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Author Topic: Delta T Energy Technology  (Read 2492 times)


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Delta T Energy Technology
« on: June 14, 2021, 12:30:27 PM »
Here is a proposal that ticks all the boxes


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Re: Delta T Energy Technology
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2021, 12:52:34 PM »
Look for member "DaS Energy" his topics !


CO2 is very specific,from physio-chemical view

All information on this invention relates to carbon dioxide (CO2) as a working medium, as precise data are only available to me via this medium.

The asymmetrical cycle of this process for converting thermal energy into usable mechanical energy, shown in the Mollier t / s diagram for carbon dioxide (CO2) in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, works on the left side of the inversion line, in a pressure range in which all processes run mirror-inverted to the right-hand side of the inversion line and the usual behavior of CO2 is reversed:

When the pressure increases, it cools down instead of warming up.

When the pressure drops, it is heated instead of cooled.



p.s.: average (long-life) pressure max ?

the pressure/rotations practicable barriers !       Tesla-Pelton ?  Tesla-Magnus-Prandtl(Flettner),a%20higher%20viscosity%20than%20water.

                                                                   in geral,specific

When we overview(forget) one force effect the process does not work (direction !) or only for a short ,uneconomical , time


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Re: Delta T Energy Technology
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2021, 01:31:02 AM »
Perhaps my proposal emulates the principles of the "Clem engine"


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Re: Delta T Energy Technology
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2021, 09:28:55 AM »
Good Morning,( inverse in AUS ;) ),You reed probably about the Infinitysav ( South-Corea) centrifugal-boiler  its process ,in their web-sites to get .   description
Now You look  the Clem engine its process(and parts and their geometry) .

Ranque-Hilsch or Vortex tube I recommend to look for !

the cold/hot turns/tornos in diameter and polarisation ?

What is  "Vortex",cw or ccw(Swastika) ?
Greatest eddy ? Greatest force ?  Hurrican/ Aug(e) and tornado/twister " tube/hose" ?

Is cold,colder,coldest  - -- --- movement cw or ccw ,is hot,hotter,hottest + ++ +++ movement cw or ccw ?

And in combination with Tesla (disc/s) turbine !

The process medium/fluid :
high incompressable
low incompressable
When centrifugal ,when centipetal orientation and the force ?

How often You have in Your Delta-T scheme counter-reaction,counter-direction/orientation  ? fluid,pump,....


p.s.: literature from a R.I.P. Prof. and inventor

by principle not far away from Clem its process:


[color=rgba(38, 38, 38, 0.6)]I experimented on a rotating cone to see the effect in water, as the cone was rotating at high speed it created a “Vacuum” while moving water upwards and forcing it away from the center at a 90deg , the strange thing about this effect it did not change in load like a basic water pump would. I believe it is because of the rotation of the drum and not a impeller rotating in a housing. The centrifugal force is being used to create it’s own “Vacuum Effect”.

I saw here,Vortex related,an older topic :

problem resolution sometimes take time ,but the experiment result can be economical and wider applyable :

For hot climates I recommend accompanied by Jack Dowdy his "waste energy recuperator"
and an electric motor retrofitting or change by 50% (or more) less consuming e-drive than conventional ones :
Net Zero energy cooling

a-c :cooler for rooms,(medical,kitchen) refridgerator,cool chamber (butcher,supermarkets)

a mad ideas applicant ? claims repeatable ? effect ?

[0024] I have transformed a small generator to a sink electricity generator, by putting bearings and add brushes to the rotating stator and welding the stator end to a motor. After turning the stator, I have poured ice water on the stator instead of the battery in order to decrease the motion of electrons on the windings of the stator. The rotor turned very slowly then the rotation increased as the sink electricity generated is transmitted to the windings of the stator. Then after it turned I connected the rotor winding to a resistance and dipped that resistance in water. After half an hour I got very cold water. For computers, switches will work for sure, as long as they work for ordinary computers. An advanced technology is needed to implement these concepts.

 And  this

from this view

the 2 triple magnets earth north and south pole representing

but why not pure N and pure S ,but N-S-N   and S-N-S        ( stable)  passive / (rotative,motional)active magnetism
                                 ,reaching%20its%20saturation%20value%2C%20%CE%BB.  Nichrome,Konstantan ?

reverse :

possible earth m-field motor emf -max  in W ?

By the same applicant/inventor :  KW range by conventional vehicle drive comparison

                                  [ flying carpet / flying wind/solar converter (USW projects)/ flying CO2 scrubber,.... ]

clutched starting motor  ;)

                                  RPM ? Torque ?
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