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How to quantify and engineer devices to work with the Aether

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How to quantify and engineer devices to work with the Aether

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I have published a book, Secrets of the Aether, in 2004. I have now updated the work to the fourth edition, and I am still finishing the editing. The book is available free online at sota.aetherwizard.com.

This work is of special interest to free energy researchers since it quantifies the Aether in physical units. This theory provides a very easy to understand Unified Force Theory. This book explains why the present MKS and SI systems of units are faulty, and gives the correct system of units. This book also quantifies a second type of charge, which is magnetic charge. Magnetic charge and electrostatic charge are two different manifestations of charge, and which are related to each other.

My most important new contribution to physics is in quantifying Albert Einstein's tensor equation in terms of a simple Newtonian formula, similar to how Karl Schwarzschild simplified the unnecessarily complex Riemann curvature mathematics as the Schwarzschild exact solution for the circular deflection angle around massive objects.

I am here to answer questions for those who are working on free energy devices and looking for clues as to how to tap the Aether as an energy source.

Hello Volantis,
what are your views on how free energy device should be constructed ?


--- Quote from: vasik041 on February 03, 2022, 09:25:41 PM ---what are your views on how free energy device should be constructed ?

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I foresee several possibilities, and they have already been developed.

The Casimir Effect
I show the Casimir equation is the same as the strong force equation for the electron. Mainstream physics claims the electron does not experience the strong force, and yet the Casimir equation transposes easily into an equation that shows the magnetic charge of the electron creating force with the magnetic charge of another electron.

By magnetically aligning electrons such that the magnetic charges on two opposing plates are facing each other, and moving the plates just the right distance apart, the space between the plates will oscillate and generate new photons. The photons will then strike the plates and convert to electrons, thus increasing the potential of the plates. This potential can then be drawn off as current.

This experiment was actually performed by Steven Lamoreaux.

The experiment showed an "anomalous" potential increase, which he incorrectly brushed off as a thermoelectric effect. Physicists are not allowed to create free energy devices!

The MEG generator
Tom Bearden built his MEG generator and he probably had accidentally tuned it right at one point and produced free energy. Unfortunately, he then resorted to using Maxwell's equations as a way to "improve" his invention and it went downhill since.

I believe he was on the right track in capturing Aether currents from the environment. However, the Aether is not accurately described by the magnetic equations of Maxwell. Maxwell's equations are based on units from the MKS and SI systems of units, which are both flawed.

The Aether unit is a quantum rotating magnetic field. Aether units can be aligned to produce macro rotating magnetic fields, and this happens with three phase motors, rotating magnets, microwaves, high potential Tesla coils, and in many other devices. There are quantum rotating magnetic fields in simple conductors, and anywhere eddy currents are generated.

The trick is to align the Aether units in a way that forms a loop. The Aether can be made to rotate in numerous ways. One way that I like experimenting with is with an electromagnet near a large block of aluminum or copper. Maglev trains are built upon this principle, and there are video demonstrations on YouTube and other services.

If the Aether can be placed into a loop outside of an electric conductor, it can add electrical current to a standard closed circuit.

Positive Holes
Also, it is possible to create Aether currents that use Aether in place of the electron as the charge carrier of a circuit. This particular manifestation is the "cold electricity" often observed in free energy devices. Since the Aether has no physical mass (contained angular momentum) it carries its dipole electrostatic charge without friction. You know this effect in electronics as positive holes moving through semiconductors. The positive holes are actual Aether units that are moving opposite to the flow of the electrons.

The physics I have developed are based on a far more advanced system of units than are the MKS and SI units. With this new QMU (quantum measurements units) system, you can easily understand numerous ways to manipulate the constants of physics and to produce the effect you are looking for.

I have made lots of progress in developing this physics especially in unifying the fundamental forces and properly quantifying the space density gradient around massive objects. However, there is much more work to be done and I simply do not have the resources to do it all in my lifetime.

I find that I am most productive when I have a specific challenge facing me, which is why I posted here. If there are technically inclined persons here who would like some guidance, I am willing to provide it. This allows me to tap into the creativity and resources of others. My interest is in furthering the science, while the experimenter's interest is in developing free energy. We all win.


I do not consider myself as qualified to comment here, other than as a
free energy researcher.

To borrow a colloquialism.  My view is that the virtual photon is perhaps more
common, even than dirt. I'm pretty certain that it is essential to and is an unseen
foundation of, the functioning of  absolutely every physical event.  Regardless of
whether or not any event, is in general considered as common or as exotic, the reality
is perhaps that it is only the observing of virtual events as such, that is uncommon
and exotic. Those virtual events in and of their selves are perhaps billions of times
more common than are, for example, chemical reactions.
... ... ... ... ... ...
It may be that only the mystic and the physicist ever intentionally take an objective
view of time.  That human beings have no control over time other than an ability to
set an order to events, may be nothing more than a limitation we our selves have
co-created. That point of view may simply be a perceptual bias, but, one which also
severely limits for us, the possibilities.
... ... ... ... ... ...

Is your book, to be specific, one that yields itself to understanding by the non
academically inclined ?
... ... ... ... ... ...


What about simple ordinary induction based on Faraday laws ? Do you know Clemente Figuera patents ?


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