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Author Topic: magnetic force and electric force alignment  (Read 3329 times)


  • Guest
Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
« Reply #15 on: May 04, 2022, 03:03:10 PM »
We are a designing society,
partial going down to cellular reproduction programming : Serbia : human cloning .
In EE and FE a field variance and to controle spectrum :
and specific
The field working area has to become defind,
the signals(also called : pulses or waves or oscillations = p.o.v.) configurated,
to develop in this field the wished force ( 4d including reactio 5d ) from given pressure ( 3d) !
The pressure input result is different,when different specific materials ( used element,their quantity,recflection grade, hardness ,purity are in use ! Commercial/industrial re-/production warranty !?)

Like here to see and remark ,soft/hard or,226

                     centrifugal /centipetal orientation pressing ,from in RT ambient  liquid metals !?
Nothing in concept new : EMD,EHD(Hydro=water=semi-metal),MHD technology applied !

And finally : it seems that our Nature system is holographic : cycle in a sub-cycle in .....

                  time to to milli-time micro-time to nano-time to femto-time circuits stand-by controle

                  by on/off switching,this is actually industrial the THz- devices mass production class

Input signal energy saving by Watt-to VA to VAr

to VAr: controlled ≤ 100% - duty    cycle sublimes conventional time d
Changing,retroduction  the " Nature BIOS program"

For comparison and digital fictive MEG-designing :
when         50 Hz in-/trans-verter ~                                                 3 000 RPM   rotor/stator or rotoverter concept

                500 Hz                                                                               30 000 RPM
                    1 KHz                                                                             60 000 RPM
                    1 MHz                                                                    60 000 000 RPM     
                    1 GHz                                                             60 000 000 000 RPM
                    1 THz                                                     60 000 000 000 000 RPM

                                                                            or      1 000 000 000 000 RPS

Quantum generator low space but high power output potential !
Btw : the Nature BIOS is 100% digital ,the humans are Nature sub-systems ,their BIOS idem 100% digital



  • Guest
Re: magnetic force and electric force alignment
« Reply #16 on: May 05, 2022, 03:18:18 PM »
Hello floor,
I wrote this as message to kolbacict

but it makes part from emg-engineering ,as R&D and by application :

Hello kolbacict,

Hoping You are well !

You ,probably,differ motors and generators and/or motors with genrrator coils in their behaviour !
A-/synchron,self-dynamic( by electro magnets) ,.......
Inertia start-phase Ampere-tuning

Inertia start-phase Voltage-tuning
Using both,rheostat and varistor,means minimalist = near " demand/serve"  unity input ,
but the real specific device ,for experiment or in mass use,has to be strictly defined/finded by experiments  !
Related Bedini rated/real world batteries capacity and Beardens rated/real world permanent magnets force I
present also Fred Miekkas motor and/or generator devices improvement ,based by

physical textbook theoretical energy/power output versus industrial typical rated/average/waranty related/simple and cheap production//obsolescent

                                                           pre-/reservation habits :
We can assume

motor and/or generator each 1 KW PURE production costs(50 KW unit ),with variable speed and torque controller,
following Roy Kessingers motor/generator production concept R&D 5 US$/hp ~ 6,75 US$/KW and the controller in

the international freedomcar US DOE engine project in the 15 US$/hp ~ 20 US$/KW !
Through controller price decrease potential we can assume in future,by later REPRAP industrial process

total drive system PURE production costs per KW unit ,for 50 KW rated drive :

from 20 US$/KW to 17,5 US$/KW to 15 US$/KW ............. !
We are actually calculating with unwarranted, non-capitalized  US F.E.D. e-/paper-$ ,
with monetary retroduction from ' money=coin material worth"-PARITY systematics ,
the US e-/paper $ transforms to REAL WORLD 10/1 "US coin $" ! Zero tax,Zero credit !

And from " drop away"-society misleading to refurbish/recycling logics !
FE generator for less than ....... US-RW-THALER !
Ihr US-Amerikaner nutzt die imperiale Karls-Thaler ,Mund-faul : ( Karls-) Tdoalar/ Doaler/Dol(l)ar:!
Jeder Thaler/Dol(l)ar besteht aus einer FIXEN WertEINHEIT !
Wie REICH oder ARM/POOR Ihr US-Amerikaner seid entscheidet nicht Forbes/Fortune,
zudem aus dem Bereich der Quanten-Algometrik :

Das eherne Zinsgesetz ! The eternal tax-law ! Its followed Walras law and Pareto inverse-/pyramids logics !

Haus,Hof und Gesinde ABSCHREIBUNG/psycho-physio-logical Existence-Amortization

 inklusive,linear und/oder progressiv : Lebend-Vieh und Lebende ! Cattle and humans ,physically amortized

Viele Staedte zu sehen,Buch-technisch : abgeschrieben/neutralized/profictio :
1 Euro ,Dol(lar),Rubel,Rupie,Renminbi ,......... RET(in Peace,)-Buchwert

Viele Geisterstaedte,mit Geister-Menschen,Buch-technisch : abgeschrieben : 0 Euro/Dol(l)ar,Rubel,.......

Quantum-,Algometrische Buchhaltung,auf den Pixel,/dot genau !
Dialektischer Idealismus, Hegel
Dialektischer Materialismus ,Marx/Engels
Digital-materialistischer Idealismus WIR,-Genrration ,anhand Planckschrr Grundlagen-Forschung und opto-elektrischrr Fraunhofrr Spectrallinien-Aneendung

Forumsteilnehmer deren Beitraege besitzen ,* KLANGFARBE" =
deren spezifische - momentan/,lokale- Eigenfrequenz !Oder die des genutzten Auto-Translator-Program(m),ers/ierers !?

Nullus/Zero  Geheimnisse/Secrets !
Quanten-Algometrische Vorstellung des DPMA BUERO99 - Levels :
T.T.Brown MEP as thruster ,MW to GW shocks/pulsations to deep water area - pseudo-thermo,-,vacuum-,pump,-
                E-/M-2-G molecular active instead nuclear radio-active like

and under ocean line valley area watering with mineral seawater  ' artificial tsunami waves watering,' GIGAPUMPS

With less people and less area use more physical healthy output :
this makes indoor/sub-terrean saltwater-mixed electro-magneic plant culture possible !
10 times = 1000 %  more  yield by 2020-2100 maximal 50% growing world population !
Quantum-Algometrics and Cobot-fabrication means for zero-child /1 healthy child couples :
            Eternal spring life !

Message End

Related population estimations up to 2100,
f.e.Africa 2022-                                   2050-                                         2100
                 1400 Mio   + 72 %           2400 Mio                   + 200% (/ 2022)    4100 Mio.     

The South pays the price Because of the drastically increased cost of living, there were unrest in more than 20 countries at the time. On average, Germans only spend about twelve percent on food, while in the Global South it is between 60 and 100 percent. That is why the World Food Program and organizations such as Welthungerhilfe are warning against underestimating the consequences of the recent price explosion for global food security and especially for regions at risk. This is especially true for low-income countries that are dependent on food imports and whose food situation has already deteriorated drastically during the corona pandemic.

        No inland food/alimentation production = no /coitus !

For "Book of the Books"-Methodists = basic cristianity the demands are clear :
  The fatten years,the droughts/dry years tree species has its own rhythm in which the fattening years return.being Nature MAST-(~SATURATION)and/or ALTERNANZ -cycle  pre-served ,good/bad yield years ( Tier- und Pflanzen-MAST,for many unknown :-
                           MAST-(SATURATION) and/or ALTERNANZ ,NATURE its TRIAGE =           


                                                  Voll-MAST Teil-MAST,String-MAST,Leer-MAST ~ full/no fertility years

             Ho-Mens  MAST-farming international ,Zucht-und Ordnungs-Regularien

       The qualitative Cycle-STRUCTION ,humans double " bio periods" -cycle : ,
        female menstruation,male : pollution

        Wechseljahre/(ho-)meno-pause(-stop)after given quantitative bio-cells cyclic regeneration

        ( = bio-clock/watch program ,genetical = internal timer )
       = after cycle-regeneration pause/(-stop) : Degeneration

        The human body and mind  bio-algorythmical phases and changes ,non/influenced,non/manipulated
        Emg-spectrum : - pause(-stop) !?

       mammals Men(sch) - Tier-Pflanze-Amoebe-Plankton- ........ ? Life begins : by classical / by quantum ..... ?

                                                                                                                    E-motio begins : by EE ,by quantum E ...... ?