces electrons to form yet and be propelled yes, but it damages the natural Magnetosphere flow by forcing free electrons actually away from tower to get to the top at all.

You ask about scalar.  It is not scalar.  We create more energy than we use.  And I hope the attached graphic is helpful to you.  Thank you for your response.


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