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Author Topic: How to make circuits that aetheric energy will flow in  (Read 2184 times)


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How to make circuits that aetheric energy will flow in
« on: December 20, 2020, 11:39:34 AM »
When it comes to aetheric energy, it can flow with electrical energy but many things go against it.
Having aether flow doesn't ensure it will flow when electricity is applied, and having them together doesn't ensure Free Energy, but by having a circuit so that aetheric energy can flow with electrical you are increasing your odds of success.

--\\\\\--   <Right handed coil or twist
--/////--   <Left handed coil or twist

Right handed energies flow in right handed coils, and left handed energies flow in left handed coils, each rejects the opposite energy so they pair up quite nicely.
However you do NOT want left and right handed coils and twists to be mixed in a circuit!  The energies will move in opposite directions (so the curl direction in in agreement) and they will collide which gums it up.

In addition all joins should include a twist join even if soldiered.
And unless you want the aetheric energy to flow right out, you should never have a sharp bend, or a wire that just comes to an end, it will spray aetheric energy which flows with some velocity through a wire.

Electron flow absorbs the right handed energy (the right handed energy acts like electrons) but one solution is to connect just the negative pole of an otherwise unconnected battery to the circuit.

Each metal has a different aetheric energy, you want to include some significant masses of Aluminium, Iron, Silver or Lead, or really any metal, they can be either in big chunks in the circuit, or as wires/coils.

Another point that is important is to use either multiple frequencies, multiple turn diameter coils (pancake coils), spark gap (noisy) a slowly raising frequency, or a square wave in some part, or specific tuned frequency, the point is that effects come when you get some precise resonance.

These things along with the metals increase the aetheric richness (bandwidth) of the signal, the more complex it is the more it affects.
A very "pure" single frequency/quality signal will only affect a little, you want a lot.

Another point is you want large amounts of virtual energy creation and destruction.

Consider what happens when a magnet approaches an electromagnet, large amounts of energy is induced into the coil, either inducing energy or costing energy depending on if acting as a motor or a generator.
What happens if we replace that electromagnet with a permeant magnet and have the rotor/stator magnets approach and recede each together, this might balance out around the circle, but huge instantaneous energy inductions (gains and losses) are taking place, this interaction creates a LOT of aetheric energy done right, and it processes aetheric energy to be more electrmagnetic!

This is what the Tesla Switch did, the switching the magnets between charging and discharging meant that there were huge amounts of energy being shuttled around.

The same occurs with Bifilar coils, huge amounts of energy gain and loss occur in the coils, the voltage might net to zero, but there is huge energy gain and loss taking place.  Putting a current carrying bifilar (or paired output coils) in an inductive fields is a key to overunity!

If you follow these principles there is a strong chance you will make energy fields you will feel!