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Maxwell Chikumbutso Free Energy inventor from Zimbabwe - Self-Powered TV

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"Zimbabwe Inventor Has Created The 1st Ever Self-Powered TV That Requires No Electrical Connection!".

From what I can make of it, the title means no direct connection in the traditional sense of being plugged into a wall outlet for AC or DC power from batteries. If this is from radio waves, does that mean traditional AM or FM radio waves? If so, is this from the waves provided by a government radio system that doesn't cause the radio tower to expend more energy if more units are utilizing it. Does it run off a super high powered radio system that is in the next room?

Just found this article that appears to be some what related regarding radio waves being turned into usable energy.,also%20sources%20of%20energy%20themselves.
...This rectenna can convert radio, or electromagnetic, waves from the ambient environment into energy to power the sensing modules on the device,...

The guys name is Maxwell Chikumbutso. Found this other video of his work. Not directly related to the tv video but it may help determine if this guy is the real deal.

Maxwell Chikumbutso presents a house fully powered by a 50kW GPM (Free energy Greener Power Machine)

Maxwell interview. Says the patent office wouldn't issue a patent to him so he got some segments of his machine classified as trade secrets. I have no idea what the "trade secrets" part means.
9:56 " God started to teach me,... I could hear voices"

He made a radio frequency powered car in 2015? I'm getting more skeptical already.

USA snatches top Zimbabwean inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso

Saithgroup video playlist. Company he founded.

Zimbabwean inventor did not create an electric car that never needs charging says his claims are FALSE

This was his first prototype from 1999.

His device is not fake he sold 50kw device and 5 kw device.
Which are still working ,one of the device is run at govt facilities and he had a interview with president of his country this week.

I have a question is this forum is about discussing how all the free energy device are fake and law of conservation cannot be broken.
Forget about him even USA navy is granted patent to" pais savator" who claims he can make 1 MW from 1 cubic meter device.

I have looked into the inventor and I think it could be the real deal..
Also he is now also supported by Foster Gamble by the Thrive on II film.

Here are some further videos of him and his inventions:

I hope he will soon share, how his technology works...
Regards, Stefan.


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