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Author Topic: Hmmm, Can A Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Generator Be Enhanced?  (Read 5479 times)


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Re: Hmmm, Can A Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Generator Be Enhanced?
« Reply #15 on: February 16, 2022, 03:40:48 PM »
 The link is to a video on mega projects that have been done or are in process to generate
electricity. They can easily cost more than $1 Billion. This is where if researchers verify
different elements of a concept then they might get more funding.

 With pursuing "green energy", it is a cost vs. reward. And as they mentioned in the video,
where land supports different types green energy, how close to it the "the grid" or an electrical
distribution network? With Australia, they're laying a cable on the seafloor about 3,000 km or
1875 miles.
 With the idea I posted, it might work as is and a simpler way might be possible by keeping
the CO2 in its own system so it remains pure CO2. Then the hydrogen generation and the water
generating cycle could remain separate from the CO2. Then removing "spent" CO2 from the
hydrogen/water cycle wouldn't be necessary.
 And just for fun, What would allow for what CO2 has that water needs to be removed from one
and transferred to the other I don't think is taught in school. Why I am willing to consider
something like that is because I saw something like that at work and I was the person who
realized what the problem was. I happened to be familiar with physics and how electrical currents
 And who knows, If someone tries this, knowing that last aspect could prove to be helpful. And this
is where ideas can be tested without investing a lot of money. A university could test 2 key
components simply because they are probably trying to improve the hydrogen/water generating
process. This is where the over all process is about 60% efficient. And if CO2 can regenerate an
electron that was removed to supply a water molecule with one, then CO2 could either augment
or become a source for electrons which could lower the cost of generating hydrogen.

 Basically CO2 can be separated in water using an electrostatic process because it is ionized. This
is where I wonder if when a negatively ionized CO2 molecule is next to a CO2 molecule that is not
ionized, will a new electron be naturally generated? If you wonder, the electrons that is generated
by a generator comes from magnetic energy the Earth's magnetic field has. And I think some
scientists might find research like this last part irresistible because they'd just have to know.


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Re: Hmmm, Can A Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Generator Be Enhanced?
« Reply #16 on: June 12, 2022, 10:31:47 PM »
 If I am able to show how this system used in conjunction with Bessler's Wheel can lower the cost of
seawater desalination, then why am I always either banned or moderated for the last 15 years? What rule
would I have broken?
 I know, I was supposed to give my work away. Unfortunately this work is too involved to give it away to
someone who doesn't understand it. And yet when the day comes when I do not have to fear being
moderated or banned I know of something that might work better.
 I have made the Montana's Farmers Council aware of how desalination costs might be lowered. Still,
Bessler's Wheel is not free energy. To use it to generate energy will cost money. At that point it quits being
free. Hydroelectric dams are free energy devices yet can be quite expensive to maintain.
 Still, people will wonder why I am the problem when I have work to show and those who are unhappy with
me have nothing to show.