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Author Topic: Kundel With Electromagnet Build  (Read 10443 times)

Offline floodrod

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Re: Kundel With Electromagnet Build
« Reply #60 on: March 09, 2022, 03:00:26 AM »
Thank you both for the excellent information..

I have been thinking about this all day and doodling circuits.  Please allow me to ask this:

With the circuit below-  it should work for the generator coils if the rotor magnets alternate polarity OR if the rotor magnets are the same polarity because the FWBR does not care which direction
things are flowing.  It will spit out DC correctly in either situation.

BUT alternating INPUT POWER POLARITY to the drive coils makes it very difficult to capture the BEMF from the drive coils because both input leads disconnect very quickly while switching polarity.  SO if you have a fwbr on the other side of the coil, it would need to be switched at exact perfect time which is likely impossible because electricity travels about 95% the speed of light through copper.  If it wasn't switched- the input power would just flow past the driver coil to the output rectifier.

Is this logic correct?  or is there a schematic available that can open my mind on this?


Offline lancaIV

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Re: Kundel With Electromagnet Build
« Reply #61 on: March 09, 2022, 04:36:14 AM »
Puzzle ,pieces :
c,light velocity : in vaccuo,in air,in specific material,this material specific density

cv2 : as ' fractale mirror image'  from c ( Mandelbrot Baeumchen)
re-/combination time process in sub-/nano-seconds,Fermi-second; exciton

( Probably interestant : Alvin Marks publication : Fermi-diode )

Prof.Ehrenhaft magnetic current : influence to light-quants ,non-ferrous magnetism ( rexresearch or google-ing)

for the given image the design question : coil material purity,coil lenght,coil  diameter
ambiental temperatur influence [ resistance,superconductivity in low temperature ( ~ in giga-cycles)],in vaccuo
In conventional computering' flops' : in quantum computering ? ( flips ? ::) )
Last and least :

Fleming and Lenz 3-finger/4! Rules
Magneton  Electron

Ohm              versus       invers-Ohm= Siemens