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Author Topic: Just another Don Smith thread  (Read 46025 times)

Offline nix85

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #45 on: May 02, 2022, 03:04:20 AM »
I read anyone's post who replies to my thread.

Oh great, you say you're not Zila but it's like you want to imply you are her.

Why you use wot instead of what like her, you may be her, if so why the silly story.

If you are her, then i am disappointed, i expected Zila to know better. ;D

Anyway, there are no mods here, as little grey told one abductee who was screaming to God
during medical on him "Why are you calling your God, there is only us up here" ;D

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #46 on: May 02, 2022, 06:04:08 PM »

His name is attached to forum banner above !
Administration is one very busy man who has no advertising or other revenue attached to this open source venue !
At times …months have gone by for requests ?
As a result,
There are now many moderators in this open source builders venue !

Are you looking for a build location?
To open source an anomaly?

The community starves for an “open sourced” reproducible… true ( no measurement error)
anomaly or gain mechanism!!
Will you be the first ?


No I am not a moderator or attached to any venue, just help all open source
FE researchers any way I can …
and am eternally greatful for that privilege!!(to help)
And it does keep me extremely busy alongside daily work!

There are many many great open source researchers all skill levels here and elsewhere !

Offline forest

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #47 on: May 02, 2022, 09:26:22 PM »
Focus on Don's schematic. I see closed secondary coil. In other schematic I see parallel LC circuit with antenna. Interesting....

Offline nix85

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #48 on: May 03, 2022, 01:20:14 AM »
No, i don't expect her/you to know what i know but to be open minded to accept other perspectives especially considering those i mention are very much in line with Russell. They are not contrary to Russell, just the contrary.

I already said i agree with Russell, his idea of all being compression/expansion of light was first said by Keely like 40 years before Russell started to ponder on these matters, i mentioned that universal 369 ratio of triune flow with 9 being the maximum was first told by Keely who also explained the septenarity of nature which is 3 atomic envelopes + the neutral center, so there is a correlation of the 9 and 7, they are two sides of the same coin.

I quoted Hollingshead who also said speed ratio of triune flows present in all forces and matter is 3 positive, 6 central negative and 9 dominant, nothing exceeds 9 indeed and Russell was not the first to say this.

Tesla was a practical master, he was not much of a theoretician, i am sure he knew about it altho there is no evidence he ever mentioned Keely's 369 ratio which is the Universal Principle.

If you want to understand what electricity is, first understand that there is but One Substance and One Force triune in it's nature. We hear even from yogis visiting the Inner Regions that there are


Daswan Dwar is what is in the diagram above termed Supercausal, it is a state after the Parbrahm in which whole creation is concieved but it is compressed to a point, if you like, still not manifested, in higher part of Parbrahm there is no time whatsoever, in lower part of Parbrahm time (KAL-mind) is created but it's power is still miniscule, through the DASWAN DWAR time-space is expanded into Causal Plane, the highest physical plane. Power/current of KAL (time-mind) which is THE Negative Power is pulling souls downward into material illusion while the power/current of Sat-Purush (True Being) is pulling souls home. In here too we see that fundamental flow of light streams that create the time-space is triune and from the great Masters Keely and Hollingshead we know their relation is 3:6:9, three octaves in one Force/Substance.

Further on, as said before, all sub forces from gravity, magnetism, electricity down to electromagnetism, sound and matter are but disturbances in this One Force/Substance.

This One Force is TIME which is oscillating but it moves not, like a universal vibrator/shaker, it makes the primordial substance move along it's axis of which there are 6......

It's exactly you who should not "throw the baby out w/ the bath water when answers given don’t fit ur preconceived notions." and realize "open mind is imperative."

Indeed, if you did you would see that work of Keely and Hollingshead and others is the same as (later) work of Russell on whom you are transfixed so blindly.

Here is a little quote from great Master Keely about triple envelope internal structure of the proton (he calls atom) and further subdivisions to the etheric. He described quarks 60 years before mainstream had any idea they existed.


Dashed against the rock, a romance of the coming age by Colville, William Wilberforce Juvenal, 1862-1917

Published 1894; Publisher Boston : Colby & Rich


A Romance of the Coming



" Happy shall he be that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the rock" -- Psalm cxxxvii. 9 (Revised Version)



IN a charming suburban residence about ten miles from Liverpool Street station, on a lovely June day, when the fashionable London season of '93 was rapidly
nearing its close, Madame Discalcelis found herself in the presence of a modest gentleman about thirty years of age, plainly attired in the customa^ house-dress of men who attach more value to comfort than to display. Speaking with clear, measured accents on the subject which possessed his brain and evidently lay nearest to his heart, his fine lustrous eyes glowing with suppressed fervor, he uttered the following noteworthy statements concerning the ultimate constitution of matter and the action of the force regulating its phenomena, statements which surely challenge the closest attention of the whole scientific world.

" First. Matter is capable of infinite subdivision.

"Second. In the aggregation of matter, force or energy is stored up or conserved.

" Third. In the dissociation of matter, force is liberated.

"Fourth. All matter is in a state of perpetual activity, whether the substance under consideration be inanimate or animated, visible or invisible.

"Fifth. There is no dividing of matter and force into two distinct terms, as they both are ONE. FORCE is liberated matter. Matter is force in bondage.

"Sixth. All motion is synchronous; no sound or movement can be made but all that moves or sounds does so in harmony with something.

"Seventh. All structures, whether crystalline or homogeneous, have for their unit structures minute bodies called molecules. It is the motion of these mole
cules with which we have particularly to deal; as in experimental research and demonstration, when we produce an action upon one molecule we do so upon all the molecules constituting the mass operated upon.

" Eighth. These molecules have an envelope, rotating with inconceivable rapidity, formed of a high tenuous ether, whose place in the order of subdivision
ranks third, the three divisions being, first, molecular; second, atomic; third, atomolic (For convenience' sake we will use the term atomolic in place of etheric in our subsequent definitions.)

"Ninth. This atomolic substance has a density approximately 986,000 times that of steel, enabling it to permeate steel as light penetrates glass ; this rotating
envelope of atomolic substance is in a liquid condition. There are four conditions of matter; viz. solid, liquid, gaseous, and ultra-gaseous. These conditions result from greater or lesser range of oscillation of the com posing units individually: this is equal!}- true, whether the units are molecules, atoms, atomoles, planets, or suns. But one LAW governs all matter.

"Tenth. This molecular envelope, rotating with such great velocity, holds in its embrace the next subdivision of matter, the atomic. There cannot ever
be more or less than three atoms in any molecule. These are placed so as to form a triangle in the interior; they rest in a condition of substance, or matter, we will term inter-molecular. In this inter-molecular substance we find an enormous energy or force in bondage, held thus by the rotating envelope enclosing it. Were we to rotate a spun brass shell, sa}' nine inches in diameter, at a very much less rate of speed than that at which the molecular envelope rotates, say nine hundred revolutions per second, its equator would first bulge out, then form into an oval disc. A solid block of wood subject to such revolution would swiftly fly to pieces. The rotating envelope of a molecule, unlike these, the greater its velocity of rotation, the greater is its compression toward the centre of the molecule. The rotation of this envelope is of such a nature as to produce an internal pressure upon every portion from every point of the molecule as a sphere. Were we to consider a rotating envelope as ordinarily understood, it would be one in which the envelope rotated around an equator having poles of no rotation; i.e. the poles would not possess the compressing force of the equator: the result would therefore be a compressed equator, and the intermolecular substance would pass out without resistance at the poles.

" Eleventh. If it be possible let us conceive of an envelope with an equator, but destitute of poles, a number of these rotating over the sphere, this atomolic envelope possessing an almost infinite attractive force toward the centre of the molecule, pressing in the inter-molecular substance, where it is held until this
revolving envelope becomes negatized by a certain order of vibration, when the enclosed matter rushes out to its natural condition of concordant tenuity, as in the case of gunpowder, dynamite, and nitro-glycerine. This force, we must see, has been held in the embrace of the rotating envelopes of the unit-structures, or where does it come from? This force at the time of an explosion was liberated by shock or fire, both being orders of imparted motion or vibration. How much greater the result would be were we to associate a scientific instrument now completed, and shortly to be given to the world, with such an agent as nitro-glycerine ; one pound of nitro-glycerine would have its destructive force augmented beyond all possible control. These instruments are carefully concealed by wise masters from all persons save the few who are already prepared to study their potency with the exclusive end in view of aiding the real scientific progress of humanit}" ; and, furthermore, it may be truly stated that a ferocious sensualist, how ever powerful his intellect, would be utterly unable to either comprehend or operate one of these marvellous constructions.

"Twelfth. Next in order of consideration is the second subdivision of matter the atomic. The atom has the same rotating envelope as the molecule, governed by the same laws of rotation and compression.

The rotating envelope holds in its embrace the inter-atomic substance and three atomoles resting in it, the atomoles within the atom being constructed after the same pattern as the atom and the molecule, obedient to the same laws; the atomolic being simply the third subdivision of matter. The threefold order is absolutely universal.

"Thirteenth. The atomolic substance is what is termed the ether which fills all space and is the transmitting medium for all celestial and terrestrial forces. This is the liquid ether of occult science.

" Fourteenth. The atomoles are made up of atomolini (singular atomolinus); the subdivision of matter from this point is beyond man's power, as at this point it escapes all control of apparatus, passing through glass and hardened steel as a luminous flame without heat, which is hardly seen before it vanishes, a perpetual flame coldly luminous.

"Sixteenth. This again, from previous analysis, is made up according to the triple order, and may again be subject to subdivision, even to infinity."

"In my next interview with you," said Aldebaran to his visitor, "I shall endeavor to show you the law governing the triple aggregation of force and matter,
which is, in brief, as follows: first, CREATIVE SOURCE; second, TRANSMISSIVE WAVE; third, EFFECT."

The mystical scientist then took a courteous leave of his visitor, and after seeing her to her carriage, hurried to the suburban station connecting with the under ground railway to Aldsgate, where he had important business with a distinguished mechanical engineer.



ON the occasion of the next meeting between the lady and the scientist the latter gave utterance to the following remarkable truth.

Each molecule has three envelopes. The most external one the professor illustrated by an india-rubber ball on which he had traced a number of meridian lines.
On another ball were represented the three envelopes. The outer hemisphere of one of the envelopes is removed to show the under envelope, the outer hemisphere of which is removed in still another part of the diagram to show the inmost envelope. A third diagram was then produced to show the position of the atoms which the rotating envelopes enclose. A fourth diagram showed the lines of interference of the rotating envelopes.

There being three perfect envelopes, these of necessity must have six poles, to which add the neutral centre of the sphere itself, comprising the origin of the septenary of mysticism which is universal in nature. The fifth diagram exhibited showed the subdivision of matter into atomic, atoinolic, and atomolinic. A black disc representing a sphere shows the negative atom; two white discs also representing spheres illustrate the two positive atoms in the triad, completing the tertiary aggregation forming the molecule. Each atom is in turn composed of three atomoles ; in the negative atom are three positive atomoles, positive in the sense of activity; in the positive atom are also three atomoles, two of which are negative, i.e. passive, and one positive. The negative is always that which seeks the neutral centre ; the positive represents the active radiating energy: for instance, the sun is a medium for transmitting radiant energy of positive order, which all the planets receive negatively, i.e. it focalizes upon their neutral centres. This order extends to infinity. The final diagram presented was simply intended to further elucidate the action of the rotating envelopes, illustrating the compressing force of the rotating spheral and the protection of the neutral poles. In the rotating envelopes force acts in the opposite direction to its action in the revolution of the earth, where the centrifugal action is greatest at the equator; and the greater the speed of rotation, the greater the centre-fleeing force.

In the case of the etheric envelope, however, the greater the speed of rotation, the more powerful is the centripetal (centre -seeking) force which compresses
the atoms within ; the pressure, therefore, is greatest at the equator and gradually lessens toward the poles. If there were only one envelope, the tendency would be for the atoms to be oblate, to fly out at the poles, where the pressure is least. A beautiful provision of nature obviates this, by providing three envelopes, rotating one within
the other, like three shells ; the line of greatest internal pressure in each one of which being protected by the equatorial lines, the line of greatest pressure covering the line of least pressure on the others. Each of the three atoms is placed directly under one pole of each of the three envelopes.

If the rotating envelope of the molecule were in any way checked in its motion, the enclosed matter would immediately burst forth, producing the phenomenon of integration, releasing from its previously pent-up condition a volume of matter many times as great as that before disintegration took place. Sound-force moving at certain rates of vibration negatizes the action of the rotating envelopes, producing conditions which result in their breaking up, followed by the separation of the atoms contained in those envelopes, and also of inter-molecular substance occupying space not taken up by the atoms. By successive orders of vibration the atoms, atomoles, and atomolini are disintegrated, and so on to the luminous order, where all control ceases...

Offline nix85

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #49 on: May 03, 2022, 05:32:54 AM »
A little detail from Zirbes (book in attachment)

How our HOLLOW sun is formed of many bodies of varying sizes.

Core being composed of 8 huge bodies around a central slightly larger body,

all of them spinning in the same direction. Repulsion between these bodies is huge

(just like it is between the subatomic particles)

It is their JOINT gravitational field that keeps them together overpowering the repulsion.

Offline nix85

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #50 on: May 03, 2022, 05:47:02 AM »
Here is a letter of a guy not of this planet sent to certain newspapers in the 50s,
reproduced in Other Tongues Other Flesh by George Hunt Williamson.

I am pasting it mainly for two statements, that there are planets INSIDE the sun
and that light does not travel, light IS, just like Keely said 70 years before,
but there is much more hard occult stuff in it, anyone with eyes to see will
recognize it's truthfulness.

In June, 1953 a well known magazine received the following letter in
reference to an article they had printed on life of other worlds.

"I have just read your article that claims the people on other worlds
look like huge enlarged editions of your own (Earth's) microbes. Ha.
Have a surprise in store! I was born on the planet Venus and my
mother and father entered life on the planet Uranus. All three of us
could walk right by you on the street and you couldn't tell any
difference between us and those born on this planet Earth. I have now
been on this satellite of the Sun ten years, and along with hundreds of
thousands of my group from the various galactic regions, have been
mingling with you without undue alarm. Your own government is
aware of our presence as well as our appearance; and every time
another load of us arrive via solar ship, they get jittery . . . . I am a
Knight of the Solar Cross."

The editor published this letter in the next issue of the magazine and
said: "Hey, Knight . . . ever heard of the Immigration Act?"

The following is a message received in Arizona from one of these
Knights who is now surveying our Earth in space craft.

"In the Light of our Infinite Father, the Creative Spirit, we greet you
fellow creatures and brothers of Saros. We who now speak are also of
your third density. As you peer through your "big eyes" you can easily
see many of us. However, you only see eight of us besides yourself.
There are three more of the Father's Mansions with one being beyond
the planet you know as Pluto, and the other two between Mercury and
the Sun.

"Twelve is an important number and so is Seven. That is why a group
to the west at Giant Rock in your State of California speaks of The
Council of the Seven Lights. Remember, we have also spoken of The
Council-Circle 7x. There were Twelve Apostles who followed the
Master, one of the Twelve destroyed himself. There are Twelve Planets
now in our Solar System, and one, your planet of Earth, known to other
beings of the third density as Saros, is a lost brother (mansion) now on
the brink of self-destruction. The Creator's symbolism is always exact
and understood only by those who discern His signs.

"The planet known to you as Saturn is the location of the Universal
Tribunal of this, our Solar System. We will not go into the nature of our
Great Sun Body at this time, but let it be stated here that there are
beings on the planetary bodies under the photosphere of the Sun.
There is life on your Moon as well as on some other moons belonging
to other planets.

"Saturn is the Seat of Justice . . . "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Saturn
was your ancient god of Seed-Sowing, and believed to be a king during
an ancient Golden Age. Yes, the literal rule of Saturn was enjoyed on
Earth during the period of your Golden Age. It was distinguished for
peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. The Saturnian Age is
mentioned in all Earth history. Saturn was the "sower of seeds"
because it was he who gave authority to The Wanderers so that they
might go into physical life on the Earth. Saturn has been called by your
people, 'The Rising Sun of a New Dispensation', and this is true for he
represents form and discipline which, when met and profited by, bring
sure and permanent rewards. Remember what your Holy Book tells
you: "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man
soweth, that shall he also reap." (Galatians 6:7).

"Long ago, it came to our attention that our Solar System, of which you
are a vital part, was quickly moving into another realm of our Father's
Creation. We are now a part of the first stages of the fourth density.
Beings of this density are now with us and among us. They do not need
mechanical contrivances as we of the third density need them. We of
the other planets in this System are more advanced than your world,
Saros. But we say this in all humility, not wishing to boast. For we are,
in a sense, still very crude. Again it is written in your Good Book: "I
have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold,all is
vanity and vexation of spirit." (Ecclesiastes 1:14). We are not perfect!
"As your 'big eyes' peer into space you see us because we are in your
density, but there are degrees of advancement and we are ahead of
you in that degree. We are now contacting our Saros brothers by
means of radiotelegraphy, telepathy, and direct physical
manifestations. Our brothers of the fourth density are now contacting
Saros brothers almost entirely by telepathy and by projection. Do not
think for a moment that the so-called 'Saucers' and related phenomena
are just from this or that planet; they come from many, many worlds,
systems and galaxies. And they are of different development, yet they
are all part of the Creator's plan for Saros. The Interplanetary
Confederation now operating around your planet contains fifty-one
solar systems which includes several hundred planets (six-hundred
and eight according to Van Tassel) controlling some three and a half
million spacecraft.

"For centuries and centuries we have watched your ruinous wars, and
hoped that someday you would gain the understanding needed to gain
your freedom from bondage of your own making. Our hopes have not
been realized; instead, our worst fears have been realized. Not fear as
you think of it, but only the knowledge of past events. The time has
come for Saros to prepare herself for the Groom--she must put off the
old, the shabby, and array herself in finery for the Wedding Feast
shortly to take place in the fourth density realm. We, as your nearest
Neighbors in space, are trying to prepare you adequately for this

"Our authority is from the Saturn Tribunal headed by Kadar Lacu. This
Tribunal and its Kadar acts in the Creator's Light and Love. None of us
are perfect as I have said, or we would not be here. There is much we
all have to learn. There are worlds millions and even trillions of years
'ahead' of us, and there are many worlds thousands of years 'behind'
us. We must not, therefore, be worshipped as gods. It is truly written:
"And hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either
the sun, or moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not
commanded." (Deuteronomy 17:3). "And they shall spread them
before the sun, and the moon, and all the host of heaven, whom they
have loved, and whom they have served, and after whom they have
walked, and whom they have sought, and whom they have
worshipped. (Jeremiah 8:2). We are the Host of Heaven, and we must
not be worshipped as ancient men have bowed to sun, moon and stars!
"We are here among you. Some of us have always been here, with you,
yet apart from you. We have watched you closely and occasionally we
guided you whenever the opportunity arose. Our numbers have now
been increased tremendously in preparation for another step in the
development of your world Saros. You are not aware of this step
completely, although it has been hinted at frequently in the accounts of
your prophets. We contacted these prophets of yours in time past; but
many of them did not know our true nature, therefore they could not
always translate clearly the concepts implanted in their minds.
Sometimes they were extremely cautious, and to insure the
preservation of the information they wished to place upon record in
the world, they spoke in metaphors and symbols.

"We have been confused many times with the gods of world-religions.
However, we are your fellow creatures as I said before. You will find
records of our presence in the mysterious symbols of ancient Egypt,
where we made ourselves known in order to accomplish certain ends.
One of our principal symbols appears in the religious art of your
present civilization and occupies a position of importance upon the
great seal of the United States. It has been preserved in certain secret
societies founded originally to keep alive the knowledge of our
existence and our intentions toward mankind. Another of our symbols
is the Circle-Cross and the Swastika. The symbol known to you as the
'Tree of Life' is well-known to us and is important.

"We have left you outstanding landmarks. These were carefully placed
in various parts of Saros, but most prominently in Egypt where we
established a headquarters at one time. At that time, the foundations
of your present civilization were 'laid in the earth' and the most
ancient of your known landmarks established by means that would
appear as miraculous to you now as they did to the pre-Egyptians, so
many thousands of years ago. Since that time the whole art of building
in stone has become symbolic, to many of you, of the work in hand--
the building of the human race toward its perfection.

"Many of your ancestors knew us in those days as preceptors and as
friends. Indeed, many of you knew us then, also. Now, though your
own efforts, you have almost reached, in your majority, a new step on
the long ladder of liberation. You have constantly been aided by our
watchful inspiration, and hindered only by the difficulties natural to
your processes of physical and moral development.

"You have lately achieved the means of destroying yourselves. Do not
be hasty in your self-congratulation for yours is not the first
civilization to have achieved and used such means. The 'lost world'
known to you as the Asteroid Belt is spoken of in your records as
'Lucifer, the Shining One'. We called this planet 'Maldek, The Tongue'.
We did not interfere when the men of that world experimented with
certain and quick disaster. Each man, and hence each world, must
learn the lesson and make its own progression. Universal Law
prevented us from interfering. When this world was shattered, it
caused terrible catastrophe on other worlds, as well as on Saros. You
have not recovered to this day.

"We are now interfering more than we should, but we will not stand
by and see another waste of creation in our System. There isn't time
for another waste. Now that the Great Cycle is ending and we are all
entering a new plane, all must be purified. That which is beyond hope
will eliminate itself. We say 'eliminate itself' for we will destroy
nothing. Those on Saros who believe the Creator punishes or destroys
anything are in darkness. You are punished by your own deeds, as
your world is now punishing itself for its crimes against Universal

"Yours will not be the first world to be offered the means of preventing
that destruction and proceeding in the full glory of its accumulated
knowledge, to establish an era of enlightenment on Saros. However, if
you do accept the means offered you, and if you do establish such a
'millennium' upon the basis of your present accomplishments, yours
will be the first civilization to do so.

"Always before, the knowledge, the techniques, the instruction, have
become the possessions of a chosen few; a few who chose themselves
by their open-minded and clear-sighted realization of the 'shape of
things to come'. They endeavored to pass on their knowledge in the
best possible form and by the most enduring means at their command.
In a sense, they succeeded, but in another sense their failure equalled
their success. Human acceptance is, to a very large extent, measurable
by human experience. Succeeding generations, who never knew of our
actual presence, translated the teachings of their elders in the terms of
their own experience.

"For instance, a cross-sectional drawing, much simplified and stylized
by many copyings, of one of our space craft, became the 'Sacred Eye of
Horus', and eyes of many other gods. Other symbolical and alchemical
'eyes' are merely representative of our means of transportation. Osiris
and Apollo became gods to the people, but they were actually our
representatives on Saros: they were men! The 'golden disk' now
confused with the solar disk and made a part of religion, and the
'discus' hurled sunward by the Grecian athlete and your athletes are
also symbolic of our traveling devices or 'Saucers'.

"The really important fact, however, is that we are here among you!
And you, as a world-race will know it before very much longer. The
time is almost ripe, but as with all ripening things, the process may not
be hurried artificially without danger of damaging the fruit. There is a
right time for every action, and the right time for our complete
revelation of ourselves to Saros is fast approaching.

"Many of you have seen our 'advance guard' already. You have met us
often in the streets of your cities; but you have not noticed us. Some,
however, do 'sense' us! When we speed through your skies in the
traditional vehicles, you are amazed, and those of you who tell of what
you have seen are ac-counted dupes and fools. Actually, you are
prophets of your age, seers in the true sense of the word. You in
Kansas and Oklahoma, you in Oregon and in California, and Idaho,
Indiana, Maine, and Vermont--you who know what you have seen, do
not be dismayed by what so-called 'authorities' tell you. Remember,
many of them haven't seen what you have! Their faulty opinions are
not based on actual experience.

"Can you imagine a material almost transparent to the rays of ordinary
light, yet strong enough to endure the stress of extremely rapid flight?
Look again at the Great Nebulae, and think of the construction of your
own Milky Way Galaxy, and be-hold the Universal examples of what
we have found to be the perfect shape for an object which is to travel
through what you still fondly refer to as 'empty' space. Our Crystal
Bells operate in their own Resonating Electro-Magnetic Field the same
as all celestial bodies do. Your own Saros is nothing but a huge space
craft. We can travel the so-called 'speed of light' and faster, but
actually light does not travel; Light Is!

"If we chose to remain unseen, we could do so easily and, in fact, we
have done so almost without exception for hundreds of years. No one
sees us unless we want to be seen! You must now become accustomed
to our shapes in your skies, for one day soon they will be familiar,
friendly, and reassuring sights.

"One of our very ancient prophecy legends says: "To the apples we salt
we return." Some of you understand what this means. Long ago we
knew what would take place on Saros and we knew that we would
have to come down and dwell with you to accomplish certain
objectives. Many of us have only recently arrived on your world and
were brought here by space craft from our respective homes in this
System and other systems. Our Confederation is large, but
unfortunately, there are those of other worlds who are not here in the
name of the Infinite Father. They are intruders!

"Many of us came centuries ago, and especially during the last part of
your nineteenth century. Some of you are our direct descendants.
Some of you were incarnated back into Saros from other planets and
only recently have you begun to realize who you are and what your
true purpose is. You are one with us and must prepare to meet the
work ahead of us all. You are the 'apples' we 'salted away' until we had
need of them. That time is now here. We have returned! However, all
the 'seeds' have not matured; some have rotted. Therefore, some of
you because of certain conditions will never know who you are. We
are all space beings since all life is spiritual in essence and inhabits
space. We are all the Creator's children; we are brothers and sisters.
"All of our people now on your planet are working toward the new
order of things shortly to en-gulf your world. We are Knights of the
Solar Cross. De you understand this? If you do fail, as other worlds
have failed, then we will know what to do. The Council-Circle 7 has
completed its work here, and matters have now been turned over to
the Universal Tribunal. You will soon notice even stranger changes
begin to take place in your world: unbelievable changes to you.
"Recognize us for what we are; we are here! We are a Confederation of
many peoples working in Eternal Light. Our love and light to all of you.
May our Infinite Father guide you always. For my brothers, I am, 'One
Who Serves'."

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
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The primary of the reverse tesla has 6mm2 wire, which is quite thick when you consider the current. However thicker wire offers less resistance and therefore more current. This and the fact there are 80 turns wound close together is to increase the mmf and magnetic field generated by the primary. The loosely coupled secondary only has 5cw and 5ccw turns spaced 25mm apart. The wire is thicker to increase the amps. However the fact that the windings are 25mm apart rather than together will decrease the secondary magnetic field.

Is there a reason other than fine tuning adjustment, the secondary is removed from the primary ie. 75mm pvc former?

Does a coils inductance include the ends that are used for connections?

If a coil is cut to a wavelength or 1/4 wavelength of the resonant frequency are the connection ends also included in this length?

Is it necessary that the same gauge wire used for the secondary be used up to the isolation coil?

Does it matter if the secondary is solid core or stranded and   lis it bare or insulated?

How many earthing rods are required? Can the existing house earth be used.

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
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am so glad u agree w/ WR. I actually do agree w/ Keely’s term “Neutral Center”.

One day when you evolve bit further you will agree with everything Master Keely said.

but I feel Keely and Russell deviate at atomic structure, for 1.

I post REAL photos of  REAL atom and Russell description for comparison.

Erwin Müller built Field Ion Microscope that took very 1st photo of atom in mid50's. u see it is nothing really but interference pattern or diffraction wave pattern around still point of emptiness.

quite different to Keely’s three atomic envelopes artist rendition. structure of atom is much closer to water ripple structure.

Firstly, look at the INTEREFERENCE PATTERN of the Keely's 3 envelopes i posted yesterday generating the ancient symbol of Flower of Life. He revealed here the secret of the ages. These are not solid envelopes, he clearly says these envelopes are formed of "high tenuous ether", they are force fields in the fluid-like medium of ultimate substance he called atomolini and as he says matter is capable of infinite subdivision, so it's not like there is any real limit to how small you can go, there are, however, certain arbitrary boundaries like the 7 cosmic planes and subdivision of matter within them all based on condensing factor of 49.

I agree with Russel's main notions but there is nothing he said that Keely did not say decades before.

Funny, the photos you posted now, i downloaded the same stuff yesterday but did not post in the end, mostly platinum cause it shows phi.

They confirm what Keely said many decades before Russell, that matter is but interference patterns/standing waves around the neutral center of stillness.

In more modern shot taken from A Boy and His Atom below it can be clearly seen there are ripples around individual atoms showing water like behaviour.

What you call emptiness is teeming with matter of subtler orders not visible to our instruments. True 'emptiness' in material sense is only in the ultimate center beyond all divisions and expressions (even beyond light and sound, infinite bliss BEYOND Mind - from Parbrahm above). World of polarity is but externalization of Spirit and the ultimate One is perfect emptiness and perfect fulfilment at the same time.

Again, you make a mistake dismissing 3 envelopes, these photos show atoms but Keely described the internal structure of the PROTON (70+ years before mainstream caught up) which he calls molecule and further sub division all based on 3, each of 3 further subdivided into 3 down to infinity (potentially).

Nature always has final say on these things. Nature can override even Keely b/c Keely was man and men can be wrong.  :o

See, how you turn science into religion. I it does not fit your belief system - BS, it must be "wrong". Russell too was just a man and man can be wrong. But there is no need to think he was wrong, their models are very similar, it's just that Keely did it first and in greater depth.

Yes Tesla I agree was practical master, he built AC induction motor when there was NO Electron theory in existence. So theory need not dictate how a device works n Tesla proved that.

Actually theory of electrons existed at the time and

Also, Tesla did not build a first ind motor, you should know this that first true artificial rotating magnetic field (altho crude and done with switches) was done by Walter Bailey in 1879., Galileo Ferraris built and demonstrated the first real induction motor in 1885 years before Tesla.

Well, for me, instead of Half-assing many theories (Keely, Hollingshead, Bentov, Tassel, Zirbes, et. al.) I prefer to WHOLE-ass ONE (Russell). I was after Grand Unified Theory (GUT) which is by definition 1 understanding of whole universe and all its functioning parts.
not many theories from many different perspectives.

funny, any advice i give u is turned right back around 2 me! like a boomerang.  ::)

Ironic. I understand your desire for one theory that explains all, that is what everyone wants, but in transfixing yourself on Russell's (limited) view only you made the greatest mistake of excluding all other perspectives and their information.

The result is you got yourself a half-ass RELIGION, a belief system (BS), not real understanding. Some day you will understand eclectic approach with laser like discernment is ESSENTIAL. In correlating the 4 winds lies the secret of STILL-NESS, not in following one of the winds only. So there goes another boomerang.

The WHOLE-ass ONE is an intelligent correlation of all correct perspectives (Keely, Hollingshead, Bentov, Tassel, Zirbes, Russell etc) into One SUPREME model transcending them all but not excluding any individual perspective.


Keely, unlike Russell, was not just a theoretician but a practical MASTER who gave many demonstrations of gravity control with his superconducive wire he called Trexar made of platinum, gold and silver which are according to him in perfect 369 ratio.

One of such demonstrations was seen by R. Harte, a theosophists, who writes

"One of Keely's scientific experiments is to put a small wire around an iron cylinder that weighs several hundred weight, and when the force runs through the wire, to lift the cylinder up on one finger and carry it as easily as if it were a piece of cork."

Keely was first to reveal that light and heat are created in the atmosphere, one of the most essential informations that you can instill in your mind. Exactly what Zirbes was told and what is today, after 150 years only starting to be recognized in the alternative science community by people like Dollard etc.

In reply to the question, "What do you include in the polar forces?" Keely answers, "Magnetism, electricity, and gravital sympathy; each stream composed of three currents, or triune streams, which make up the governing conditions of the controlling medium of the universe: the infinite ninths that I am now endeavouring to graduate to a sympathetic mechanical combination, will, if I succeed, close my researches in sympathetic physics, and complete my system. These sympathetic streams from celestial spaces, percussing on the dense atmospheric environment of our earth, by their infinite velocities, wrest from their atomic confinement the latent energies which we call heat and light." [Keely, Appendix II]

Few books on Keely

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
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Eh, pipes...He indeed used steam in his earlier phase when he was liberating etheric gas from water, but later he replaced pipes with wire, so. Read the books i linked, all the reported demonstrations, see then if you think he did that with steam.

One example

During the quarter of a century that Keely experimented with his unique devices,
it is alleged that he accidentally discovered a means to disintegrate matter, and built
several devices for an astonishing series of antigravity experiments. Scattered
throughout the articles are a few obscure references that he not only discovered a
method to disintegrate matter, but at one time was involved in actual experiments with
disintegration and had even constructed a device to do so at will.
One story by theosophist R. Harte has it that Keely, with the help of a small
machine, was able to disintegrate a reef of quartz: "...twelve 'solid men'—millionaires
—met by appointment in a laboratory in Philadelphia to witness an exhibition
of the disintegration of quartz by a new method. They were mining magnates who had
a tremendous interest in getting the gold out of quartz rock quickly and cheaply. The
inventor obliged them by simply touching some blocks of quartz with a little machine
he held in his hand, and as he touched each block it instantly crumbled into atomic
dust. The specks of gold it contained stood out
like boulders in a bed of sand. Then the twelve men solidly said: 'Mr. Keely, if you
will in the same manner disintegrate some quartz for us in its natural place, we will
each give you a check for — dollars.' So off they all went to the Katskill [sic]
mountains, and there the twelve solid men pointed out a reef of quartz on the side of
the mountain, as solid as themselves; and Mr. Keely took out his little machine and
said: 'Gentlemen, please take the time.' In eighteen minutes there was a tunnel in that
quartz mountain eighteen feet long and four and a half feet in diameter. ...All these
men bound themselves to secrecy; and this is the first time that this incident has been
made public. How was the quartz disintegrated? That is one of Keely's secrets."

Where are replications? I told you about Hollingshead.. And where are replications of Russel, there are none.

Yea you claim that you made a device that loses a gram or two based on Russell, but degravitation is a principle that has been mastered BEFORE RUSSELL WAS BORN (more under)

No Keely does not help me replicate Don neither did Russell help you, in any case Tesla started developing his scalar systems around 1890., long before he met Russell.

Just the fact Russell says in 1959. that this power amplification principle has never been discovered shows he had no idea about the actual developments, my my if he only knew he was late to the party.

Just the fact his system used "steam turbine and generator" shows it was an inferior system.

No need to mention the Daniel Cook's first OU patent from 1871 of which Floyd Sweet's device is a replica.

Or Tesla's 1901 patent US685958A Method of utilizing radiant energy

or his 1900 scalar emitter/receiver patent US725605 System of signaling....

Or great MASTER Nathan Stubblefield who also discovered what he called Earth magnetic waves which are really the Universal (scalar) Currents Rota and others discovered.

Tesla attended his 1902. ground wireless demonstration in Philadelphia.

His last claim two weeks before his death was made to a kind neighbour: "The past is nothing. I have perfected now the greatest invention the world has ever known..... I have taken light from the air and earth.... as I did sound."

And this was confirmed by neighbours who saw "sunlight which came from the ground itself around his house" and heard strange noises come from his property.

Do you have ANY idea what level of MASTERY this is....

When he died and they entered his cabin they noticed it was "toasty warm"

"two highly polished metal mirrors which faced each other, radiating a very great heat in rippling waves"

All this and much more is happening many decades before Russell's supposed OU device.

Man judges by what he knows and he (she) knows very little due to lack of (proper) research.


"what I know has been called RELIGION, BS, CULT.."

Funny, firstly, you don't know, your understanding and information is too limited, and yet you again try to make it appear as if you're some Galileo and i am a church trying to burn you while it is exactly the opposite, you are dogmatically fixed on Russell dismissing invaluable work of other great ones.

Eclectic approach is essential, to correlate the best of the best, all of them bring certain unique details of Nature's Penetralia not found in work of the others but their essence is the same.

They are no gods, not even with small g.

Experimental evidence is important, but one needs to always keep in mind just cause one stumbles onto an effect does not by any means mean he understand the underlying principles, you yourself are a great example of this.

Now it's time to share what i already shared here and on other forums, just so that people know what exists and what is being done

With the onset of power electronics in the mid 19th century some, rare inventors stumbled onto degravitation principle, here are two reports that speak of a guy who inherited it from his late uncle and flew around the world with his wife and son.

Date: April 22 1897 01:00 AM
Location. Harrisburg Arkansas
Source: Modern News April 23, 1897

—In Arkansas, an aerial visitor settled to earth about two hours after the Barclay contact. In its April 23rd edition, the Harrisburg, Arkansas, Modem News, gave the following account: '"The airship of which we have read so much of late has caused considerable comment but no one ever dreamed that it would ever be anchored in Harrisburg. Wednesday night (April 21) Ex-Senator Harris was awakened about 1 o‘clock by an unfamiliar noise, and upon taking a peep out he spied a peculiar looking object in the west. Instantly he thought of the wonderful airship which had so mystified the people of the west during the past few weeks, and hurriedly dressing he took his field glass and went out in the yard where he could get a good view.

‘The first sight through the glass satisfied him that it was a wonderful airship. As the object came nearer he could discern the shape, but in few seconds it came so near that he threw down his glass. The mysterious flyer paused and gradually descended to within a few feet of the ground and only a short distance from Mr. Ham's' yard. Mr. Harris says there was an elderly man, a woman and two young men on board. The old gentleman wore a heavy set of dark, silken whiskers, which hang down near his waist. He had jet black eyes and a deep firm expression. Mr. Harris said he walked out a little nearer and hailed the old gentleman. The old man seemed a little surprised when he spoke, not expecting to see any one out at that hour of night, but he spoke pleasantly, and after taking on a supply of fresh well water. he said: “‘Well. you seem to be a very clever man, and if you will promise not to divulge my secret in a way to do me harm I will tell you the whole story, except how the effect is produced.’

“After receiving satisfactory assurance, he continued: ‘ you remember about 26 years ago (in the St. Louis papers) an account of a scientific invention made by a gentleman whose name I will not mention. by which the laws of gravitation were entirely and completely suspended? He was offered big sums of money for it by several syndicates in this country and also had large offers from parties at Paris, London and many other places. During the time he was considering these offers he had the invention securely locked in a safety deposit vault in New York City. Before he had accepted any of the offer he was taken violently ill, and after lingering a few weeks died, leaving his invention in the vault. This man was my uncle and he has partially confided the secret to me but not sufficiently for me to do anything without the original invention.

“‘After the lapse of about 19 years I managed to secure the original and having plenty of money at my disposal and having devoted my time and talent during the past seven years to experimenting,I have an airship which is almost perfection but I am not quite through experimenting, and so I continue to travel at night to keep from being detected. I will make an attempt to visit the planet Mars before I put the airship on public exhibition. “ ‘Weight is no object to me. I suspend all gravitation by placing a small wire round an object. You see I have a 4-ton improved Hotchkiss gun on board. besides about ten tons o! ammunition. I was making preparations to go over to Cuba and kill out the Spanish army if hostilities had not ceased,but now my plans are changed and I may go to the aid of the Armenians. To use this improved gun we only have to pour the cartridges into a hopper and press a button and it fires 63,000 times per minute.

“'No, gravitation is not in my way. I place my wire around this 4-ton gun and hold it out with one hand and take aim. Oh, I could place my anti-gravitation wire around the national capital building and take it by the dome and bring it over and set it down in Harrisburg as easy as I could an ink stand. Distance is almost overcome: why we came over the chunks of Dallas at 12:10, less than an hour ago, and we have travelled very slowly. I could take breakfast here, do my flopping in Paris and be back here for dinner without incon venience, as soon as I get my new propellors completed.‘ ”He said he must be ofi before anyone else was disturbed and invited Mr. Harris to take a ride with him, but he kindly declined the offer. He bade Mr. Harris adieu and floated up and drifted away to a place among the stars and in a few seconds was hid beyond the darkness of the night."

Date: May 6, 1897
Location: Arkansas, near Hot Springs
Source: Racine Daily Journal

The two witnesses, a constable and a deputy sheriff who were investigating some recent reports of cattle rustling in the area, provided the following account of their experience:

"While riding northwest from this city on the night of May 6, 1897, we noticed a brilliant light high in the heavens. After riding four or five miles around through the hills, we again saw the light, which appeared to be much nearer the earth. We stopped our horses and watched it coming down, until all at once it disappeared behind a hill. We rode on about half a mile further, when our horses refused to go farther. Almost a hundred yards distant, we saw two persons moving around with lights. Drawing our Winchesters, we demanded, "Who is that, and what are you doing?"

A man with a long, dark beard came forth with a lantern in his hand, and on being informed who we were, proceeded to tell us that he and two others-a young man and a woman-were traveling though the country in an airship. We could plainly distinguish the outlines of the vessel, which was cigar-shaped and almost 60 feet long, and looking just like the (sketches) that have appeared in the papers recently. The young man was filing a big sack with water about 30 yards away. The woman was holding an umbrella over her head. The man with the whiskers invited us to take a ride, saying that he could take us where it was not raining. We told him we preferred to get wet. Asking the man why the brilliant light was turned on and off so much, he replied that the light was so powerful that it consumed a great deal of his motive power.

He said he would like to stop off in Hot Springs for a few days and take the hot baths, but his time was limited and he could not. He said that they were going to wind up at Nashville, Tennessee after thoroughly seeing the country. Being in a hurry, we left. Upon our return about 40 minutes later, nothing was to be seen. We did not hear or see the airship when it departed".

More on the two cases PG 22

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
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Just gonna share this here unrelatedly to the subject (or is it), be warned, it's addictive.

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
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How important is the voltage rating of the wire as I cant find any 6mm2 wire rated for anything higher than 1.5KV.

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
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To get back to the subject, to dispel the Zila's ; ) myth that there MUST be 2 separate grounds...

Here is old Ruslan Kalabuhov's demonstration. His ground is 4 meters long pipe.

He says he is using multiple modulating frequencies and if you don't get them right you won't get anything.

Of course it can be done without. Harmonics are produced even with one frequency.

In his later videos he says he has circuits for phase correction.

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
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well here is WR replication in 2016:

and further disclosure here 2019, towards the end of vid:

to feast eyes and ears upon. replication of Russell conical solenoids from Atomic Suicide. basis of Optical Dynamo.

Does not look like much of a replication, where is the energy output, he is just holding some washers in the center by permanent magnets.

have u tried wot i said to do? am trying best to help all.  ;D

Tried what, i did not ask you for any help nor am i trying to replicate Russell if that is what you suggest.

well steam turbine was state of the art then. not too much different 2day w/ nuclear reactors.

Sure sure, then why did not all those MASTERS need it 50-100 years before Russell's supposed device but converted etheric energies directly into electricity.

I know Stubblefield and I even knew John Bedini b4 he passed…

Bedini himself used Russell’s charts in all his petrovoltaics stuff and even gold transmutation.
Bedini had secret papers b/w Russell and NORAD and much more.
he was big student of Russell and famous free energy guy who ppl trust.

Sure sure, but you're making a religion out of him while it's just a one perspective.

well eclectic approach is ur approach but is not essential. else I wuda failed.  :P
many paths can lead to same place.
it comes down to how long u wanna take to get there...

Material success can be achieved by eclectic or not but
eclectic is essential if you want a full picture, not just fragments.

Tesla and others did not need Russell to get there fast.

Don had his first successes superfast even before he knew about Tesla
after he was teaching that two resonant coils communication device to kids.

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
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Few more Keely's quotes....

"Luminiferous ether, or celestial mind force, a compound interetheric element,
is the substance of which everything visible is composed. It is the great sympathetic
 protoplastic element, life itself. Consequently, our physical organisms are composed
 of this element ... its seat in the cerebral convolutions ...This sympathetic outreach
 (sympathetic radiation) is mind flow proper, or will force sympathetic polarization to
 produce action, sympathetic depolarization to neutralize it. Polar and depolar
 differentiation result in motion. The true protoplastic element ... permeates
 all forms and conditions of matter, having for its attendants, gravity, electricity
 and magnetism, the triple conditions born in itself. In fact, it is the soul of matter,
 the element from which all forms of motion receive their introductory impulse."

"Atomolini are ultimate units of atomoles, and when in a liquid state are the media
 for the transmission of gravism. The illimitable divisibility and aggregation of matter
 is a logical sequence."

"Atomoles are elementary units of matter uniform in size and weight, and exist in
 solid, liquid, gaseous, and isolated forms." [Keely, plural atomolini; see 3.01
- Law of Matter and Force]

"The atomoles are made up of atomolini (singular atomolinus); the subdivision
of matter from this point is beyond man's power, as at this point it escapes all
 control of apparatus, passing through glass and hardened steel as a luminous
 flame without heat, which is hardly seen before it vanishes, - a perpetual flame
 coldly luminous." [Keely, 1893]

"The atomolic substance is what is termed the ether which fills all space and
is the transmitting medium for all celestial and terrestrial forces. This is the
liquid ether of occult science." [Keely, 1893]

From Solar System by theosophist Arthur Powell

Keep in mind what is here called 'atoms' is orders of magnitude smaller than
quarks of mainstream so called science.


Before our solar system came into existence there existed
the ultimate root-matter, the substance out of which will be
fashioned every type of matter of which we have any knowledge.
This root-matter is what scientists call the ether of space, and
what has been described in Occult Chemistry under the name of
koilon (Greek Koilos, hollow).

This must not, of course, be confused with the etheric
matter which composes the finer part of our physical world.
To every physical sense, the space occupied by koilon
appears empty: yet in reality this ether is far denser than
anything of which we can conceive. Professor Osborne Reynolds,
the originator of the celebrated theory, which agrees with occult
investigation, defines its density as being 10,000 times greater
than that of water, and its mean pressure as 750,000 tons to the
square inch.

This substance is perceptible only to highly developed
clairvoyant power. We must assume a time - though we have no
direct knowledge on the point - when this substance filled all
space. We must also suppose that some great Being - almost
infinitely higher than the Logos of a solar system - changed this
condition of rest by pouring out His spirit or force into a
certain section of this matter, a section the size of a whole


They are the atomic matter of the lowest cosmic plane. out
of them the logos of our solar system will presently form the
seven planes of our system, those seven planes, taken together,
forming the lowest cosmic plane.




When the Solar Logos - the great Being of Whom our solar
system is some representation, corresponding possibly to an
incarnation, in the case of a human being - chose to manifest
Himself, when He came forth out of eternity into time, and wished
to form this system, He found ready to His hand this material,
this infinite mass of tiny bubbles.

He commenced by defining an area, the limit of His field of
activity, the limit, perhaps, of His own aura, a vast sphere,
whose circumference is far larger than the orbit of the outermost
of His future planets.

Stupendous as this area would be, the distance between solar
systems is yet out of all proportion greater than the systems
themselves. Nevertheless, it is probable that the Logoi of the
systems are actually in touch with one another, on the higher

Within the limit of the sphere thus marked out He sets up a
motion which sweeps together all the bubbles into a vast central
mass, thus condensing or compressing the bubble-matter, which was
originally scattered throughout the whole of the prodigious
space, into a smaller region.

At a certain stage in that condensation, or compression - a
stage when the radius of His globe still extended far beyond the
orbit of the outermost planet of the system, as it exists to-day
- He sets up within it a whirling motion, accompanied by intense
electrical action, thus making a colossal vortex in many dimensions,
the material of the nebula that is to be.

The compression of the whirling mass is continued through
what to us would be untold ages: in fact, the vortex made by the
Logos in the first place is still in action. In the course of
that process of compression, He, acting through His Third Aspect,
sends out seven impulses or ”breaths.”

The first impulse sets up all through the sphere a vast
number of tiny vortices, each of which draws into itself 49
bubbles, and arranges them in a certain shape. These little
groupings of bubbles, so formed, are the atoms of the second
plane or world - the anupâdaka or monadic plane.
The whole of the bubbles are not used in this way, but
sufficient are left, in the disassociated state, to act as atoms
of the first or âdi world.

In due time there comes a second impulse, which seizes upon
nearly all the 49-bubble atoms - leaving sufficient to provide
atoms for the anupâdaka world draws them back into itself,
disintegrates them into their component bubbles, and then,
throwing them out again, sets up among them vortices, each of
which holds within itself 49² or 2,401 bubbles. These are the
atoms of the third world, the plane of âtmâ.

Again after a time comes a third impulse, which in the same
way seizes upon nearly all the 2,401-bubble atoms - again leaving
sufficient to form the atoms of the âtmic world - draws them back
into itself, disintegrates them, and throws them out once more as
the atoms of the fourth world, that of buddhi, each atom now
containing 49³ or 117,649 bubbles.

The process is repeated until the sixth impulse has built
the atoms of the seventh or lowest world , the physical plane,
its atoms containing 49⁶, or approximately 14,000 million of the
original bubbles. These atoms are not, of course, the atoms of
which chemists speak, but the ultimate atoms out of which all the
chemical atoms are made.

It seems probable that electrons are astral atoms: for it is
stated by scientists that a chemical atom of hydrogen contains
from 700 to 1,000 electrons, and a chemical atom of hydrogen
contains the equivalent of 882 astral atoms. This may be a
coincidence, but that seems unlikely. Scientists thus appear to
be disintegrating physical matter and discovering astral matter,
though they will naturally think of astral matter as being a
further subdivision of physical matter.

Bishop Leadbeater, from whose writings the above is quoted,
does not know whether such disintegrated physical atoms re-form
themselves, but when, by an effort of will, the physical atom is
broken up into astral or mental atoms, it requires a continuation
of the effort to hold the atoms temporarily in those different
forms, and when the will-force is withdrawn the physical atom

This, however, seems to apply only to the breaking up of the
ultimate physical atoms: when chemical atoms are broken into
ultimate atoms, they remain in that condition, and do not return
to their original state.

It should be noted that, although the atoms of any one
plane, the physical for example, are not made direct from the
atoms of the plane immediately above - the astral - yet, unless
the bubbles had had the experience of passing through all the
planes above, physical atoms could not be made of them.

The Hindu method of describing the process is as follows:
Each plane has what is called a, ”tanmâtra” (literally, a measure
of ”that”), and a, ”tattva” (literally, ”thatness” or ”inherent
quality”). The tanmâtra is the modification in the consciousness
of the Logos: the tattva is the effect produced in matter by that
modification. We may compare the tanmâtras with the waves of an
incoming tide, which run up on a sandy shore, retire, and are
followed by other waves, which run up a little further. The
tattvas we may compare with the little ridges made on the sand by
the incoming waves, at the furthest line that they reach.

Every atom thus has its ”Thatness,” the word ,”That” being a
reverent expression for the Divine Being. The measure of the
vibration of the atom, imposed upon it by the Will of the Logos,
is the Tanmâtra, the ”measure of That”; this is the axes of the
atom, the angular divergence of which, within the fixed limits of
vibration, determines its surface form.

Thus the consciousness of the Logos is within each atom,
expressed within certain limitations, which we sometimes call

The process of the creation of matter in successive stages
has often been described as the in-breathing and the outbreathing of the Deity.
The existence of matter depends absolutely upon the
continuance of an idea in the mind of the Logos. If He chose to
withdraw His force, for example, from the physical plane - to
cease thinking it - every physical atom would instantly
disintegrate, and the whole physical plane would disappear in an
instant, like the light of a candle when it is blown out.

The ultimate physical atom has three movements of its own:
(1) rotation on its own axis; (2) motion in a circular orbit; (3)
a pulsation like a heart, a constant expansion and contraction.
These three movements are always going on, and are unaffected by
any force from outside. A force from outside - a ray of light,
for example - will set the atom as a whole moving violently up
and down, the amplitude of this movement being proportional to
the intensity of the light, and the wave-length resulting from
the movement of a number of atoms being determined by the colour
of the light.

Besides the force of the Logos, which holds the atom
together in its form, one of His forces is playing through it at
a number of different levels. There are seven orders of this
force, one of which comes into operation during each round,
working through what are called the spirillæ in the atom. For a
description of these spirillæ, as well as other details of the
structure of the atom, the students is referred to Occult
Chemistry (1919 edition, pp. 21-23, and Appendix, ii-vi.) .
In interstellar space - between solar systems - the atoms
are in the condition known as ”free,” lying far apart, and
equidistant, this seeming to be their normal condition when

In the space between planets, however, they are never found
free: even if they are not grouped in forms they are subject to a
great deal of disturbance from cometic and meteoric matter, and
also to considerable compression from what we describe as the
attraction of the Sun.

From the above considerations, we perceive how it is that a
man in, for example, his causal body, could move freely in the
neighbourhood of a planet, where the atomic mental matter is in
the compressed condition, but would not be able to move or
function in far-away space, where the atoms remain free and

To continue with our description of the building of the
solar system, we have now arrived at the stage where the vast
whirling sphere contains within itself seven types of atomic
matter, all one essentially, because all are built out of the
same kind of bubbles, but differing in their degree of density.
All these types are freely intermingled, so that specimens of
each type would be found in a small portion of the sphere taken
at random in any part of it, with, however, a general tendency of
the heavier atoms to gravitate more and more towards the centre.

The Logos next sends out, still from His Third Aspect, a
seventh impulse which, instead of drawing the physical atoms back
into Himself and dissociating them into the original bubbles,
draws them together into certain aggregations, thus making a
number of different kinds of what may be called proto-elements;
these again are joined together into the various forms which are
known to science as chemical elements.

The making of these extends over a long period of ages, and
they are made in a certain definite order, by the interaction of
several forces, as is correctly indicated in Sir William Crookes'
paper on The Genesis of the Elements.

The process of their making is even now not concluded:
uranium is the latest and heaviest element, so far as we know,
but others still more complicated may perhaps be produced in the

As the ages roll on, condensation increases, and presently
the stage of a vast glowing nebula, usually of incandescent
hydrogen, is reached. Various other systems in our universe are,
of course, now passing through this stage, as may be seen by
means of any large telescope.

In our own case, as the mass cooled, still rapidly rotating,
it contracted and flattened until eventually it became rather a
huge revolving disc than a sphere. Presently fissures appeared in
this disc, and it broke into rings, presenting somewhat the
appearance of the planet Saturn and its surroundings, though on a
far larger scale.

As the time drew near when the planets would be required for
the purposes of evolution, the Logos set up at a chosen point in
the thickness of each ring a subsidiary vortex, into which a
great deal of the matter of the ring was gradually collected.
The collisions of the gathered fragments caused a revival of
the heat, the matter being reduced to a gaseous condition,
forming a glowing ball which, as it cooled once more, gradually
condensed into a physical planet fit to be the theatre of life
such as ours. Thus were all the planets of our system formed.

Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater go into great depth how these bubbles form chemical elements

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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
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How Self/God creates Time-Space Cosmic Carrier/Force Field using vibration/interference patterns.

How "no-thing" creates a matrix for creation of "some-thing".

Of course waves are centered around quantized points of consciousness. Self has to in a sense split itself,
that is, it's awareness, to allow for this condition of multi-point wave field to emerge.

This is very much in line with Keely and Russell, it gives more depth and insight into creation of something from nothing.

Combine it with the last post and you have a secret to time-space and matter.

Source for this info is contactee Stefan Denaerde (penname), real name Adrian Beers.
He was the Chief-Director of Ducht Skania. He was in the top 100 richest people in The
Netherlands in 1990. His fortune was estimated at an equivalent of 84 million of today's
Euros. He died in 1998. sticking to his story. One of the best contactee cases ever.

An Analog Model

1. Introduction

This appendix is not a part of the story of the Creation which is explained in
religious terms in Chapter 1 (Part 2). It is a complementary way of reasoning to
prove the existence of God, using the concepts of time, matter and energy. These
concepts are also used in physics. The problem, which now arises, is that the
author will use physical concepts without understanding the real meaning of the
words, because he is not a specialist. The words atom, atom-field, matter, etc.,
must all be understood within the context of this book and they have no direct
connection with the ideas used in modern science. Especially the words "matter"
and "atom" are most confusing, because the Iargan author knows about the
existence of matter in three configurations (and its opposite possibilities as antimatter);
 i.e., time-matter, phase-matter and reflection-matter (the one we know
about in our universe), but he fails to interpret these concepts due to his lack of
knowledge of physics. He only knows that these forms of matter are all related to
one or none of the directions of time- propagation (tidsforplantning) of the atom
of which time is fundamentally three-dimensional. It therefore determines in
which form these configurations can exist in our universe.

In this appendix - time-creation out of NOTHING is described - by making use of
the concept of more time-dimensions. The explanation of time-creation is very
difficult because it uses an overall carrier-field of infinite strength and then this
concept is called the cosmic unified field theory. In defining this term, one has to
be careful, because this theory is of a different basic nature from the existing
unified field theories here on earth. Our unified field theories try to unify the four
basic forces in nature, which are the electro-magnetic, the weak strong nuclear
force and gravitation. The unified field theories accepted by most prominent
scientists find their origin in the general relativity theory of Einstein, which itself
explains matter and energy in terms of space and time.

The problem now is to find a method, explaining the spiritual or esoteric reality,
the cosmic time-field. On other planets, this problem was solved by explaining
the basic concepts of the cosmic unified field theory. The elementary functions of
these concepts can be understood with a mechanical instruction model
demonstrating the cosmic time-field visually.

Why indulge in this complication of describing a theory which will probably only
be fully grasped by a few individuals? It does not concern the author very much,
he only carries out his commission. His Iargan instructors gave three reasons for
publishing the concepts of this theory:

1. The future integration of science and religion requires a material proof of
God's existence. This explanation could be the start of the exchange between
these two.

2. In the previous story of Creation the limitation of the infinite is explained
unambiguously(upretendiøst), but the working principle was completely

3. The cosmic unified field theory published in this book will be the only possible
verification for the true identity of this book, providing the link for the future
development of the human race.

2. The physical approximation of the NOTHING.

One concept in physics is that all atoms and energy consist of vibrations and
wave appearances. In a material way, every atom or form of energy is caused by
vibration. The physical approximation (tilnærmelse) describes the nothing of the
idea of vibration - and does not touch on the spiritual aspects and the
consciousness of matter. It does not distinguish between the "nothing" and the
spiritual "No-Thing" (the ALL). It only recognizes the material aspects of the

If everything is vibrations or waves, then it is not necessary to speak of matter or
energy, then Creation is fundamentally based on this concept of vibration. The
primeval vibration (before the limitation) can be described as infinite in time,
infinite in all its aspects and possibilities, infinite in frequency and amplitude and
existing in all time directions (omnitime). Unchanging, timeless and powerful to
all limited vibrations in every bound power. It is the omnipotent definition.
In this approximation the nothing is more simple to understand. Before the
creation - the infinite omnipotent vibration existed- but a vibration in every
direction and of infinite frequency and amplitude is not a vibration. The apparent
paradox can be eliminated by stating: Only at the instant when this infinite
vibration blocks itself by interference, as in a flash, all bound waves and
frequencies were created. This condition is very close to the existential view of
the Creation out of NOTHING in Chapter 1.

The nothing (here) has no counteraction, but in contrast the omnipotent
vibration - can manifest itself only by counter-acting in such a way that the
infinite allows the nothing to be. So one can also state that all vibrations were
created because the nothing bound itself by a mechanism of interference
quenching - (counteracting vibrations) of infinite force, which blocked the
infinite possibilities of these vibrations. This universe can only be considered as
the limitation of the unbounded nothing.

3. The bounding of the omnipotent infinite vibration, the cosmic time field.

One of the basic principles on which the mechanism of bounding is based is: If
one property of a power (any power) of something is bound, then all properties
and powers of this something will be bound. In infinity the finite cannot exist. To
limit the omnipotent vibration it was sufficient to bind only one of the perhaps
infinite number of possibilities. Because if only just a little something were to be
formed in the nothing, the nothing would be altered and cancelled irrevocably,
then the complete finity (endelighet/begrensethet) was a fact. OR, if there were
just the three-dimensional rotating time-field as a possibility of the primeval
atom in the infinity of the nothing, then the finite was a fact. This atom-field
needed to be a force-field of infinite strength, the carrier-field, to counteract the
omnipotent vibration, the cosmic time-field.

4. The Creation can only exist as a result of counter-balance.

One of the functions of the carrier-field is time-synchronization by which the
cosmic counter-action and therefore the nothing can BE. Matter and energy
cannot exist on its own in the nothing. The principle of time synchronization is

Time is only relative, it is motion or propagation (spredning) in relation to at least
a second motion of time.

the cosmic law of counterbalance dictates that the second time has to
counterbalance the first time. So time can only exist in relation to a second exact
opposite direction of time (running backwards in relation to our time).

3. Time exists only through the presence of atoms or matter. Then the
 backwardrunning time can only exist through matter in which the time propagation is
opposite, running backwards in relation to us (antitime matter). Anti-matter or
reflection antimatter may exist in our universe with an opposite electric charge
with respect to our known reflection matter. The question, as to which charge
antitime matter has in the anti-universe, is of no importance in this appendix.

4. Because neither matter nor energy can exist on its own in the nothing -another
quantity of matter of opposite properties must exist which is exactly similar to
that in our universe. This balance of matter and energy is so accurate, that one
surplus atom is impossible.

This explains nearly as per definition the cosmic law of counter-balance allowing
the nothing to be. There must be at least a second universe exactly like ours, in
which time runs backwards according to us, but normally for life in that universe.
In the following it is shown that there are not just two, but eleven other
universes in addition to ours necessary to maintain the cosmic law of counterbalance.

6. The time-synchronization field.

The law of counter-balance also applies to time. The timedirection is opposite
and the time velocity is equal to ours. Time is the propagation of vibrations of the
atom. Then the atomvibrations in both universes are equal and opposite with
respect to the timelessness. This is only possible if these times are caused by one
field (time-field).

The definition of a field (any field in physics) is: If an event occurs, because
another event takes place somewhere else without a mechanical or visible
connection between these events, then these events are caused by a field.
Timesynchronization occurs according to this definition. The atom vibrations in our
universes are exactly similar, because the atom vibrations of our anti-universe
occur despite the enormous difference in time and without any dissipation of
energy. It is about 30 billion (milliarder) years since the occurrence of the super
flash Creation (big bang) between the two universes.

The law of conservation of counter-balance is causal to the law of energy
conservation in every universe. Each universe is a closed system and without
energy dissipation outside itself. The amount of matter and energy once created
remains constant. A loss of energy is impossible, because our time-bound energy
propagates forwards, while the time-bound matter and energy of the antiuniverse
 propagate backwards in time. These universes are separated by a timebarrier
 through which no communication nor transfer of life is known. (Well -
according to information in the book UFO-CONTACT FROM PLANET KOLDAS and
also told by the et-contact ASKET and Semjase - there are some methods for
entering the mirroruniverse - but this can not be touched here - reseach yourself
if interested!! R.Ø.remark.)

6. What is a timeless vibration or wave?

The question is how the field functions maintain the time-synchronization of the
atom-waves between the universes separated by billions of years. It is only
possible if the synchronization stands still in time, but exists simultaneously in all
the time elapsed since the beginning of the super flash, as well in all the future. A
timeless vibration does not normally move in time, the amplitudes of the field
propagation - alternate forwards and backwards in time. Time synchronization is
the principle by which our universe catches every forward-moving amplitude and
the anti-universe catches every backward moving amplitude of one and the same
timeless wave.

On other planets there are simple mechanical models explaining the function of
time synchronization. One such model is very similar to our well-known minimodel
 rail upon which are two little wagons. The model has two lengths of rail of
say 1.50 meters each, which are in direct line with each other.
Picture of the model wagons with a Electric drive motor which letting an
excentric, and so the rails vibrate horisontally.

Rail and wagon model demonstrating the principle of the timeless waves. The
vibration is present at any point of the rail and at any time during the whole
process period. Also from the moment of the super flash until the end of all times

The rails are mounted on small springs to allow them to vibrate forwards and
backwards in horizontal direction (from left to right and vice versa). The two rails
are connected to a little electric motor with a double eccentric, each driving one
rail, letting the rails vibrate about 1 millimeter of linear distance, also backwards
and forwards. The amplitude is small enough to be invisible to the eye.
Then one little wagon is placed on each rail and each wagon has a catch with a
catchwheel (tilbakeløps-sperre) on one of the wheelaxes, so the wagon can ride
in only one direction. The movement in the other direction is blocked. The
wagons are placed with their rears against each other, after which the electric
motor is switched on. If the teeth of the catchwheel have the same beat as the
vibrator mechanism, the wagons roll away from each other with exactly the same
speed to the end of each rail.

With this simple model time synchronization for the atom-vibrations of both
departing universes (in time) by a timeless field "always existing everywhere" has
been demonstrated sufficiently. At the same time a flaw(feil) comes to light. It is
impossible to maintain an energy time flux of the timefield for the two departing
universes, because where is then the inexhaustible energy source to maintain the

This is one of the reasons that a one-dimensional time-field is not possible. Only
a three-dimensional time-field, which encloses the energy time-flux in itself,
allows our universe and the others to exist.

7. The principle (mechanism) to create finity: INTERFERENCE.
So far the function of time-synchronization of the carrier-field has been
considered. Now we will discuss the medium of conserving and maintaining the
timeless vibration into eternity. It is the infinite force-field carrying all matter and

We are at the moment of the flash or big bang, the moment at which the infinite
primeval vibration limited (transmutated) itself to the carrier-field. This
mechanism of blocking is well known and based on the principle of wave
interference. (Interference of lightwaves is important today in laser technology.)
Interference is the action or counter-action of two or more waves. If the
 wavepropagation(-forplantning) is opposite and parallel and the frequencies of the
waves equal, mutual amplification (gjensidig forsterkning)or attenuation
(fortynnelse) of the intensities of the wave is possible, depending on the phase
relation between these waves.

If the phases are opposite and the amplitudes of the waves are equal, total
quenching (dempning/kvelning)is possible. This is the principle of the binding of
infinity. If an infinite wave manifests itself in one time-direction, automatically
the equivalent absolute counteraction is created which counter-balances the
infinity, allowing the nothing to be.

The infinite primeval wave blocked itself at the moment it created itself and so it
never existed in reality. It was in fact a transmutation of infinity; the
transmutation of the infinite vibration of infinite amplitude and frequency to a
carrier-field of infinite strength, which blocked itself by interference.
8. The time-bound vibrations or waves.

The primeval wave blocked itself in a three dimensional time-axis system
(propagation directions) by interference, and trans-mutated to an infinite,
timeless, immobile force-field. How could the bound timeless waves exist, which
synchronize our universe?

It is an error of thinking to suppose that by quenching the omnipotent vibration -
all finite waves were also cancelled. It is just the opposite. A vibration with
infinite frequency is not a vibration in reality. The infinite prevented the
vibration, because a vibration can only exist in the finite. As soon as infinity was
removed, the prevention disappeared and the real bound wave was a possibility.
It is the carrier forcefield although of infinite strength and energy density which
gets its finite value due to interference quenching. All timeless waves are as it
were encapsulated in infinity and therefore indestructible. However "belonging"
to infinity and not bound by time themselves, they create time forever, they are
the eternal ripples on the static ("krusning i likevekten"), unchangeable and lossfree
field of infinite strength. (This must be what the Danish wiseman Martinus
call the X2- principle and the primeval-desire or "urbegjæret" in Danish.

Because of this, all time-bound waves such as light, radio-waves or gravitation,
exist in space without any loss and it is the empty space in the universe, which is
the non-modulated structure of the carrier-field. It is one of the most fantastic
touches of genius of Creation, that the non-vibrating infinity was transmutated to
a loss-free medium carrying all time-bound and timeless waves. A few properties
of this medium can be measured with instruments, the other part of its structure
cannot be objectively observed yet, it is the esoteric fluidum or the infinite Lovewill
of the Father which carries the whole Creation.

The unimaginable three-dimensional time.

One time-axis counter-balances only one direction of time propagation of the
omnipotent (allmektige)wave. In infinity all possibilities of vibration exist and
therefore all time-propagation directions. The question is, could infinity be
limited by just one time-direction and one co-existing propagation direction
going the opposite way?

One way to answer this was already given in the previous paragraph, in which it
was stated that the energy time-flux of the primeval wave of two universes is not
a closed system. Another plausible answer can be by simply reasoning.
The atom is causal for the time - and space dimensions, due to its time-creating
properties, already mentioned. The space-creating properties are easy to
understand, because the atom takes up space. It is three-dimensional in space
and therefore it creates space in three dimensions. If all atoms were twodimensional
 then the whole of creation would have been on a plane and space
would not have been more than a flat or curved plane. Our time-space is no
more than a bound part of the nothing - being filled with matter or energy.
Anything that space distinguishes of the time - and - dimensionless void, is
caused by atoms or energy. If atoms have three space dimensions, then the
timeless waves creating the atoms also have three dimensions.

1. The timeless primeval atom-field has three time dimensions.

2. The timeless waves could not be bound by only one time-axis, but must
necessarily have three time-axes.

3. The timeless atom-field should consist of a three-dimensional rotating field of
infinite strength, which is attenuated (fortynnet) of itself by interference. It
conserves the law of cosmic counter-balance of the no-thing. The atom of such a
rotating field structure has six time-axes, but in principle these six axes can
always be reduced to three time-dimensions, no further reduction is possible.
Picture of ONE-TIME-AXIS: The cosmic symbol of one time-axis.
In the following parpagraphs of the analog carrier-field model it is shown, why
the atom-field has to be a three-dimensional and not a two-dimensional field.

10. The six time-axes of the time-creating, cosmic carrier field.

How can it be established that the carrier-field of all matter in twelve universes
has six time-axes? The first part of the answer is simple to explain. A well-known
type of rotating field on earth is that of the electric three-phase synchronous

This type of electromagnetic-field system consists of three linear magnetic fields,
which are arranged at angles of 120 round a rotor. The phase-differences of the
three alternating magnetic-fields, which have the same frequencies (say 50 Hz)
are also at each 120 degrees. Each alternating field is in itself an exact linear
vibration oriented in one direction. The rotating field exists only if the three
linear vibrations are combined together with the proper phase-relation between
them. So a two-dimensional rotating field in space is created. It can force a piece
of magnetic material to rotate around its axis with a great power.

The fact that it is possible to create rotating fields by combining three linear
alternating waves does not mean that it has to be the same for fields of infinite
strength, it can be more than three, but it is not very likely as first guess, because
the three wave principle (the equilateral triangle) is the most simple and
effective. According this principle, for a three dimensional field six linear waves
are required to form an equilateral triangular pyramid, but why an angle of 60
degrees between time-axes?

The first answer can initially be given in a very simple way, the second is more
complicated, but at least more to the point.

A simple way of reasoning to derive (utlede) the answer to the question of 60
degrees is the following. The atom field of matter has spatial (romlig)structure,
therefore the time-axes must be positioned in such a way that they form a closed
three-dimensional geometric object, because the energy fluxes of time must be
closed in itself due to the law of counter-balance.

The time-axes form straight lines, which cannot be parallel lines, because parallel
time-axes form one and the same time-direction. The most simple threedimensional
 closed object is an equilateral triangular pyramid. There are no
reasons to suppose it should be an a-symmetric pyramid if three-dimensional
time is considered, on the contrary, it must be symmetrical in all positions. So it is
simply a equilateral triangular pyramid of which the lanes are equilateral
triangles. There is no more simple object in three-dimensional space with these

The more sophisticated answer to the question of 60 degrees is time given by
approaching the question from the relativity of time frequencies between the
other universes (the other time-axes). Time is the wave propagation of atoms
which determines the direction of the past to the future. Simultaneously these
time-creating or timeless waves are the linear phase waves combining to
maintain the atomic rotating field. The problem is that "our' atoms do not
experience the right frequencies of the other time-axes, because they do not
propagate (spredes)with the same speed, but advance in time.
Thus there is an apparent frequency-shift, a kind of Doppler shift, by which the
frequencies of the "other" time-axes are experienced by "our" atom. One should
realize that the timeless vibrations of the other universes also exist in our

At first sight it seems impossible for a rotating field to posess a constant phaseshift
 because between vibrations of different frequencies a constant phase-shift
is not possible unless the frequencies are related to each other in a particular
way. They are harmonic. Two vibrations are harmonic if the apparent frequencies
have constant ratios to each other, like 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, etc.

Timeless waves can only exist when the frequencies are related by the harmonic
ratio 1 : 2.

Picture explaining the frequency-shift for 60 degrees time-axis angle.

The frequency ratio is determined by the angle between the two time-axes, as
the picture shows. Our time direction is T1 while another time direction is shown
as T2. The time direction propagating forwards (from past to future) is useful to
our universe, while the backward-moving impulses of the timeleess wave do not
"catch" the rotating field of "our" atoms. Secondly the time-axis at a right angle
(90dg) to our axis T1 does not make any contribution, we experience this timeaxis
 as non-existing.

As the picture shows, due to the angle of 60 degrees, 'our' atom experiences
exactly half the time-speed of the other time-axis and this makes the frequency
harmonic. As T1=2 times T2, the result is the simplest harmonic ratio of 1:2,
determined by the angle of projection of 60 degrees between two time-axes.
(Pythagoras' law for right angled triangles).

All other possibilities and other harmonic ratios fail to give non-destructive
contributions for the necessary interference intensification. Other excitations of
higher order harmonic ratios give more complicated time-axes structures of the
rotating atom field and cannot be stable. Also because the couple-field feedback
to the total mass (inertia) of the universes is not optimized (see the following

It supposes simultaneously the existence of a higher number of co-existing
universes, which seems highly unlikely (higher than twelve). Therefore we must
decide for the simplest three-dimensional geometric form: the equilateral
triangular pyramid.

11. The ancient symbol of God, the Star of David.

It is necessary to summarize the above issues of the principle.

1. The choice of the mechanism of limitation determined the existence of all
types of timeless waves, among which was the (most complex) threedimensional
rotating time-field.

2. The limitation took place by interference quenching the primeval infinite
vibration (possibility) affording more time-axes in three dimensions.

3. A time-axis is a part of the infinite force-field. This only exists as a single linear

4. For a three-dimensional rotating field at least six linear field waves are
necessary, which are located spatially in time having angles of 60 degrees
between the time-axes.

5. The angle of 60 degrees could only be created by an apparent frequency shift
maintaining the harmonic vibrations of the rotating field.

These considerations determine the mechanism of blocking the infinite. It
consists of six time-axes forming a closed three-dimensional object, which
creates and restricts the speed of the rotating atom-field.

Though every time-axis carries two universes(universe and anti-univers), there
are in the frightening depth of cosmic space twelve distinct cosmic structures,
separated by the unbridgeable barrier of time. Not only are there eleven other
universes apart from ours, but they are all embedded in the same cosmic or
geometric space. All universes have the same size and the same energy content.
The geometric space is necessarily the location in the nothing - in which the
omnipotent vibration quenched itself by interference. It is the location for waves
encountering each other, as it is for light-waves interfering with each other. But
it does not require that every atom has twelve buldges at the same space-point
in time. Or more crucially, it does not mean that every human being has twelve
images of himself without knowing it.

It is the mechanism of interference synchronisation of the timeless waves which
uncouples the universes at each space-point, simultaneously maintaining the
time-propagation of each universe.

The equilateral triangular pyramid is the symbol of God, the Father as it is known
everywhere in the universe (after lifting the cosmic isolation). We know it as the
double equilateral triangles of the Star of David, also six time-axes with angles of
60 degrees. It means that the principle of the limitation was revealed to
humanity centuries ago, but we did not understand its meaning so far.
Make in your thoughts : The Star of David.

12. The analog carrierfield model, an instruction model.
The cosmic carrier field of all space and matter performs a sixfold function, of
which some have already been discussed in gereral way.

The carrier function of an infinitely strong forcefield blocked in itself contains the
fluidum conducting all waves without dissipation and maintained to eternity.
The orientation of the time-axes of the universes with respect to nothing
provides the structure of the carrier-field of three dimensions, the bounded
Love-will, creating our life and existence.

The time synchronisation function locks all universes in the iron grip of the law of
cosmic counter-balance from which no atom can escape.

The feedback principle of time to the total mass of the universe is the function of
the coupling-field by counterbalance (and interference) of the time-bound

The function of the timeless primeval atom-field, the atom-principle, as the
transmitter program containing the code of matter of which all atoms are remote

The function as bearer of the absolute ALL-knowledge and goal consciousness,
manifesting itself as the laws of nature and as the intelligent goal of life: the spirit
of God.

The last function concerns the existential aspects, which have been discussed in
the previous section of this book.

The first analog model is a mechanical instruction model explaining the cosmic
carrier field by means of symbols. This model was built on another lifesupporting
 planet on a high mountain and was many meters high. It was the
gathering point for contemplation of that intelligent race for devotion to its

It was the symbol by which the majority of the race acknowledged the goal of
Creation, simultaneously the sign that the cosmic isolation had been lifted. The
other function of the carrier-field will be discussed with the help of this
mechanical instruction model.

The analog model consisted mainly of the six edges of a huge equilateral
triangular pyramid built out of solid soft-iron bars. The many metres thick edges
of the pyramid contain an impressive number of iron bars parallel to the
direction of the edges and cast in a kind of plastic resin following a process
similar to that of casting concrete(betong). So a mainly iron-frame was formed
especially suitable for conduction of magnetic pulses of high power without
much loss.

So far the carrying fuction of the cosmic time-field, which primarily maintains the
timeless waves is symbolized in the model. The magnetic pulses in the edges of
the pyramid run backwards and forwards like the timeless waves in reality.
With respect to the other edges of the pyramid, the magnetic pulses are phaseshifted.
The problem is that up to now the forward propagation (forplantning) in
time has been missed out. In fact we look for the equivalent of the two little
wagons on the vibrating rail. The solution can be found in the symbol of the
rotating flywheel, as with the atom its rotation is continuous in time, it is in fact
time propagation. Therefore the iron frame of the pyramid is discontinued at two
places in each of the six edges of the pyramid. At this discontinuation point a
linear magnetic impulse motor is installed, on the axis of which a large flywheel is

The flywheel symbolizes not only the propagation of time, but also the inertia of
matter and so the flywheel is in effect the total mass of the universe. This type of
magnetic impulse motor is not self-starting, so at the inside on the flywheel axis a
starter-motor is mounted, fitted solely for the purpose of starting. One rotating
the synchronous motor maintains the exact number of revolutions at the same
frequency of the magnetic alternation field. Thus in each of pyramid's edges two
synchronous motors are mounted making twelve flywheels in total.
The two flywheels per axis rotate in opposite directions to symbolize the time
propagation in opposite time directions. This type of linear impulse motor is
chosen because it can be made to rotate in either direction.
The first analog model.

In one triangular plane of the pyramid the six synchronous motors in the iron
frame demonstrate a rotating magnetic field, seen from the center of the plane.
Each edge of the pyramid has the right phase-shift with respect to the other
edges of the triangle.

The first model has four central rotating magnetic field generators in the middle
of each triangular plane. (See figure of unfolded pyramid indicating the actual

These four synchronous (three phase) generators are coupled together by a
gearbox and are driven by the main electric motor (not shown in the drawing).
Consequently the four three-phase generators fulfill the synchronisation and
constant phase-shifts for the flywheels of the pyramid-edges. The four separate
rotating fields together, initate the complex three-dimensional rotation of the
carrier field (or atom-field).

The disadvantage of the first model is that it is further away from reality, because
the atomic field is not symboized as one three-demensional rotating field.
However it shows better how to imagine the complicated rotation in three

The second or the real analog model.

This mechanical model has only one central generator in the middle of the
pyramid, instead of the four rotating field generators of the first model. All
magnetic waves in the pyramid edges go straight to the pyramid's center. The
rotor of the 3-dimensional rotating generator is like a yo-yo with spherical endsurfaces.
It requires a touch of genius to provide the drive-connection between the central
motor and the spherical rotor, which has to be started up in a complex rotation.
The six diametrically opposed pole-shoes from the middle of the pyramid's edges
around the spherical rotor form in pairs, three axes of right angles - representing
a Cartesian coordinate system. So it shows that the six time-axes of the edges of
the pyramid can be converted into the three principal time-axes of the central

Together it imitates three-dimensional time, which causally creates the threedimensional
space of our universe.

The principles of the first and second analog models are equivalent. One version
can be converted into the other, for example, converting the four rotating fields
to one three-dimensional rotation in the centre-mass of the pyramid.
The model can be started by switching on the thirteen drive-motors. As the
flywheels reach velocity the twelve starter-motors are switched off and only the
central motor drives the complete gigantic model. The essence is that all
flywheels have exactly the same number of revolutions. They are all either
synchronous motors or generators. Then the flywheels are marked and
illuminated by a stroboscopic flash light. Seen by the normal eye they do not
appear to move showing the synchronous rotation and the constant phase-shifts
between the flywheels.

These mechanical models are meant to explain the unimaginable Creation out of
the nothing by symbolic imitation of the carrier-field. However it is only a weak
symbol of Creation. The carrier-field is the esoteric medium, a transmutation of
the absolute spirit or conscience, it is the spiritual force field of infinite strength
which is present everywhere in the universe.

The imitation of the carrier-field functions.

Nevertheless the analogy of reality is incredible. This will be shown in the next
explanation of the five functions of the cosmic carrier-field.

The carrier-function

The foundation of the carrier-field is the infinite force-field created by
interference quenching (avbrytende stopp) of the original infinite vibration. The
mode initiates this force-field with the six bundles of soft-iron bars as the edges
of the pyramid.

As in reality, the three-dimensional magnetic rotating field in our model is caused
by the linear waves of each time-axis. The timeless waves alternate backwards
and forwards as in our model. They drive the flywheels representing the masses
of the universes, and their rotation is the propagation (spredning) in time.
The orientation of the time-axes with respect to the nothing.

The relative position of one time-axis in the apparent nothing plays an important
role in the orientation of the universes in reality, determining the direction of
each time-axis. Here the first model is shown representing the four three-phase
synchronous generators in the planes of the pyramid. Only with decompostion of
the three-dimensional rotation into four rotations can one show that the threedimensional
 rotating field has left no remaining component in the nothing, while
in contrast a two-dimensional rotating field can not be nullified, a remaining
component will always exist in the nothing. This can be explained by considering
a single plane of the pyramid with its six flywheels at the edges, the analog for a

carrier-field. The rotation impulse of the flywheels is compensated by the
opposite rotations but the rotation impulse of the central three-phase generator
is left over. It can be measured by the outside world (the nothing).
It requires four field three-phase generators (maintaining overall symmetry) to
compensate for these rotation impulses.

With this the three-dimensionality of the carrier-field has been shown and the
orientation of the time-axes with respect to the nothing is determined.
The time synchronization function.

Impressively the model imitates the time synchronization, simultaneously
maintaining the cosmic counter-balance by which the universes continue to exist.
The rotation of the two flywheels per axis is in opposite directions and they
rotate with exactly the same speed. Thus it imitates the circular motion to the
timeless waves which progresses exactly synchronous by their mutual
interference coupling.

The twelve cosmic systems run without any dissipation, once started, the
perpetuum mobile continues into eternity with the absolute accuracy of timesynchronisation.
 If one supposes the model to be without loss and without using
the eternal driving motors, it will continue to run synchronously due to the
inertia of the flywheels and the fact that the synchronous linear impulse motors
can function as generators as well.

This symbolizes another property of the continuous circular motion of the
timeless waves, because every wave somewhere in the pyramid circuit at each
moment has its opposite value resulting in an overall zero at any moment.
This is the law of conservation of the nothing.

The couplingfield function.

Time synchronization is not alone determined by the iron grip of the threedimensional
 carrier-field and the principle of cosmic counter-balance. Apart from
this an important effect is realized from the feedback of the gigantic masses of
the universes to the timeless waves. These masses can be considered as
enormous flywheels without loss. Once started by the super flash, no change in
speed is possible, because a force of sufficient magnitude is simply not available.
This function of the coupling field can also be shown in our model, because the
linear synchronous motors of the flywheels are also generators. If the central
driving motor is switched off, then the flywheels continue for some time to drive
the central three-dimensioal rotating sphere. Everything stays exactly
synchronous with the same phase-shifts.

This experiment shows how the flywheels feed their energy back and have a
stabilizing function in time-synchronization. The coupling-field of the masses of
the universes is fed back in the time-bound vibrations of the atom-field from
which no atom total mass of the universes is fed back to one single atom.
This is a painting by Rudolf Dass of the analogous visual-mechanical carrier-field
model which symbolizes time and matter creation and synchronization in twelve
universes. This giant working construction that was a cross between a monument
and a machine was seen on an artificially flattened mountaintop on Iarga. This
place was perceived as a place of pilgrimage, a place of meditation and
contemplation, and the machine was a symbol of creation. The Iargans know no
separation between science and religion, and religious and spiritual theories are
entirely scientific. The model was several hundred yards(meters) long. The
machine seemed to operate by some kind of perpetual motion, neither running
on fuel or electrical power.

The Instructional Analog Model

The mechanical instruction models are the visual representations of the
principles of the cosmic unified field theory. The model is intended to
demonstrate that time, matter, and energy are creations out of the nothing and
therefore the counter-balance has to be maintained to allow the causal infinity of
the nothing to exist. In a broader context the physical symbols all take on new
meaning and demonstrate the unification of science and religion. In a religious
sense the spherical three-dimensional time-field in the heart of the pyramid
symbolizes the Soul of the Creator. The pyramid symbolizes his infinite lovewill,
the cage in which the infinity of His existence has been blocked irrevocably. The
lines symbolize the different frequencies of the timeless waves. The flywheels on
the edges of the pyramid symbolize the twelve associated and interrelated
universes, including ours, that make up this unity. One cannot exist without the

The timeless primeval atom-principle, the transmitter function.
The atom-field is a time-creating field and as such a remote manifestation of the
primeval atom principle. It can be compared with a transmitter. As soon as the
program is converted into waves of great power, billions of radios can receive the
same program, the number is unlimited. Everything depends on the one program
of the transmitter, the primeval atom-field. If this exists with infinite strength, it
is at the same time the vibration medium (the carrier-field) which helps it to
spread everywhere. Thus any atom in any universe can receive the timeless basic
program. The second model shows the three-dimensional time-field of the
primeval atom field most clearly, although this is a three-dimensional rotation of
the central sphere in spatial sense. This is an analog of reality, the atom has a
spherical field which is defined by six linear time-vibration directions. Any atom is
a remote manifestation of the one carrier-field of infinite strength.
Considering this fifth function of the carrier-field one has to realize that only the
central sphere, the atom, is visible to us. The fields in the pyramid edges outside
the sphere are invisible. It is the time-field reality of which the atom is a

The mechanical instruction models are the visual representations of the
principles of the cosmic unified field theory. This requires however some
marginal notes. A material comparison to explain spiritual abstractions is always
in some ways incomplete. There are several hiatus of which only the three most
important ones are mentioned.

1. In the model one time-axis represents only one frequency of the magnetic
field, while in reality all frequencies are contained. Every frequency however can
be initiated for each time-axis for which the interference representation of the
analog model is valid.

2. The model demonstrates the rotating field of the timeless waves. It does not
imitate the time-bound waves by which our time-axis the propagation speed of
time is X, then the phase velocity of the two time-axes connected to "our"
pyramid edge is ½X. The other two time-axes connecting our time-axis with the
other corner of the pyramid is -½X, making up for the time speed of our antiuniverse -X.
 The crossing, not-touching time-axis is perpendicular to our time-axis
and does not contribute.

3. In our model the masses of the universes are given by the flywheel symbol. In
fact this is fundamentally wrong, because it is separated from the threedimensional
 rotation of the central sphere. It can therefore basically not
maintain the counterbalance of the nothing.

The most important conclusion of the analog model is that time, matter and
energy are creations out of the nothing and therefore the counter-balance has to
be maintained to allow the causal infinity of the nothing exist.
14. The existential symbolism of the model.

So far the physical aspects of the model have been unravelled, but if one wants
to give a wider context to the model suddenly all the physical symbols change
their meaning. In relation to philosophical or theological disciplines the model
takes on the additional meaning of the unification of science and religion. By
certain inherent (medfødte) laws within any intelligent race the denial of God's
existence will be destroyed sooner or later. Earth science will provide an
indestructible contribution to our final knowledge-awareness, which we shall
attribute as typical human attainment in the cosmic integration. It is that piece of
our human identity and self-awareness, which we shall possess and care for
throughout eternity. It the light of this purpose, science serves God and the
distinction between science and religion fades away.

In a religious sense the spherical three-dimensional time-field in the heart of the
pyramid has a special meaning. It symbolizes the Soul of the Creator, the Father
who is the pure Identity of the infinite origin. The pyramid symbolizes his infinite
Love-will, the cage in which the infinity of his Existence has been blocked
irrevocably. He sacrificed his Ego and his freedom, to love his twelve Sons once.
He is present only indirectly in his Creation as the reflection of the infinity, the
Supreme Being, as the one Ego-consciousness of the Archangels.

That is why the theologian covers the central sphere with pure gold, symbolizing
the golden Heart, the Holy of Holies, the most sacred secret of the universe. The
pyramid is then painted dark red, the universal colour of love. Over the red many
thin golden stripes run in the direction along the pyramid edges. These stripes
symbolize the different frequencies of the timeless waves, the expressions of
Love and faith of the Father and his infinite Will.

Gathered around the golden Heart are the twelve flywheels, coloured white, the
colour of purity and innocence. The model shows that every universe has the
power to awaken the matter-consciousness and to transform it to the new God:
the Son. The goal of Creation is therefore the awakening and the formation of
the twelve Sons of the Father.

This is not in contradiction with the Bible telling us that the Father sent his only
begotten Son. The Bible is solely directed to man. It is our instruction book for life
describing our attitude towards God and our fellow man. The Bible does not tell
anything about life on other planets, because it is not relevant in our relationship
with God now.

The same goes for our parallel universes. In fact they do not exist for us, because
they are not in our world of existence but somewhere else. They do not exist for
all intelligent races in this universe, we shall never be able to observe them nor
experience them in any way. Perhaps at the end of all time we shall meet. In our
world the Father has one only-begotten Son and this truth is already so
unimaginable that nobody can conceive the consequences yet.
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