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Tesla’s single-plate oscillator

Solid States Devices > Tesla Technologgy

Tesla’s single-plate oscillator


I understand how they work now.
Its so simple, yet so evasive until you see the whole picture.

It’s a receiver.

Most applicably used in conjunction with a Tesla transmitter,
However, he himself noted it can be made to receive even interstellar signals.

When the plate is perpendicular to the field
     | <==
The charge on the plate (of finite thickness)
will charge one polarity, then another. ~
If left to its’ own accord - neutralizing in between.
However, if allowed to discharge at its’ moment of maximum amplitude:
the energy from the radiant wave is collected in accordance to the plate’s capacitance.

This can be passed through an inductor (transformer) and collected

If you have experimental tesla receiver technology
and would like to test it for free in a real world application:

Go south on Interstate I-35 south of Dallas, Tx.
Anywhere from 1/4 mi - 1/3 mi (max distance from Tesla Tower for reliability)

Charge your cell phone, make a lightning display, or simply turn your device on to make sure it works.

The plate receiver: can be tuned to a specific frequency by cutting an aperture in its’ center.

 in a manner similar to a magnetron, but in reverse.
provided that the wavelength is considerably shorter than the width of the plate.

(in either dimension)

it stands to reason, that the larger the plate, the greater the capacitance.
As is the larger the plate: the lower minimum frequency for the size of plate.
The upper cap on the frequency is set by the time equation for capacitance.

A bit of complex mathematics tells us that at higher frequencies,
 greater energies are attainable.

The use of triangular shaped plates and apertures by the military,
indicates an advantage by using this shape over the standard circular shape.
(may be related to communications and clarity of signal - like a cut-off filter )


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