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Author Topic: My YouTube Channel  (Read 1213 times)


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My YouTube Channel
« on: February 15, 2022, 05:38:09 AM »


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Re: My YouTube Channel
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2022, 06:02:34 PM »
 This is it.

 Someone told me to be patient when I don't have that luxury. And I'll see about having a wood worker build the
underwater wheel for me. And if they're on YouTube then they can help make my situation known. Then I can
have surgery.
 Since people do not understand why scientists say that perpetual motion is impossible because of the laws
of thermodynamics. Yet if a fusion reactor can work that can reuse the same elements/molecules to keep generating
electricity, what is that? It would be able to keep generating electricity above what it needs to run until a part
wears out.

 With a machine that relies on gravity, then Newton's laws of motion would apply and not thermodynamics. Because
such machines usually require an axle to rotate on, that would limit the number of ways that Newton's 9.81m/s^2
could be conserved.
 Hopefully everyone can understand that what scientists will say is that both of my ideas would rely on an outside
source of energy, the Earth's magnetic field and its gravity. So neither idea would be perpetual motion unless this
is the definition used;
Definitions from Oxford Languages
noun: perpetual motion

    a state in which movement or action is or appears to be continuous and unceasing.
    "the planet is in perpetual motion"
        the motion of a hypothetical machine which, once activated, would run forever unless subject to an external force or to wear.
        "the age-old quest for the secret of perpetual motion"

 And we're back to what scientists say, they require an isolated system while they are talking about a hypothetical machine that
relies on gravity, an outside source of energy.

p.s., With my thread in the hydrogen generating section, when hydrogen and oxygen make water in a fuel cell, that is a cold fusion
process. That is thermodynamics in action. Then when water creates a column of water driving a hydroelectric generator, that is
Newton's gravity at work. Scientists tend to limit what can be used in a system to their respective field. Kind of why people should be allowed to have their own

 There are 2 things that could allow for a cold fusion hydroelectric power plant to work. This gets into physics. And if such a power plant works, it could
produce either hydrogen for fuel cells, electricity or both. And with something like that, scientists would need to develop it because of the processes that
it involves. And with the experiment that I am pursuing in atmospheric chemistry and physics, if successful with that then I'd have scientists's attention.
And this chain of events could start with a perpetual motion machine. It is about understanding processes and what allows for them.
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