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Author Topic: Just another Don Smith thread  (Read 61740 times)


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #30 on: April 29, 2022, 04:48:48 AM »
According to the right hand rule the magnetic fields of a cw ccw coil are opposing.
What am I missing?

What they call right hand rule i call left hand rule cause i prefer electron flow better than conventional. As so

You are missing the fact we can change the polarity of the coil's mag field by either changing if it's wound CW or CCW or by changing the direction of current we feed through it.

So CW and CCW coil have mag field in same direction if electrons in them flow in opposite directions (looking from the middle - as they do in case of induction).

This of course assumes you connect them in such a way that voltages do not cancel out which can be done in parallel (Zila) or series.


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #31 on: April 29, 2022, 08:58:02 AM »
More questions:
Zilano mentions bifilar coils produce scalar waves. How is that? From what I have read from tesla scalar waves (longitudinal waves) are the result of abrupt dc discharges. Also how does one identify the scalar or cold electricity as opposed to hertzian in a circuit. I'm thinking of the reverse tesla circuit.


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #32 on: April 29, 2022, 09:48:44 PM »

WR teaches
“ALL questions are answerable in the Light. Thou art Light. Thou can answer them.”

Did you need Russel to tell you that Light of Intelligence is in you, this is the teaching of all the mystery schools, of all Masters and Gurus, go within for all the answer are within.

So like u I studied many ppl, but got to Dr. Russell and realized I need no middle man to get answers.
b/c Walter needed no middle man. not Keely. not Rota.

You base your whole worldview on HIS view and yet in the same lovely sentence talk of not having a middle-man. You are a clown.

Your self-contradictions aside, there is nothing wrong about studying the work of the great ones who came and gone before us, as they studied those before them, one's own intelligence should always lead the way, one should always ponder on deep questions unceasingly, but always learn from good works of others as much as you can. Take from each what resonates deeply as Truth, don't learn from one perspective only (which you stupidly misinterpreted below), reality is a multifaceted gem, holographic, each part reflects the whole, more pieces we take into account, clearer the picture becomes.

Go to God straight for answers. Maxwell Chikumbutso did so too.
So I CAN limit to single perspective b/c God is single perspective of duality.
I stand on the fulcrum and watch every1 go back-n-forth on the see-saw.  ;D

I been doing exactly that my whole life. I told you already to listen to your Intuition (which is you Inner Self you call "God"). If you did, it would not have taken you 7 years and 350,000$ to see progress.

I don't like to talk about my inner experiences, these are private things and best kept that way, let's just say i have seen the higher planes in lucid dreams 150% awake in each and every sense, seeing reality in all it's details and senses so hyperhyperreal that this state you call "reality" is but a deep coma in comparison. It would probably take you a sip of DMT or LSD to see that, i don't know how can i explain it better to someone on your level. Some day you will also discover this ability in yourself, then you too will be able to withdraw to state in which one can clearly see that there is no such thing as past or future or "outside world", that the world is a 2D image pulled over your "eyes", state of deep knowing and perfect stillness beyond logical analysis.

You of course stupidly misinterpreted the words of not sticking to one perspective when figuring fundamental truths to mean observing creation from perspective of duality, in no way does it follow. Of course it means eclectic approach, correlating the gems from various sources, uniting the 4 winds, which includes works of others and our own work.

The Universe is simple.
Until u go and try to explain it.
Then its complicated b/c words are clumsy expression.
It’s like trying to drink the ocean with a fork, it’ll take 4ever.

Universe is built on simple principles you do not know or understand.

It can be explained in simple terms, perfect example

Or it can be explained in more complex terms.

U have written a nice piece of science fiction there, but to me that’s all it is.

I love that you called the fundamental principles i shared "SF", this perfectly rounds up all about you. May time tell if things i said were "SF" as you claim, or it was the Truth and you are fool.

I understand u have given time energy money into ur studies so u have investment and stake in ur position.

Nope, i invested no/minimal money in my studies, unlike you, i don't need millions to access Nature's Penetralia. No fixed position, i am just a seeker putting together a great holographic puzzle as you will too some day.

WR had a wife Lao Russell. She asked Walter one day “darling, am I negative?”
He said “why NO of course”. She replied “Well neither is electricity!”
So it took a Woman to correct Walter himself then u see in Atomic Suicide? (published 1957)
u see female labeled as “+” POSITIVE. Man and Woman both are positive.
see pic as proof of wot i say.

u only quote Walter from his early books circa 1926 / 1947 when he believed FEMALE was negative MAGNETIC.

Whatever Russel believed does not change that fundamental polarities are electric (male, positive, projective) and magnetic (female, negative, receptive).

on here I come to discuss Don Smith / Zilano.
Don followed Tesla, Tesla told WR to lock up his knowledge for 1000 yrs till mankind was ready for it.
so I follow WR to understand Tesla and Don. OK?

Sweet "logic". I know that alleged Tesla's statement. So.
Long before Russel Keely was penetrating the depths of ether, as did others before him.
Nothing new under the sun.

So you follow Russel yet you claim to have no "middle man" :). Again i ask your what you should've long asked come Russel is using 8 tones in his octaves. There are 7 musical tones in an octave, 7 colors of the rainbow (and 7 of darkness equally substantial), 7 astral spheres around the Earth (and 7 below), 7 COSMIC PLANES subdivided into inumerable subplanes by same ratio of 7*7, 7*7 is the ratio by which matter, speed of light and time condense toward lower planes, 7 is the number of God... yet here comes Russel with 8 tone octave, this is the first thing you must explain if you are ever to make sense of Russel's work, otherwise you just stupidly parrot your religion.


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #33 on: April 29, 2022, 11:09:49 PM »
You mean spell right like WR xD

If he can add a tone to the octave i can take a letter from his name......


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #34 on: April 29, 2022, 11:25:19 PM »
So.............. are we gonna hear the explanation of the 8 tone octave or will you head for the hills...........


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #35 on: April 30, 2022, 04:24:04 AM »
That is exactly how i tried to explain this years ago and i knew you're gonna give this simplistic "explanation". Never did you notice that two cannot be directly compared.

Look at his element chart below, you can clearly see there are 8 tones in his octave and 9th is first repeated, second harmonic. This is a scale of 8 tones, there is no question about it and it does not correspond to musical scale which has 7 tones and 8th is second harmonic of the 1st.

However, if you look at the whole diagram of which below is a crop, you can see that while his first 6 octaves have 8 elements/tones, 7th and 8th octave have 18, 9th has 32 and 10th 19, so this cannot even be compared to musical scale which has same number of tones per octave, of course. We may make a similar logarithmic spiral based on exponents of 7 to visualize the increase of density of matter toward higher planes as given by Theosophists.

Âdî                           1         1
Anupâdaka               49        49
Âtmâ                        49²      2,401
Buddhi                      49³      117,649
Manas (mental)          49⁴      5,764,800
Kâma (astal)              49⁵      282,475,249
Sthûla (physical)        49⁶      13,841,287,201

BTW Russell was not the only one who used 8 tones/colors, one contactee called Norman Paulsen in his book The Christ consciousness chapter The Genesis of Creation speaks about 8 radiant colors of the spectrum, you can read it here starting on page 290.

This division however is very rare, almost all schools of thought, yogi Masters, whole Hindu/Vedic cosmology, for example great Meher Baba, as well as the best contactee cases like Rahma Group Sixto Paz, Ummo, Oscar Magocsi etc talk of 7 Cosmic Planes and all division is always 7 (and 12), not 8. Of course, again, there are 7 colors, 7 musical tones, 7 astral shells around planets.....These are just different ways of looking at the same thing.

As for the rest, i got his books, i know exactly from where you are quoting him, these are basics that all is made in pairs....well not the primordial substance, get this into your head, prime matter is non-polar, NOT created in pairs. This substance becomes polarized by spin... It itself has no opposites, it just IS. If you want to give it an opposite then it's opposite is the Spirit Itself which has no form or substance.

This is why it is possible to have music BEYOND Mind (TIME), now figure that one. As great yogis speak of Shabd from Sachkhand, the sound emerging from the Soul itself, NOT in time it rings always in the now, in all of us. They describe it like combination of large and small bells, most beautiful sounds, never exactly repeating.

Russell is right that 9 is the universal boundary, 10 is completion, return to 1. This is also reflected in number of chakras Man has which is 18.

6 chakras of Brahmanda (universal egg) and SachKhanda - going upward above head
6 chakras of Anda (astral-sensory planes) - going horizontal behind the eyes
6 chakras of Pindar (physical body)

9 is a spiral for a reason, proton is 1,836 times heavier than electron for a reason, again 99.

As our planetary neighbours told Richard T. Miller "9 is the key to mathematical science of magnetism" in line with Rodin's vortex math which is actually borrowed from Oahspe.........

Occult societies are for a reason obsessed with 9, 7, 33 and 11 - Biff from BTTF1 lives at 1809 Mason Street, whole BTTF franchise is packed with 9 and 11 everywhere.... Who's interested here All best movies are like this, for example last one i checked for this was Truman show, EVERYWHERE 9s, from the very start, 9 on the TV, reflector falls from the sky on which it say "Sirius (9 canis major)".....

I am not dissing him one bit, i always held him high among the occult sources and promoted him back in the day. I knew for many years, very possibly before you, how good Russell's gift to mankind is.

All i am saying is that his 8 tone octave does not correspond to 7 tone octaves of sound and light and interdimensional condensing factor of 49....which, again, does not mean Russell is wrong, it's just a different perspective.

Overall his work is very similar to work of Keely, vortexial cosmology of Oahspe, Viktor Schauberger, Charles Webster Leadbeater and others. He is not set apart from them, they are all giving slightly different perspective of the same physics of Oneness (aka Uniphysics) based on counterrotating golden (phi) spirals and neutral center where Intelligence resides.....even the planetary orbits follow the phi ratio, i found this out myself without hearing it from anyone...and phi ratio is based on numerical value 9 and 7, two most essential numbers.. diatonic scale where A is 432Hz almost all tone frequencies have numerical value of 9, sadly Nazi 440Hz is still a standard....

All these are as important and valid from their respective perspective.

And all the stuff i talked of before extracted mostly from Theosophy, work of Keely and Hollingshead and contactees Zirbes and Tassel. You have no idea how valuable THEIR gift is to Man, you called all that SF. :) You will learn one day and these posts will be here to remind you how limited and false your views were.


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #36 on: April 30, 2022, 06:37:02 AM »
A little bit from Oahspe telling few important things well known in occult circles, that light we see is created in the atmosphere and that there are various strata, plateaus of the vortex surrounding the Earth, these are the 7 astral shells i talked about.

Earth, Needles in the Atmosphere, and Plateaus.

When Jehovih condensed the earth, and it became firm and crusted over, there rose up from the earth heat and moisture, which continue to this day. But Jehovih limited the ascent of the substances going upward, and the boundary of the limit of moisture was the same as the clouds that float in the air; and the heat was of similar ascent. And while the moisture and heat rise upward, they are met by the etheric substance of the vortex of the earth, and the moisture and the gases of the air assume the form of needles. On the side of the earth facing the sun the needles are polarized and acting, driving forth, which is called light; but on the face of the earth opposite from the sun the needles are in confusion, and this is called darkness. Jehovih said: So that man may comprehend the structure of the belt that holds the earth, I will give him a sign high up in the air. And Jehovih caused the vapor in the firmament to be frozen and fall to the earth, white, and it is called snow. For the snowflake shows the matrix in which it is molded. Jehovih said: Let this be a sign also, that even as heat and moisture rise up from the earth, so are there representatives of all things on the earth which have also evaporated upward, and all such things rise up to the level of density that is like themselves, every one to its own level, and they take their places in the strata of the vortex. These are called plateaus; or spheres, for they surround the whole earth. Some of them are ten miles high, some a thousand, some a hundred thousand or more miles. And all these spheres that rotate and travel with the earth are called atmospherea, or lower heavens.

As I made a limit to the ascent of clouds, so I made a limit to the places of the different kinds of substances in atmospherea; the more subtle and potent to the rim, and the more dense and impotent nearer to the earth.

According to the condition of these different plateaus in atmospherea, whether they are near the earth or high above, |65| so shall the spirit of man take its place in the first heaven; |66| according to his diet, desires and behavior, so shall he dwell in spirit on the plateau to which he has adapted himself during his earth life.

Earth and Plateaus of Lower Heaven. E, Etherea; B, periphery of the earth’s vortex. This line was called by the ancients the Bridge of Chinvat.* All within this area is called Atmospherea. The center circle is the earth; land mass is black; O, the ocean. 1, 2, 3, represent atmospherean plateaus on and near the earth. The O, O, O, with a line through it, represent atmospherean oceans.

*Note that to make the earth, etc., apparent, this Chinvat line is not to scale. That is, were Chinvat drawn in actual proportion to the shown size of the earth, the B line would be drawn some 30 of earth’s diameters distant from the center of the earth.


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #37 on: April 30, 2022, 08:08:06 AM »
Something interesting about 7 colors of the rainbow, namely

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

Below is a table with frequencies for each. You can see that the frequency of red is around 400THz, ultraviolet, next "color" after violet begins at 800THz, so here we have a perfect second harmonic of red, the first tone of the next octave. Clearly, colors respect the 7 tonal division of an octave.


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #38 on: April 30, 2022, 08:34:27 PM »
interesting interesting.... how is L2 made ? Is there a secret about it ?


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #39 on: April 30, 2022, 09:45:27 PM »

yes I get it. u have superiority complex and great need to tell folks like me they are wrong.
and that u r right. u make it abundantly clear.

no need to kick a dead horse.  ::)

Suuuure, i got superiority complex, not you...

"I CAN limit to single perspective b/c God is single perspective of duality.
I stand on the fulcrum and watch every1 go back-n-forth on the see-saw.  ;D"

"I would love to get into this more detail, but there is almost no one I can talk to about this. everyone throws old theories at me like dogma and here am just trying to impart a different way of thinking or looking at the thing b/c 125 year old theories of electricity just don't cut it."

u attach picture of WR periodic chart from 1926.
look at chart in Atomic Suicide?
its much more accurate.
Universal One chart has 10 octaves, but 9 octaves is limit.

We are not talking about octaves, but tones per octave. 9 is the limit, i said i agree with Russel on that cause i confirmed it in other sources, but it must be correlated with septenary division we observe in all on all scales.

what is prime matter?
all matter is divided light compressed into visibility.
if prime matter, as u say, is not created in pairs then it is STILL LIGHT.
or in WR terms Still Magnetic Light.
it is not substance but pure Mind.

any 'substance' is only motion which is transitory illusion.

To start from the end, it is substance it is spirit quantized but before i elaborate on that....pure Mind is not still, Mind is never still, it thinks unceasingly always, THIS is what creates TIME. If it were still for an instant it would seize to exist (as Ishwar Puri correctly put it). Mind is always in time, Mind IS time.

That only motion exists is a common WIDE-SPREAD notion in all occult schools long preceding Russell, if you opened the chapter i linked multiple times you would read....

Pure energy, in all its modifications, is absolutely unknown to man. What men call heat, gravitation, light, electricity, and magnetism are the grosser attributes attending alterations in an unknown, attenuated, highly developed force producer. They are results, not causes. The real force, an unreached energy, is now flooding all space, pervading all materials. Everywhere there exists an infinite sea of motion absolute.


Perhaps you can accept now that instead of light, heat, electricity, magnetism, and gravitation being really modifications of force they are disturbances."

"Disturbances of what?"

"Disturbances of motion."

"Motion of what?"

"Motion of itself, pure and simple."

.....What you forget is that for motion/waves to manifest there must be a medium, a substance, and substance is an infinite ocean of quantized consciousness. Spirit, which has no form, no substance, in state of no-time, no-space, splits itself into many little points of awareness. There is still no Mind (time-space), but there is "something". This something is satchitananda, truth, consciosuness, bliss. In this "ocean" of bliss trillions of individualized souls 'dance' eternally. From this state of what might be equated to ultimate Paradise, Self desires to experience duality, a contrast to appreciate the ultimate state better. So it creates Mind which is the opposite of unity, a cutting knife based on interaction of the opposites, polarity. So into this "ocean" of timeless/spaceless awareness it projects opposing wave fronts, creating interference patterns which become the time-space Cosmic Forcefield, and polarity from unity is born.  And first polarity is not the Mind itself, but polarity between unity of Soul and polarity of Mind.

it IS a different way of looking at music, but nobody said 7 tone scale is totally correct.
every musician knows u can have split tones in b/w full tones.
and with one string u can have whole octave of tones.

7 tone scale is totally correct in a sense that these 7 sounds are most harmonious, the 5 black keys are flats/sharps and are not harmonious with the 7, they represent discord, they are black for a reason, evil if you like (ignorance of the law).

BTW I am a musician, i wrote about that already but i don't think i posted it in the end, the fact that full scale has 12 tones, 5 tones, 2 semitones (white piano keys) and 5 sharps/flats (black keys). I already tried to reconcile Russell's model using this, obviously, they do not match. You might take 1 of the sharps/flats to have 8 tones but then you have something between diatonic and chromatic scale. Also, as seen in his diagram his higher octaves have much more than 8 tones, so this is not directly comparable to musical scales which always have same number of tones per octave.

WR was Cosmic Illuminate. His Illumination was 39 days and nights. Jesus Christ's Illumination was 40 days and nights.
Oahspe was b4 Russell, but he was not Illuminate.
full-on Cosmic Consciousness is a lot more rare than ppl think.
if 1 doesn't have full-on cosmic illumination then only pieces are gleaned, not the whole.
WR saw Universe as 1 whole and to me that is difference.

I know Russell's story, probably long before you, and his way of listening to Nature.

Oahspe is not a he, Oahspe means ""sky, earth (corpor) and spirit", it is the invaluable source of information given by etherian hosts, if you think Russell was more illuminated than them, you are foolish.

Cosmic Consciousness is in everyone, everyone can peek inside and he shall know the Truth. That is the ultimate wisdom, divisions are for the Mind, illusion.

Again, you are setting him apart, all great Yogis, Masters, Seers of old and new, all of us with eyes to see see the universe as one whole, a dream, maya, illusion.

If you were not so transfixed on him only, if you for example studied Bentov i linked before you would find his cosmic illumination is on par or greater than Russell (it is not a competition, just the opposite, it is your setting him apart from all others that makes me tell you he is not the greatest, he is one of the seers), you would see the actual SCALE OF CREATION and that it is based on division of 49 as Theosophists said.

I'll summarize here the scale of Creation as seen by Bentov.

Our universe is shaped like a toroidal egg with black/white hole at the center, circulation of matter from the center and around the toroid creates illusion of linear time...but not to get into mechanics here, 49 such egg-cosmoses on a DNA like spiral/strand make up one supracosmic CELL with interference pattern in shape of Aleph, the first letter of Hebrew alphabet projecting white light which is modulated by two lower centers, one golden (LOVE) and another blue (WILL), combination of the two creating the creation which is pink (inverse of green, well, actually inverse is magenta which is pinkish). 15 such cells are joined in a double tetrahedron structure 1 then 3 then 7 then 3 then 1 (fine structure constant 1/137 - constant of constants), untold number of such double tetrahedron structures make up one even larger supra supra cosmic cell 60 layers deep which is surrounded by untold number of similar cells and this is the first COSMIC PLANE out of 7. The next 5 were not described but we are told nesting continues in similar manner, consciousness being modular, larger one comprising the smaller ones. Seventh plane is described as one gigantic, ever growing, expanding CELL (sphere) of Manifest Creation (and yet no matter how large and complex, it will always be but a dot in the infinite void). On closer inspection Bentov saw that the surface of this sphere is made of 4 layers of rotating bars, holographic interference patterns in shape of Sanskrit alphabet with the 4th layer, the most outer one being comprised of ओम् Om, symbol of Cosmic Consciousness. As the sphere expands these penetrate the Void which makes them rotate and act as transducers creating sound, various frequencies which in turn interact to produce other frequencies/harmonics, the words of Creation. At the throne of creation each sees himself in deep meditative state and by merging with yourself one realizes he was always the void, the formless, timeless Spirit.

Or cosmology of Martinus, another great seer of modern times.............

yeah 7 colors in rainbow but at Yellow u have centered by WHITE and this is wave-field boundary where axis of symmetry exits so yellow is like 5th of scale and is a double tone.

White is not part of the spectrum, white is a SUM of all colors of light, just like black is a sum of all colors of darkness (just as substantial). You can't just throw in some nonsense to fit your position. If we are to correlate Russell's work with other cosmic models it must be done INTELLIGENTLY, not like a cat swinging it's tail.

our Sun is yellow white and almost true sphere, so it is fusion of Red and Blue hemispheres.

Sun we see is white alright, not slightest trace of yellow in it. It may appear yellow when rising/setting due to thicker atmosphere at such an angle. What you are forgetting is that light you see is CREATED LOCALLY IN THE EARTH'S VORTEX. I wrote already that sun does NOT emit herzian waves, if it does it is insignificant compared to it's primary output which are 33 types of VITAL ENERGY, this is the other spectrum i talked about. To this spectrum belong all the 'exotic' phenomena, life, vitality, gravity/antigravity, thoughts, emotions etc.
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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #40 on: May 01, 2022, 01:29:15 AM »
I love how this PERFECTLY exemplifies what happens when someone makes claims about things he has no understanding of.

Mind IS thinking, thinking is always in time, it IS time.

Mind (time) is an effect produced when awareness which is always in perfect now spreads out into illusory polarity of past and future, trains of thought always coming from the "past" flowing into the "future". It is just a tool, a calculator, a cutting knife, it has no life of it's own, no will of it's own, it does not even exist except as an polarized vibratory illusion. It is an effect, not the cause.

Soul is the cause, the experiencer at the points of STILL-NESS.

Also, as i said before, there is vibration, music BEYOND Mind (time), this is very important to grasp to discern that Mind is literally just an illusion produced by awareness spread out into polarity of non-existing past and non-existing future.

You may visualize it in the following way, imagine that whole creation is a 2D gigantic image constituted of tiny Kodak films spread out. You can see the whole picture at once, this is your perfect now outside the illusion of time, you can as well focus/narrow your attention on a particular spot on the image and move this ray of attention which creates the illusion of linear time.

It is YOU, who have confused basic CAUSE and EFFECT.

Musical scale as it is with 5 tones 2 semitones and 5 sharps/flats is universal, all is ultimately subjective and each experiences reality according to his own prism, but we can all agree major chord sounds happy and minor sad and when you play a white and black key you feel the discord.

John Newbrough channeled Oahspe, it's not his name.

You can call white and black compression and expansion, or order and chaos which would be equally or more accurate.

Others explained God in Scientific terms before him, Keely for example.


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #41 on: May 01, 2022, 01:52:19 AM »
You can keep the Russell's audio lectures, they sure did not help you understand stuff ;)

But i highly advice you to start reading Bentov, Tassel, Zirbes and others already mentioned, you might actually start to see some L I G H T ;)


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
« Reply #42 on: May 01, 2022, 08:07:22 AM »
all folks

here's more info relating to Don 4kW device mentioned earlier in post. also see schematic attached.

here is zilano info pertaining:

"this is the simplest and working circuit i have tested and found it works best. the basic is a coil resonates when its triggered with pulsing dc at its resonant frequency specified by coil and its self capacitance. as we dont know self capacitance of a coil unless we measure it with lcr meter. so a cap is used parallel to the coil. we know inductance and cap is an oscillating circuit. it oscillates transferring oscillations to secondary. here primary is an oscillator and secondary resonate sympathetically if a matching cap is used at secondary. the two coils now resonate. feeding each other with same resonant frequency and losses compensated with spark feeding energy so its resonant oscillator. resonance produce amplification and this xtra energy is pulsed again as we did it in the primary with diode and spark gap. the traf is ferrite and the coil primary of trafo is matched with cap for 60 hz by matching capacitor so trafo primary oscillates at 50/60 hz. here spark triggers the trafo primary to make it oscillate at 60 hz. the output can be tapped at the output of secondary. here we just use overflow of resonant energy and don’t use storage caps. this is simple theory and working device schematic. its a working circuit. one can use varistors to maintain desired voltage. varistors are available easily.

well nobody follow Don circuit. all people working on ou make Tesla type oscillator circuit. where as Don just want us to use pulsed dc with spark gap to trigger a coil with parallel cap. so simple. and using lengths measured before coiling can save one a lot of headache to match resonance even without using caps. but people don’t see a coil can resonate AS A SINGLE ENTITY BUT EVERY COIL has parasitic or self capacitance between its turns IT ACTS AS CAPACITOR WORKING PARALLELY WITH COIL.
parasitic capacitance can be increased with pvc coated wire or spacing turns apart. but no one follows this and blame Don for cheating and lying and fake schematics etc etc. Kapandze followed Don and all the world trust him. There is no info on net how to use resonance for ou except Don documentation.
so how can kapanadze came up with ou. its becoz he followed Don. and did practical and found the basis and world wonders that kapanadze is ahead of even Tesla. SEARCH NET FOR TESLA OU DEVICE AND U WILL FIND NONE. NOT EVEN PATENTS AND NOT EVEN RARE BOOKS. coz Tesla didn’t disclose the secret he left us to find out and Don did same but he gave schematics to follow. its for us to understand the puzzle that DON LEFT FOR US TO SOLVE.

L1 is inside L2. so L2 is outer coil and L1 is inner coil. slidable.

Spark Gaps
there r two spark gaps. one at primary and one before output trafo. the first earth is a direct earth the 2nd earth is in series with 220 volt varistor. we lower volt after 2nd spark gap b4 trafo. spark gaps r open and hot and r made with steel needles pushed in a glass tube with 1 mm gap. primary cap is in pf cos smaller the cap greater is repulsive power. primary cap is charged parallely across the primary coil and spark is used to trigger primary. nst frequency is 30khz but primary oscillating frequency is in mhz and its different from nst frequency. after secondary we use a diode to make pulsing hvdc required to
trigger the ferrite trafo for 50 hz with spark gap in return wire. steps r same as done in primary to trigger oscillate the circuit.
primary 1/4L and secondary is 4L. the varistor protects overvoltage and shunts to the earth. primary and secondary air core.
nst 4kv. primary caps 8kv secondary caps 20kv.

there is a cap across L1 and also L2.

real earth ground.

well is spark firing or not? if spark firing the figure i gave will oscillate primary with parallel cap across. then tune secondary with cap. u don’t have to match frequency of ur nst with primary. primary will just oscillate at its own frequency.
246/freq in mhz= length of primary (1/4 wavelength) in feet then this length will oscillate at the frequency in mhz secondary= 4x length of primary we choose frequency ourselves and higher the better.

when spark is off caps charges and when spark is on cap and inductance oscillates. well spark is like a switch a high voltage switch."


It doesn't look a lot different from the reverse tesla circuit. One is step up the other step down. Could use ideas presented here for reverse tesla. For example could I have a primary of say 16m and a cw-ccw secondary of 4m each? Hopefully do away with the caps.

Is the induction electrostatic or magnetic. I tend to think electrostatic as magnetic induction would be stronger if the primary coil was outside the secondary as the magnetic field is stronger there (tesla coil).

It's not clear from the circuit diagrams weather the spark gap is meant to fire only once to trigger resonance or fire with resonance as does a tesla coil.


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
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u have made mistake and think I am 1 w/o understanding. no surprise I disagree!  ;D

And that is just another mistake you make, you're indeed the one without understanding. ;D

i ask u then is a painter their painting?
is a poet their poems?
is a writer their writings?

No of course is the answer. The Creator and creation r different things.
God is Mind, and creator of Universe (creation).

So Mind is not thinking. Thinking is a product of Mind, but is not Mind itself.
Thinking is expression of IDEA of Mind. Idea is always static. Thinking is dynamic.

this is why I say u read Russell but didn’t comprehend it.

Soul u say is Stillness but Mind and Soul are 1 and same.

This clearly shows you did not comprehend Russell you just blindly quote him just like you claimed female to be electric #facepalm.

You also failed to understand that the fact that Russell equates God with Mind shows he never transcended the Mind, he was not a SAT (True) Guru, one who sees beyond the black vortex of Bhanwar Gupha (top of Mind).

There are many worlds/states of sound/bliss beyond Mind (time-space), this is the ocean of love Kabir speaks about. This is NOT Mind, mind is a lower region where consciousness becomes narrowed and polarized into illusion of past and future. There are no opposites in Sach Khand. As Bob Dylan says "There are no truths outside the Gates of Eden".

Highest of those transmental worlds is called Anami Lok - meaning world/state which cannot even be named, One who is beyond all attributes and descriptions, the supreme Creator of ALL. It is stillness and it is not, it's is a paradox and it's not that either. Neti neti neti, seers of old said meaning "not this not this not this".

Mind IS thinking, the act of thinking = Mind (Time). Mind = KAL Niranjan - TIME - the 5th of 16 God's sons, father of Vishnu, creator of all the mental worlds.

Ideas belong to astral level, ideas proceed from concepts and concepts are created in the Causal Plane (the higher Mind). For example a concept of sitting down (in the Causal Plane) creates the idea of a chair (in the Astral Plane) which in turn creates all the different types of chairs made manifest in the Physical Plane. In the Causal Plane all senses (seeing, tasting...) are 1 unified sense, toward the lower planes all is spread out and separated, more and more individualized, more and more unreal.

In short, no, Mind and Soul are not 1 and same, never were never will be (time-pun intended)

u use film analogy to explain ur view but Russell used it first. Tell me have u read Atomic Suicide?
published 1957

I heard that analogy from Ishwar Puri who has probably learned it from his Guru Sawan Singh. It is actually not an analogy, it is a literal mechanism of how destinies are scattered in the sky of the Causal Plane just like movie rolls, and it is a literal mechanism how the illusion of reality is created from still pictures. We by our free will which is really the will of the One Supreme Being pick one of those films and focus on particular spot on it assuming a fake character and his/her karma, we cover ourselves with fake memories and think we have lived all those past lives and will have to live all the future lives, but truth is much stranger, i'll leave it at that.

Ask urself if Keely was right why has no1, not even expert Dale Pond been able to replicate his dynasphere or any working device? in all these years no replications… if he had answer then why still no solution?

what we r discussing cannot be won w/ polemics.
it can only be proven experimentally to verify else no1 will believe not even urself.

So, I test Russell b/c in book Atomic Suicide? WR gives us simple experiments to test and see if WR is right. u can do same if u like.  :P

The popular quote attributed to Tesla "“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”" was popularized by a guy who admitted he shared it online without ever having any valid source to back it up, the real author is of course Keely who first wrote about this fundamental ratio of Triune Force flow which makes up ALL (mental) creation and reflects itself in all on all levels, from electric (male) magnetic (female) and time (neutral) axis of light to pingala (male) ida (female) sushumna (neutral-time axis) of Kundalini energies spiraling around/through your spine also reflected in 3 gunas rajas (male-active) tamas (female-passive), and sattva (neutral-balance). As Sri Krishna says in Bhagavad gita 7.14

"This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it."

Now that we made clear triune flow manifests in all on all (mental) levels, we can talk of Hollingshead who was probably a student of Keely as he used practically the same terminology and has replicated to an extent his work with his Odic ray, it made metals PERMANENTLY lose weight (very rare effect, usually degravitation must be sustained) aluminum 20% permanent weight loss, permanently made metals hot or cold, it has caused hard clay to explode the instant the ray touched it; rock, opaque to the eye, has been made transparent and by means of the ray, an actual photograph has been taken through a 11-1/2 inches of lead.....

So let's quote Edgar's son who was a witness and a student of his father summarizing his work

In order to overcome the force of gravity we must first make an assumption as to just what gravity is. Then working under that assumption, prove to our reason that our hypothesis is correct. Thus, I shall say that the force known as gravitation is an emanation coming from the sun.

In order that we may gain some understanding of the great force of solar energy which controls the solar system, which is necessary if we are to understand the real cause of weight in matter, let us consider the fact that reason proves to us that we cannot have a great force like gravitation coming into the earth unless there is an equal and opposite force coming out of the earth; otherwise, there would be an unbalanced condition in nature where order is the fact. Likewise, we cannot conceive of a great force like gravitation coming from no place in space, for reason prove to us that there must be some definite place for this force to come from, and also a definite place for its opposite polarity to return to. We know that the force coming from the sun manifests as light and heat, and therefore, we know that gravitation has a prepondertly [sic] positive nature; thus, reason proves to us that the force returning to the sun or the opposite polarity of gravitation must have a prepondertly [sic] negative character. This force, coming from the sun, must cross interplanetary space in the form of high etheric energy, but when this energy comes in contact with the atmosphere of the earth, it is thereby resisted and slowed down or "transformed" into electricity, light, and heat.

In order that we may realize how it is possible to develop a process by which the weight of matter can be changed, it is time, thus proving that the side of the earth that is next to the sun is receiving a greater amount of the force of gravitation than is the case with the side of the earth that is away from the sun. Therefore, the vortexual [sic] energy forming the molecules of the pendulum of the clock is not resisting as great an amount of the force of gravitation during night as it is in the daytime; thus, the pendulum is lighter and swings faster at night than it does in the daytime under the same power exerted.

In order to understand the true nature of force, we must realize that reason proves to us that mankind cannot conceive of a force unless there is something moving. If there is something moving, it must be a substance in some form, not necessarily physical matter as that term is commonly used, but a substance. Therefore, all forces of nature must have two parts, a substance and speed. With that hypothesis in mind, if we consider light as a substance with a speed of 186,000 miles per second, we know that we cannot get something from nothing; therefore, reason proves to us that electricity must also be a substance in motion. We also know that we generate electricity by what is termed cutting magnetic lines of force, which in reality is a transformation of a higher force to a slower one.

Let us stop and picture in our minds a two pole generator. Let us imagine that these two poles are tanks of water, and that the lines of force shooting from pole to pole is a stream of water. Also, that we have an armature made of screen placed between these two poles, or in the pathway of this water. Now if this screen armature is standing still it would have very little resistance to the flow of the water, but the moment we begin to rotate the armature we know that the water would pile itself up on the face of the screen; in other words, we would resist the flow of the water, and this is precisely what is being accomplished in an electric dynamo. The armature whirling in a field of force resists the substance known as magnetic energy, and this energy or substance is thereby caused to pile itself upon the face of the armature and is thereby slowed down or “transformed†into what is known as electricity.

Having proven to reason that in all force there is a substance in motion, this substance must be governed and controlled by the same principles that govern all matter throughout the universe. In other words, the substance or body of a force must be made up of minute eddies of force which correspond to the atoms of matter. This being true, these eddies of force are competent of being broken up and thereby release an energy of great potential power. Thus, by looking upon the amperage of electricity as a substance, it is possible, by mechanical methods, to break up these eddies of force forming the body of amperage of electricity and thereby release a force which corresponds to the atomic energy in matter, with this important difference however; that the speed of the energy released out of the eddies of force forming the amperage of electricity is traveling infinitely faster than is the case with the atoms forming the molecules of matter. Therefore, when this electronic energy is released from the amperage of electricity, and properly controlled and applied, it can be made to raise or lower the atomic energy in matter to any degree desired.

The resultant energy released by this process is a force that is similar in character to the X-Ray or the Radio-Active rays emanating from radium, with this important difference; its rate of vibration or speed is far greater than either of the rays mentioned. This rate can be changed, lowered, or intensified, its polarity reversed and its direction of [missing text] of this new ray can be changed all the way from where it will affect a photographic plate, the same as ordinary light, up to where it will disintegrate solid rock the instant it touches the rock.

In order that you may understand how it is possible to change the atomic speed of matter and make this change remain permanent, it will be necessary for me to explain a new principle in what is called polarity. In using the term polarity in this sense, I mean the inter-exchange of two forces of different character. Scientists generally consider that there is a positive and negative side to all manifestations of force, but in order to fully understand the force stored up in matter, it is necessary to consider the fact, experimentally proven, that there are not only two forces of different characteristics manifesting in the principle of polarity, but that there is also a third force or phase; in other words, it has been experimentally proven that there are three phases of energy manifesting in every atom of matter or in every stream of force. These three phases are known as the positive, negative, and dominant. These three phases of energy have been proven to be manifesting in their relation to each other as follows: The positive is the lowest rate or three, the negative is the central phase or six, and the dominant is the highest or nine.

If you take a piece of metal and place it in the fire, you will stimulate the positive phase of energy in the atoms; take it out of the fire and it will come back to its normal relation to the other two phases. Place the same metal in chemicals and freeze it and you will stimulate the negative phase; take it out and it will come back to its normal relation to the other two. However, if you will raise all three phases of atomic energy in an atom at the same time, and keep them in their normal relation to each other, there is no incentive on the part of any one phase to come back to its original state of vibration, as you have left them at their normal relation to each other.

Thus, by applying a force with a sufficiently high rate or energy which has three phases of energy within its nature, we were able to raise all three phases of energy in the molecules of matter at the same time, and thus establish a new rate of atomic speed; therefore, when the atomic speed of matter is once changed by the ray, it remains permanently where it is placed.

Reason proves to us that a principle which is universal in its application, such as three phases of energy, must manifest on all planes of activity in accordance with its nature. Therefore, this principle must apply also to the forces governing a solar system. In other words, the negative side of gravitation must be flowing at a rate of speed one-third faster than the positive side of gravitation. In order to cause the atomic speed of matter to resist this negative side of the force coming out of the earth, it would be necessary to increase the atomic speed of matter. This hypothesis was proved to be true through development of the ray.

It is commonly believed that the force known as magnetic energy is produced out of electricity, but it is unreasonable to believe that we can produce a higher rate of force out of a lower one. We know we can "house in", insulate or confine electricity, but we also know that magnetic energy cannot be insulated or confined, proving therefore, that magnetic energy is a faster or superior force to that of electricity. If we cause electricity to flow through a coil of wire, we resist the flow or retard its action, and reason tells us that we cannot retard the action of the force and at the same time transform it into a higher force of different character.

Therefore, by causing electricity to flow through a coil of wire a vortex of energy is set up which resists the flow of gravitation and transforms gravitation into magnetic energy.

It is a well known fact that magnetic energy can in turn be resisted by an armature whirling in a field or force, and, thus generate electricity. Resist electricity properly and we will produce an arc-light by a combustible material, and we have flame or heat; resist this flame or heat by the oxygen and nitrogen in the air and we have sound; place it in a vacuum, we have no sound; properly resist this one force substance again, in the form of the amperage of electricity, and we create cohesion in the form of helium. Thus, we see that it is possible by commencing at the top with gravitation, and by a series or steps of resistance only, it is possible to create magnetism, electricity, light, heat, sound and cohesion from the one higher force known as gravitation.

These few short pages contain the essence of Nature's Penetralia.

Of course, all this is "SF" to you My my, if you only knew... :P

I can’t GIVE u Illumination to make u comprehend, only u can do that. I’m simply leading a horse to WATER.

Ironic. We've all seen your "illumination" throughout your posts. Better analogy would be that i am trying to teach a brick sing and all brick does is repeat the same damped sound cause it's (I)Q factor ain't particularly high.

Bentov, Tassel, Zirbes why u think I seek answers from others? already have answers and proof to go with them. already have understanding of LIGHT the 1 thing. thank u for tip tho.

You THINK you have understanding but you have not. All you got is Russell's perspective and even that one you totally misunderstood, no need to repeat your gems.

As for your reply to tomd, i cringe how you shamelessly literally copy Zila's words, not only technical but her phrases, expressions, way of speaking, you're trying to be her, it's sad.


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Re: Just another Don Smith thread
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Little more on Nature's Penetralia in line with great work of Hollingshead quoted above, this is from A Dweller on Two Planets finished in 1886., probably the most valuable occult book given to Man in the last 12,000 years since sinking of Atlantis. RARE are those who know about it even more rare those who read (multiple times) and understood it.

I have said that the Atlans recognized Nature in its entirety to be Deity externalized. Their philosophy asserted that force moved, not in straight lines but in circles, that is, so as always to return into itself. If the dynamism operating the universe acts in circular progression, it follows that an infinity of increase in vibration possible to One Substance would be an untenable concept. There must be a point in the circle where extremes meet and run the round again, and this we find between cathodicity and magnetism. As vibration brought substance into the realm of light, it must carry it out. It does so. It conveys it into what the Poseidi termed Navaz, the Night−Side of Nature, where duality becomes manifest, cold opposing heat, darkness light, and where positive polarity opposes negative, all things antipodal. Cold is as much a substantial entity as heat, and darkness as light. There is a prism of seven colors in each white ray of light; there is also a septuple prism of black entities in the blackest gloom the night is as pregnant as the day.

The Poseid investigator thus became cognizant of wondrous forces of nature which he might bend to the uses of mankind. The secret was out, the discovery being that attraction of gravitation, the law of weight, had set over against it the repulsion by levitation; that the first belonged to the Light−Side of Nature, and the second to Navaz, the Night−Side; that vibration governed the darkness and the cold. Thus Poseid, like Job of old, knew the path to the house of darkness, and the treasures of the hail (cold). Through this wisdom Atlantis found it possible to adjust weight (positiveness) to lack of weight (negativeness) so evenly that no tug of war was manifest. This achievement meant much. It meant aerial navigation without wings or unwieldy gas−reservoirs, through taking advantage of repulsion by levitation opposed in overmatching strength to the attraction of gravitation. That vibration of the One Substance governed and composed all realms was a discovery which solved the problem of the conveyance of images of light, pictures of forms, as well as of sound and heat, just as the telephone thou knowest so well conveys images of sound, only In Poseid no wires or other sensible material connection was required in the use, at whatever distance, of either telephones or telephotes, nor even in caloriveyance, that is, heat−conduction.

To digress a little, it is to the employment of these and the higher forces of the night−side that seemingly magic feats of occult adepts, from the Man of Nazareth down to the least Yogi, are indebted for their possibility.

I may add, this is the COOL BREEZE felt at the top of the head once Kundalini is activated.