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Tesla - Grebennikov Resonant Inductive Energy Convertor

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Tesla - Grebennikov Resonant Inductive Energy Convertor

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I present a device based on a Tesla Mini coil and cavity structures based on Grebennikov's studies.  The device is a prototype of converting the electric field into current, amplifier and a little generator - inverter.  It is not a "free energy" device.  It consists of a capacitor, a group of transformer coils and a Tesla mini coil.  The capacitor is made of drinking straw with two metal terminals, the coils are a bit more complex but their construction is shown in the other videos on my channel.  The device is based on the induction of the electric field and on the oscillation L - C. The oscillation takes place at the frequency of 5-8 MHz depending on the type of power supply.  Using other frequencies can be harmful to your health.  The generated electric field extends a few meters with high values in the air if the assembly is not enclosed in a metal box.  The device does not work properly without a ground connection.  Using coils voltage and capacitance terminals, multiple voltage and current values   can be obtained.  What you see in the pictures is a prototype, an experiment, not a final product.  When I have time, I will also do English subtitle for videos.  The device is capable of supplying both AC and DC power depending on the type of power supply. Other experiment's will follow in the future. I noticed that the AC power supply is much more suitable, the amplification being stronger and the ratio more efficient even at low voltage.  With extremely high electric field values, I will not use a stronger Tesla coil for safety reasons, as these tests are indicated to be performed in the laboratory. Also the 6Mhz current and voltage doesn't directly shock you even is over 1Kv with 10 amps but I don't recommend to stay longer in this current or field directly. Also be aware that by mistake you convert the current, to a lower frequency 80-30hz, that can be fatality. Don't try this kind of device near your tv if it's not shielded well to ground. The construction costs are low and I will build such devices for my neighbors, the power consumption is extremely low ~0.5W at 6V,~3W at 9V, ~6W at 12V.  LC cases are for design only and have no function, the box is an ice box for beer, the initial tests were performed using a cardboard box wrapped in aluminum foil - see the other videos on my channel.  In video i used a couple of conversion coils/transformers but in a older video there is a experiment using a single one like in schematic attached. There is no fixed mode to use this device feel free and use your imagination. The schematic is for a single coild (red/black coil, in image attached here are 5 or 6 coil transformers - double coils. In the latest image is a single coil video experiment name from channel). If you have any questions I will answer here.  I help anyone who wants to build a replica of the device through private message, live video, etc. It is more simply then it's look...
Tesla coil used image model:



The device look do able .
Can you make longer video of the device.
I have gone through your video but it is little confusing how the device works

Now i understand why they banned plastic straws.  ;D

I assume your reference to Grebennikov is about the Grebennikov flying platform.  Very interesting story...

You state the device uses about 0.5 to 6 watts and if I understand right from the videos it seems you are showing 600 volts at about 10 amps output but you say it is not free energy?   6 watts in and 6000 watts out?   I must be misunderstanding something here as that sounds like huge overunity.   What is the purpose of the device?  You mention building them for neighbors so it would seem this is intended to provide power for others.   Can you clarify these questions or misunderstandings?   Thanks for sharing.

The device can convert only a small amount of the electric field to electric current. Huge amounts of electromagnetic radiation are lost in my device and this is not god. This is just an experiment starter not a finished job. There are many things to do: current conversion to 50-60Hz, reducing field loose. The bad part is that I can't test in my location using a more powerful coil transistor, may be in the summer outside my home. Another job to do is to connect directly the mini tesla coil to the capacitor and coil transformer, wire based connection and not induction.
@e2matrix there are over 600V but at 6.5Mhz. The HF current is not like 50-60Hz current. Also a part of the induction is electrical field unconverted, only a small part is converted. A researcher studied the ignition of classical filament lamps on the terminals of a sparked HV HF generator, after the spark the circuit was closed with two U-shaped copper bar terminals. The lamp placed on this U-shaped bar lighted only in certain places of the conductors and not on the entire surface of the U-bars. My neighbors ask me to build them this kind of devices for their country houses, external yard led lighting and also for the wild animals that stay away from this field lines, tested with my dog. The main goal of this experiment is researching and observations of cavity structures behavior in the electric fields. The energy generation was not the main goal but a secondary effect. The transformer coils was inserted in experiments after I observed huge fields amps in air on metals do to straws capacitor in circuit and metallic enclosure. I think I will suspend this project this summer. I'm considering donating the device to a academic lab to continue the study in energy.
@justawatt I'm also not sure about what exactly happen there. On my YouTube channel description you have my contact, write me and I will go Live with you on Fb and the device or write here what you want to know even that are multiple videos with multiple images that show all steps and materials.
@skywatcher This was my first thought when I observed the field amplification :) but is working even with bio eco straws, the condition is to have metallic terminals inserted.
If any one has a idea / link how to efficient convert the strong electrical field 6.5Mhz to 50-60Hz current please point it here.
The device was not yet tested with real ground and with a natural water source. Why i say this? Because I observed some unusual behavior with the 18 - 25 Mohm resistance inserted in circuit, and this is the pure water resistance. Also the ground from water pipes or household electrical installation could not be the same with natural ground connection.


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