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Title: Big joulethief more powerful (Not Only fOR Led Toys)
Post by: JackJohn on January 08, 2022, 01:13:38 PM
I try to build JouleThief circuit combine with big coil 4 Ounce copper wire and ferrite core
What is your opinion about test video

I wonder why most of those who research on Joulethief seem to think that Joulethief is only limited capabilities for LEDs, even though what is embedded in the Joulethief concept itself is bifilar coil which is used by almost all free energy devices, starting from Bedini, Kapadnadze, MEG and others. this time I try to show the ability of the joulethief when using a lot of copper wire. for me joulethief is the simplest free energy device

in the video that I show I use a 2n3055 transistor, copper wire to the  collector using 0.3mm size with a resistance of 80Ohms (+/- 3 ounce ) and copper wire to the base using 0.3mm as much as (1 ounce ) and in that configuration I add a 0.9mm pickup coil with a resistance of 9 Ohm, About resistor i forget the size

Sorry for language in the Video ,Next Video I'll try to speak in english  ;D ;D ;D
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