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Are hydrogen cars really clean?

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Are hydrogen cars really clean?


Hydrogen has long been considered a fuel that can help block emissions from cars, motorcycles, planes and other forms of transportation. However, hydrogen cars really do not pollute the environment more than gasoline, oil?


It's an interesting debate with a lot of controversy.

Most oil companies are pushing hydrogen because they believe the majority will be derived from fossil fuels. As well, standard electrolysis from renewable energy sources is grossly inefficient below 20% so it's basically unworkable. Why split water at 20% when we could just charge an EV battery at near 80%?.

In effect it's another unworkable scam being pushing by oil companies to extend fossil fuel use. It's pretty easy to spot these scams and all we have to do is consider the energy source and conversion efficiency.


You are so wrong on so many levels it's difficult to start someplace. EV's have a hidden side that no one actually sees and here is a video about that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipOeH7GW0M8&t=7s

With all fuels that are used there is a right and wrong way to go about using them and hydrogen is no different. Roger Billings beat the electric car in a college competition about being good for the environment way back in 1965 as talked about in this video: [size=78%]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Muf3DHmAld8[/size]

With Dr. Dingle he ran his car down the road with just a tank full of water but the IMF and World Banks were long on fossil fuel use to the point they had an agreement with the Philippines that they could not produce anything that competed with their product which was oil back then and the technology was prevented from coming out just like that. That was over 50 years ago now so most of you reading this would truly only know about gasoline from a history book if the technology had been accepted by those in power back then.

Hydrogen is what powers practically all life on this planet as nothing that I know of would be alive without hydrogen being apart of them. In my going around Stanley Meyer's protection efforts to prevent anyone from duplicating his work I figured out that the technology was simply mimicking how nature goes about breaking the bonds of the water molecules by mimicking the earth's Global Electric Circuit. With this technology water is not destroyed in the process but only barrowed as it breaks the bonds of the water molecules just as a thunderstorm does. In science this is a grey area as not many know just how thunderstorms work. In my study of them I found out thunderstorms are the earth's way to clean the atmosphere but the problem is us humans with our fossil fuel use have overwhelmed the system. Once we switch over to this technology the earth will be able to clean up the air we breath, but we will still have to clean up the many messes we have made around the world with our fossil fuel use.

What makes this technology stand out among the rest is how it fits practically into every situation as it will replace coal use, as well as all the others, for electric power generation. It will replace all fossil fuel burning cars turning them from air polluters into air cleaners. It will power all ships on our water ways, all airplanes in our skies, and all trains on our railways, plus a whole lot more like farm equipment. Again there is no technology that I am aware of that can do what this technology can do. Can you imagine how clean the air would be if all cars that are driven today actually cleaned the air as they were operated? For this technology allows us to tap into the very wheelwork of life, which is water by the way, to maintain our way of life. No more wars for fossil fuels, no more paying for electricity, no more pain at the pump.

With EV's they already know they don't have enough materials to go around and hopefully you took the time to watch the first video I posted and seen the damage they cause to our world as they mine raw materials that are toxic to all life on the planet. It's should be clear now that hydrogen is the solution as it puts us on the path of living with nature and not against it. With the world wide adoption of this technology our lives will be so much better and a lot of things we do right now we really wouldn't need to as who needs to work 9-5 if your no longer paying for electricity or fuel? Engines with no carbon build up will last a whole lot longer than the ones with carbon build up, correct? With this technology our lives will be changed for the better, yes?

Now I go over the actual science behind the water for fuel technology here: [size=78%]https://adobefreeuserschannel.na3.documents.adobe.com/public/fs?aid=CBFCIBAA3AAABLblqZhBHwnu0ZoIma-oV4QM4v1jOGi46qx-tIaYtZpYhOzFPQSVahcL3H7Rv0oPteGmUhck%2A[/size] But if you truly wish to learn from this you first have to take that cup full of Meyer talk and empty it out as it's hard to fill a cup that is already full.

The type of hydrogen technology the current fossil fuel companies are pushing is a no go as they rely on old outdated electrolysis and other dirty ways to get the hydrogen that go against nature's design. All they want is something to keep the money coming in as they will be the ones making the hydrogen and the general public would have to buy it from them. Plus the technology they use is far too expensive as hydrogen fuel cells still cost big bucks. The hydrogen they get will have to be pressurized or use some other form of technology to make it useful. The technology I am talking about works nothing like they are trying to push but just like a typical car works today as all that is switched is the fuel that it uses as water is broken down at the point of use  in real time to be used to power automobiles and other things we now power with fossil fuels. Not sure if you seen a car running down the road with nothing but water in it's tank for fuel but here is one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_lnd8Xw3TY&ab_channel=KurtAnnaheim

Take care and I hope you learned something with what I had to say about this topic.

Edward Mitchell
CEO and Owner
True Green Solutions

Oil companies are moving fast to establish an industry to
produce hydrogen from petroleum and shale.

They call it, what else, "green hydrogen".
Its a dirty industry, not green. 

Not the same kind of thing as user H2Opower
is working for.

At some point I think we should recognize that burning stuff is not the way forward.

Only the most primitive cultures rely on burning stuff just like the cavemen did. The old hunter, gatherer, let's burn some stuff mentality just doesn't cut it.

I think EVs will lead the way to better batteries using sodium, magnesium or aluminum ion technology. Solar and battery tech will dominate short term and free energy technology added to the mix soon after. Burning stuff in IC engines has no future...



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