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Author Topic: Build 2  (Read 34978 times)

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #135 on: March 16, 2022, 04:17:15 AM »
 I happen to like this video and while I am not deaf, I don't have normal hearing. It is possible that I'll create a field in
science called atmospheric chemistry and astrophysics.
 Basically both Einstein and Newton missed something in their work. And Bessler's wheel would help to explain it.
Gravity has energy.

 This is Suicide Squad I didn't link;

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #136 on: March 16, 2022, 05:50:40 AM »
grave  to gravity       leve to levity

The nudibranch compared slug with 'house'  weight velocity,normal-average and maximum

        Is being still ( standing,sitting,laying)~no (external,visible)movement not the best input/output ratio case ?

The vid dog,bulldog tipo Mastinho, its weight and velocity,normal,average and maximum

         Is being still ( ...) ..........                                                                                  not the best input/output ratio case ?

                             input/output ratio from a.pressure b.force c. energy d power

                          movere to mover       and motere to motor  : why the difference,target ~ motiv(e) ?
                          motiv substantive           image                         to verbe  motivare
                           votive                      word /"inner" voice                             votare

                            MOTIVATIONSTRENGHT  versus  Masse(n)traegheit/INERTIA ( the law of least resistance)

                            MOTIVATION-FREEDOM degrees : rotatory,translatory,linear ( mechanical or swing/wave)

dignitas and angustia    dignity and "Angst"/fear/Ehre(Furcht)/hono(u)r

The gravity from "sound and words and image " effect energetical : CYMATICS videos !
A right ,in ortographic manner - by layman - and meaning and communication partner understanding and time investment for clarification - by each side repeat and ever review

against from understanding from foreign ( for one from the expression user ) term and meaning or use in social class or generation class or locality

Discussion in p(e)ace or aggressive manner,for both sides win/win or one side lost : defeat,capitulation,death !
CYMATICS vids shows the chance/risc about right/wrong communication instrument use,included memory info storage [instinct : DNA/RNA and Chromo-(image)Som(sound,speak) )]and the danger/luck for good/bad first impression ' compensation/revanche' !

A word ,an image, can be like a weapon/bomb in energetic effect ! Mobbing ! Fake society parts !
People,which use foreign expressions - by good intention - in the wrong place/time/context !
Friend or Foul !?

The basic intention in : the free energy machine

Bessler wheel : Hjulkors,Sunwheel,Suncycle  :
Sun(or Son or Sonn) -Planet-wheel(s)Transmission to Automatic Transmission to Gyro gear


p.s.: and never forgetting that we are human ,with concentration/or not,with 100%rules and laws application/or not,with body deficiencies ( since birth,by genetics, or over our life,by  organs and extremities friction )
Nobody is,will be,perfect !

Either not the Superduper-Robot from BOSTON DYNAMICS integrated wit CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA mind structure and NSA data as commercial info base source !

Cave te ,U.S.A. !
SYN-DAEMON-MySelf-Question !?

0/1        to -1/0/1       to          ≤ -1/0/≥ 1     

Fight Song : the blindes seeing,the deaf hearing,the mute the voice or learning : Body Language

             GESTICULATION ,do not speak ( or write), ( yust) DO IT !        YET   

           Margerite -scopie(or other flower/plant) : he/she(/it) loves me,not,loves,not

          In mind : Fort-Pflanzung ( lovely  :-* / Commercial  :-[ reproduction )
         Nun,hinfort with me,tschau,vale bene,mas va !
p.s. II : GESTICULATION and the ' face language ' ,her as female and its as personality : ars avec /sans Ceo/Soul
                          MICROCOSMONAUT* to MACROCOSMOS* ,anybody outthere ? Feedback !?

                                 The Art of Noise/ly - silently(underwriting/underdesigning) -  Communication
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Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #137 on: March 16, 2022, 03:21:19 PM »
 The drill press I bought came with a small vice. It's handy because when I have a lot of holes to drill, I can
do production runs which makes it much easier for me. One the face that is shown, it will have a 1 inch hole
drilled in about the center.
 Then the square dowel will go through it. I'm going to add some more detail to the dowel before I cut it to the
lengths that I need. The reason the dowel is so large is a smaller dowel might bend and that would decrease
how hard it would be hitting the weight wheel.
 This coming weekend I should have everything assembled except for the catch and release mechanism. The
slot around the disc is 1/2 inch wide. I might widen the area where the retraction lines will be caught. This
would allow for 2 to be seated next to each other. This is because as one line is being caught another is being
released. Then they wouldn't interfere with each other.
 With the 2nd picture, various parts that will make the Kicker Assembly. I had to remove wood from the rectangular
blocks on my table saw and then I had to clean them up. With the triangle, I used a 30º angle. This is because as
it hits a round dowel that will go through the side of the disc, the vertical drop will be about 1/2 of an inch. On my
next build I'll probably use a compound angle. This simply means that the points on each side will move in at about
a 45º angle intersecting with a 15º angle coming up from the bottom. It'll be a nice aesthetic I think.
 And the rectangular blocks by the weight wheels will need to be shortened 1/4 of an inch. Then I won't need to use
screws to hold the 2 sides and the axles in place. And the extra weight can only help. It does seem that either next
week or the week after that it'll be known if my last video was actually correct in showing it could work.
 I thought I'd add a picture of how the cue and its guide turned out. It was close on the dimensions but then that will
direct most of the movement towards the weight wheel.
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Offline lancaIV

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #138 on: March 16, 2022, 10:18:16 PM »
#134 :


1972 our family,I too, visited Fatima/Ourem/PT
1984 Munich Fuerstenackerstr. , the house in which we lived by rent condition , landlady A. Ratzinger -Beck ( R.I.P. ,last year Aug.)
                                                                                                                                (nephew from a cardinal,later bishop from Rome)
        ground floor she living               second floor above  : to hear inside and outside


        Life Is A Mystery  ;) We,A.R.-Beck and I trusted us each other !   And I heared "dirty laundry" about the R.-baggage ! ??? :( Rating: --


the italian B1 class patent application    IT1265815      SELF-PROPELLED SCOOTER or Monopattino Semoventi
         from Aurelio Spoglianti  ,1996 living in   Riolo Terme/Ravenna/ITA
complicated ? confidential ?
Bessler in kind of "scooter wheel" ?!


Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #139 on: March 17, 2022, 04:38:35 AM »
 This cover of Jethro Tull's Locomotive Breath is by Sina-Drums of Germany. Between my medical situation (all time loser) and the need
to build a working wheel (can't slow down), I can relate to it. And with Sina-Drums, she's called what I'm building "my wheel". In a sense it is.
Bessler used a different construction technique and might have invented mercury amalgam (think a dentist's silver fillings for your teeth) for
his bearings. He did give a description of what allowed his wheel to rotate on the axle and it was 3 elements.

 With what I am working on now, some of the details I'll be adding are just for practice. Once I have the cues mounted,
I'll be able to place the dowel through both discs. Fortunately I have 2 48" T-squares. I'll be able to clamp a block on each
one and then clamp a level to it so they'll be square to the discs. Basically they'll be flat against it. This will be critical
because the kickers on both sides will need to work at the same time. If not then the weight wheel might become jammed
by the uneven movement. After I have it set up I'll post some pictures to show what I mean. That will probably be early
next week.

Offline lancaIV

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #140 on: March 17, 2022, 08:57:30 AM »
A good morning (PT-time)wishing , "Johnsmith" !
                                                               KREIS  CRIS/-E/-IS  SPIN
                                                                the ccw  or   cw principle !?
                                                                             and        principle

                                                                        ccw + cw = c²
                                                                      RESISTANCE ?
                                          Title : RESONATOR,SELBSTLAEUFER,DYNAMO
                                          Risc : RESONANZ-KATASTROPHE,the point of no return ( HYPER-RAUM theory)

                                                                      ANSWER ?
                                                                       cinetics :
                                in FREE ENERGY Scene not an unknown NAME,inventor

                                                                Heinrich Kunel
                                                                 unseen,unanalyzed(by mostly)

                                                       another ,completting,re-/searcher :
                                                                Andreas Sumera

                                                             Ruhepunkt der UNRUH,


                                                           "Tote(BLIND) Winkel" over-bridging

                                                          the Holcomb concept "secret" !?

                                                          HYPER-RAUM and/or  HYPER-ZEIT
                                                           ' Ueber den Dingen "stehen" '
                                               Gedanken sind Dinge   Dinge sind Gedanken

                               teleological-philosophical-scientifical = mat(h)ematical  R&D answer


                                                  ap-plicare          an-wenden   nutzen use
                                                               theory and practizising

                                                                                    an help (possibly potential,"potenzieren") :

entering(META) Your personal  BOLISM-CENTERPOINT and self-asking ,and/or following the ,outer-professional(confessional?) MEDI(~Center)-cus/-care(s)/-carrier

                                                                 self- respondere self-answering
                                                                               8) ;) ::)

                                                          stupid,ashaming,mysterical answers included !


                                                          Transzendent,eben(~weil es so ist  ::) ) [plan(~flat),linear,aber auch mit Kurven ]
                                                         " set theory" to "living set practizising" ;) ALL to NIRWANA to ALL

                                                                                   LIGHT TO DARKNESS

Wishing health improvement and recovery and R&D,by step-for-step,success

  :P   Bessler used a different construction technique and might have invented mercury amalgam (think a dentist's silver fillings for your teeth) forhis bearings.1988 a dentist in DACHAU,civil service for the BUND, "repaired" my theeths,13 teeths became opened and filled with that "TEUG" ,amalgamated ! This was my denture RUIN-ation,in progress ! ::) tanloser TEIgar
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Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #141 on: March 17, 2022, 02:07:06 PM »
ccw + cw = c²
                                                                      RESISTANCE ?

In mechanics and construction , the resonance catastrophe describes the destruction of a building or a technical facility due to excessive vibration amplitudes in the event of resonance .
Die Resonanzkatastrophe bezeichnet in der Mechanik und Konstruktion die Zerstörung eines Bauwerks oder einer technischen Einrichtung durch übermäßige Schwingungsamplituden im Resonanzfall.

 With the spinning tops, they can have string wrapped around them so they can be "thrown" to give them a faster spin.

 It is possible that Bessler used the pendulum to move counter to his wheel. By this I mean when a weight moves to its overbalanced position, the pendulum would be swinging towards that weight.
Then as that weight swings down, it will generate less torque when it is within 45º of bottom center. This is when the pendulum would start it's downward swing swinging in the same direction the
wheel is rotating. This would allow "chaotic" movement to cause the perpetual mobile (wheel) to rotate at a more consistent velocity/speed.
 This is why the pendulum used a cam type mechanism. That would allow for how much the 2 weights at the bottom of the mechanism would rotate as the "spinning top" rotates. Variable timing.
Using such mechanisms might have been to please the observers. Which would amaze you more in 1715? A wheel that accelerates and the slows or one that has a "smoother" rotation? Of course
Bessler might have done it because he liked how the mechanics worked and he could have had some fun with people who wondered how it worked.

 If you closely between the 2 views of Wagner's Roaster, it shows that what the external pendulum is connected to. And in the drawing of the wheel, it shows how it is connected to the external pendulum.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #142 on: March 19, 2022, 05:45:27 PM »
 This is some of the work I've gotten done and some I will be doing. The first 3 pictures show I squared 2 T squares so I would
have something on each side for locating where the dowels will go through the discs. Once I mark the hole locations I'll need
 to remove both discs. Then I can use a forstner bit on my drill press (hopefully).
 Then when I had the kicker assembly, I'll be able to make a jig so  everything will be mounted the same distance from the axle.
Then when I trim the cues (for lack of a better term) they'll be able to kick the weight wheels outward. The last picture shows
where I chamfered the ends on each side of a weight. This is so when they move to their inner position the pulley mount won't
keep them out. With the short round dowels, I'll be drilling a 1/4 inch hole in the middle. Then I'll use those for spacers on the
weight wheels instead of the more expensive nylon bushings I've been using.
 When I get this work done, all that will be left is the catch and release mechanism. And that might after much frustration thinking
about it might actually have a fairly simple solution. And at the end of the day, if this build works then it is an engine or a motor. It
would be performing work which could be mobile. A hydroelectric dam is not an engine because water is what's performing work.
When something is moved or rotated then that is work being conserved. With mass x distance = work. That is actually conserved
work. The energy that requires is work performed by something else. That's if you want it to agree with what is accepted in physics.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #143 on: March 19, 2022, 09:45:27 PM »
 I thought I'd show you guys the inside of the weight wheel and what it will look like now. The 2 flat ends on the weight wheel
would form a "T" with the arm. The curved sides move towards or away from the axle. Now I should be in a position where I
can work quietly. And with my situation it will be nice to slow down a little.
 While I have the discs off, I might go to a fixed position bearing/axle location. Because I marked which 2 bolts on each side
of the hub that I loosened to take the wheel off of the stand, I can put the axle back in the hub  and position it so it is 90º to
the frame.This will add a couple of days of tinkering with it but should allow for a better alignment of all of the different parts.
 Basically I'll mount one disc and then the other. With using a dowel to kick parts outward, precise alignment of the axle, frame
and the dowels will matter. And fortunately I now have better tools to work with.
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Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #144 on: March 21, 2022, 05:15:16 PM »
 With what is shown with the 2 retraction discs lying side by side, I'll need to chisel out locations for the bolts head to be seated in the retraction disc itself.
Since I'll be using a dead blow hammer I'll need to wait until this weekend to do that. During the week I might be able to finish the wheel itself which includes
the weight wheels. This is about aligning both the left retraction discs, the axle and the frame.
 To help with that, I made some 90º position indicators. When one retraction disc is mounted to the stand, these position indicators will show very accurately
how the opposite retraction disc needs to be positioned. This simplifies the build process because it allows for mirroring parts. If you try SketchUp which is free,
when you design something, you can scale it. And if you use the value of -1 to scale something then you get the opposite of what you designed. And this would
give the same bolt hole locations on mirrored parts. And with something like the stand, I could've used these 90º position indicators so the stand would've
been to a specific placement. And for tools like a sliding miter saw, table saw, and a drill press, $500 is pretty cheap to be able to do a decent build.
 After this, you get into cordless tools of which I prefer. It's just that having the 3 corded tools makes everything much easier. And with the SketchUp images, if
you look at the lower right of the screen, you'll see where ti says dimension. When selecting something to scale, select the part or assembly and then hit S on
your keyboard. And once you start moving one point type in -1 in the dimension and then hit enter. And then you'll have the opposite part. It's just that when you
check what you're building to, it helps to have an actual drawing.

p.s., With something like an engine (perpetual motion machine) it does make it a lot easier. For building other things, if things don't need to be this precise then
a regular drill, jig and circular saw might be all you need. It's just that a lot of wood that comes from the lumber store might need to be cleaned up as it could
be warped or twisted. If you can find boards that are fairly straight then a 90º tool might let you make accurate 90º cuts.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #145 on: March 21, 2022, 06:49:19 PM »
 For anyone considering building something like this or doing other wood working, I would strongly suggest buying a compound square, a
set of L squares and a T square. With the T square, the T can be removed and it can be used as a guide. For about $75 it'll make your life
easier. And when cutting a 45º angle, just remember that 2  45º angles = 90º. Then you'll know if you need to adjust your guide or not. Where
using scrap saves on wasting what you're working on.
 And what I might do in the next month or 2 is make a video showing how to make a portable work bench. This would require buying 2 folding
work benches like this
 If you work outside under a bridge, at a park or in your own backyard, the ground won't be level. This is where the legs would need to be able to
be adjusted. The main issue is not having your work surface wobble. If it's an angle so is everything on it. And working outside can be nice.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #146 on: March 23, 2022, 03:37:10 AM »
 I am making progress but have more detail that I need to include. The cue in the kicker assembly will need to pass through about 1/4
of the dowel for the pulley mount. I'll need to rout slots for that. And while I cut lag bolts from 3 1/2 inch to 2 3/8 inch in length, I'll probably
go to 4 inch long lag bolts. This way there would be no risk of the dowel snapping from repeated use/the weight wheel being retracted.
 I also bought something I've been wanting for a while. It's a calculus 1 text book. Trying to learn online is difficult without the textbook. Once
past algebra and into analytical trigonometry, a textbook will help. Basic calculus will explain that what I've been pursuing can work. That's
one of the reasons that I've stayed with it, math does support it working.
 With the math, I also have a couple of science/engineering projects where knowing calculus better will help me. With Bessler's wheel, I'll be
able to better calculate the work a working wheel could do. For people who live off grid or for people who are forced to live off grid, there are
humanitarian groups who would like something like this. It'd simply let them help people in a way they can't help them today.

p.s., it will be interesting to see how much I know that is in this book. It starts out with graphing as an example y = 2x^2 + 4x -5. I already know that.
And there are different universities that have online courses for free. Then with YouTube, with this book being a 3 semester course, maybe I can do
it in 1?

Offline kolbacict

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #147 on: March 24, 2022, 06:42:10 AM »

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #148 on: March 25, 2022, 04:19:10 PM »

  This is the formula for calculating the acceleration of gravity,  g = G*M/R^2
G is the universal constant while M is the mass of the body while it is divided by the distance times itself (^2 or squared)
from the center of the mass. A working wheel would prove that gravity has energy. This is because it would be powering
something like an engine. Basically proving perpetual motion will change physics.
 This is because they would need to say that the acceleration due to gravity is relative to the energy that gravity has. This
actually gets into astrophysics like Venus is in a denser, more energetic gravitational field than the Earth.

Offline kolbacict

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #149 on: March 25, 2022, 06:17:51 PM »
A working wheel would prove that gravity has energy. This is because it would be powering
something like an engine.
Gravity has energy as long as our small mass is at some distance from the large one.
But after our body fell to the ground, it no longer has any energy, right? :)