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Author Topic: Build 2  (Read 34977 times)

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #165 on: April 19, 2022, 09:26:43 AM »

@Tarsier_79, +1
Discussion schizophrénique sans intérêt tant pis.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #166 on: April 19, 2022, 03:29:33 PM »
@Tarsier_79, +1
Discussion schizophrénique sans intérêt tant pis.

Tarsier79 est passif-agressif.


Just my 2 cents. It is a clever solution to weight movement, but I see no reason for it to work. Don't count your chickens before you can't count the revolutions.

As usual, I enjoy your builds. I do not enjoy the escaped psych patient. Good luck with your build.

Just my 2 cents. It is a clever solution to weight movement, but I see no reason for it to work. Don't count your chickens before you can't count the revolutions.

As usual, I enjoy your builds. I do not enjoy the escaped psych patient. Good luck with your build.

A quoi il faisait référence
What he was referring to

Après que la roue tourne à 90º ou 1/4 de tour, les poids sont au même endroit?
After the wheel rotates 90º or 1/4 revolution, are the weights in the same place?

Pouvez-vous dire en le regardant que la roue a tourné ?
Can you tell by looking at it that the wheel has rotated?

Images avant et après, pouvez-vous voir la différence ?
Before and after images, can you spot the difference?

Astuce, regardez où se trouve la ligne de rétraction !
Hint, look where the retraction line is!

Regardez à gauche du bas du disque.
cLook to the left of the bottom of the disc.

 La roue tourne sur elle-même de 90º et utilise 4 poids. 4 x 90º = 360º.
The wheel rotated on its own 90º and uses 4 weights. 4 x 90º = 360º.

 Eh bien Tarsier79, aimeriez-vous être attaqué alors que vous subissiez un traumatisme grave parce qu'un médecin a commis quelques erreurs lors d'une intervention chirurgicale ?
Well Tarsier79, would you like being attacked while working through severe trauma because a medical doctor made a few mistakes during surgery?

Je pense que c'est dommage que je sois la seule personne qui comprenne les maths, fou, non ?
I think it's a shame that I'm the only person who understands the math, crazy, right?

Je veux dire que la quille de M. Tim ne le permet pas et que les voiliers ne chavirent pas.
I mean Mr. Tim's keeling does not allow for this and sailboats do not capsize.

J'ai traversé 3 océans sur des bateaux et j'ai vécu la majeure partie de ma vie au bord de l'eau mais je dois écouter M. Tim et ses amis rlortie et AB Hammer, n'est-ce pas ?
I've crossed 3 oceans on ships and have lived most of my life by the water but I have to listen to Mr. Tim and his friends rlortie and AB Hammer, right?

J'avais aussi l'habitude de fabriquer des pièces d'avion pour Boeing.
I also used to make airplane parts for Boeing.

Je peux créer et lire des plans ainsi que concevoir des pièces.
I can make and read blueprints as well as design parts.
Pourquoi suis-je ridiculisé pour quelque chose qui montre que cela peut fonctionner ?
Why am I ridiculed for something that shows it can work?

Pourtant, AB Hammer a été soutenu lorsqu'il a prétendu que je lui volais son travail.
Yet AB Hammer was supported when he claimed I was stealing his work.

dernière image last image
Pourquoi prétendrait-il que je lui volais son travail s'il n'avait aucun potentiel ?
Why would he claim I was stealing his work if it had no potential?

et comment pourrais-je connaître son forum "secret" et ce qu'il contient ?
and how would I know about his "secret" forum and what is in it?

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #167 on: April 19, 2022, 03:52:26 PM »
Je ferai une vidéo à partir des vidéos que j'ai postées depuis 2013 qui montreront comment j'ai travaillé sur ce design au fil des ans.
I will make a video out of the videos I have posted since 2013 that will show how I have worked at this design over the years.

J'ai dû arrêter d'y travailler pendant quelques années. Ensuite, après avoir subi une intervention chirurgicale, il m'a fallu des mois (des années?) Pour arriver là où il était plus facile pour moi de reconstruire.
I had to quit working at it for a couple of years. Then after I had surgery it took months (years?) for me to get to where it was easier for me to build again.

Quand je n'étais pas capable de faire beaucoup de travail, j'ai commencé à apprendre les mathématiques pour plus que ce que j'avais besoin de savoir.
When I was not able to do much work, I started learning math for more than what I needed to know.

Je dirais que les mathématiques sont ce qui m'a aidé. Alors que je devais avoir du couple et que je ne l'avais pas, d'après les 2 vidéos, les pièces de la roue n'étaient pas correctement alignées.
I would say that math is what has helped me. When I should have torque and did not have it, from the 2 videos, the parts of the wheel were not properly aligned.
and, et
c'est la même mécanique
are the same mechanics.

les maths me permettent de considérer que les poids et autres pièces n'étaient pas correctement alignés.
math let me consider the weights and other parts were not properly aligned.

une des raisons pour lesquelles je travaille à améliorer la qualité de mes constructions.
one reason why I work at improving the quality of my builds.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #168 on: April 19, 2022, 04:21:20 PM »
Et avec cela, tout le monde peut voir où j'ai dit à AB Hammer que nous pouvions travailler ensemble et gagner de l'argent.
Quelle a été sa réponse ?
And with this, everyone can see where I said to AB Hammer that we can work together and make some money.
What was his response?

Et si quelqu'un lit ce fil, je discutais de choses avec d'autres personnes.
And if anyone reads through that thread, I was discussing things with other people.

Et AB Hammer publierait qu'il me surveille.
And AB Hammer would post that he is watching me.

Et puis lui et ses amis ont commencé à m'attaquer sans raison.
And then he and his friends started attacking me for no reason.

Comme AB Hammer a posté à mon sujet sur
As AB Hammer posted about me in

Jim Lindgaard fait l'objet de la fraude ultime.

Combien de noms de connexion a-t-il ici ? 10, 20, 30, plus P-motion, to.late, James.Lindgaard, et bien d'autres.

Avec autant de connexions, il garde le dernier point rouge pour briller Banni.

Il semble que toute sa vie ne soit que mensonges et perturbations.

Il est difficile d'imaginer que quelqu'un fasse cela, à moins que quelqu'un ne le paye pour perturber les forums de type roue de gravité, ou il peut être malade mental.

Jim Lindgaard is the subject of the ultimate fraud.

How many sign-in names does he have here? 10, 20, 30, more P-motion, to.late, James.Lindgaard, and many more.

With so many sign-ins he keeps the last red dot for glowing Banned.

It seems his whole life is nothing but lies and disruptions.

It is hard to fathom someone doing this, unless someone was paying him to disrupt gravity wheel type forums, or he may be mentally ill.

 And remember, this is what AB Hammer claims happened to him when I told him we could have worked together and make some money.
If he said yes, we could have been successful and I could have had the surgery I need. So what am I missing here?

LMAO Discriminated? Try the hell an XO who is an alcoholic (IMO for legal purpose) bent on getting the none drinker's  (myself) good conduct medal and all his drinking buddies adding in on the BS spying on me day in and day out looking for me to make a mistake when I had to double duty for we where short an SS (cook) on this duty post. Oh I forgot I went to the Mormon church during that time for my wife was Mormon.
Also 24hour duty every 4 days. Stunts like being ordered to give a man CPR that was bloated and in rigamortis, just so he could say I disobeyed and order.

The link again;
And as I mentioned, he seemed more interested in discrediting me than anything else, simply had no other concern or interest.
I guess once he posted that perpetual motion was impossible he felt that he needed to defend his position. And in here and at he was considered credible. That's an oxymoron which is a self-contradicting word or group of words.
 He said perpetual motion was impossible and was a respected member of perpetual motion forums.
 I said perpetual motion is possible in a perpetual motion forum and then am called a fraud and mentally ill.
 At they should have considered that Bessler might have been successful since they were promoting his work.
And also that hating on someone for not being culturally pure would be like hating Bessler who was 1/2 Polish and 1/2 German.
And 300 years later, Bessler might get his revenge when instead he should get the recognition that he deserves. What hate allows for.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #169 on: April 20, 2022, 01:03:23 AM »
 Just an FYI (for your information), I have a severe interest in atmospheric chemistry and physics and more.
I read a biography on Einstein at 13. What propagates the motion of light? He asked that question at 17.
He wrote a paper about it in 1906.
 My father was extremely talented but never understood science. He was great at working with his hands and
my brother Harold was the same way.
 I think reading a biography about Einstein at such a young age made science boring for me. With Bessler's Wheel,
it might be me more about my father and my brother than myself. It is an odd way to think of it. What about variable valve
timing or simply put as my brother always told me, timing changes dwell but dwell doesn't change timing. This is what
controls spark in a point gap ignition system. If either one is off, your engine won't run that well.
 And with Bessler's Wheel, timing does matter. And in a sense, it is a matter of timing and dwell. But that's what my
brother Harold would say.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #170 on: April 20, 2022, 04:10:48 AM »
 The real AB Hammer;
People in these forums love him. He was never banned from a forum. And he never showed his work. Why he is credible.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #171 on: April 20, 2022, 04:48:00 AM »
 What is not banned at
Mt 24 is a drawing I like but this guy like many others has never been banned and has no builds to show.
Why am I banned repeatedly for building in this forum and at That's because that
is what frauds do, they build what they post.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #172 on: April 20, 2022, 05:07:22 AM »
 A playlist;
 Culture does matter.

p.s., with wind energy, there are wind turbines and sailboats or sails.
That's kind of limited. Now to consider gravity, there must be more
ways, right?

 And this is an example of why "keeling" or the "keel effect" is an accepted engineering principle. I probably could've had surgery 7 years
ago but AB Hammer said that he would sue me. And with how posts have been edited, his lawsuit could've made things worse for me.
 I will be building what could have been built but as AB Hammer said, he is supported as being credible and posts show that I was the problem
while he was trying to help me.
 And the video and its contents are not considered credible because they do not support what AB Hammer, rlortie and Mr. Tim promoted.

 And when Mr. Tim talks about his keeling, AB Hammer switched from perpetual motion is impossible to most wheels won't work which is anything I build.
And as he said, it describes why most wheels won't work. I guess he knows of 1 or 2 working wheels? Just word play. AB Hammer gave that example already,
say it's impossible and then say most wheels won't work.
 And what they did was to shut down any discussion on how torque could be generated. And as they both said, they don't use math except for measuring something.
This is apparently what Mr. Tim based his keeling on.
And yet the link I posted states that sailboats often capsize. And with my invention, I'll show how doing the math allows for a simple solution if a person understands
mechanics. And it will be sad what I've had to tolerate from people who ignore math. Even in what Mr. Tim referenced in quadrature
the article does not help with perpetual motion unless someone considers what the author said,

Most science students should quickly learn this essential rule: An hour spent in the
library is worth a month in the lab. Same goes for engineers.

 And when people won't do the math, as the guy Mr. Tim refers to said, you're basically wasting your time.
And all Mr. Tim considered was 4 weights on a bicycle wheel. That is funny because my first tests were 2
opposing weights on a bicycle wheel. And my experiment let me know that a weight will need to move inward.
And then I started using trigonometry. So yes, I was willing to spend time in the library. And people who
couldn't spend time learning kept saying I was the problem.
 And with rlortie, as AB Hammer said, for legal purposes this is only my opinion. I think rlortie wanted people
to tell him how a perpetual motion machine works so he could build it himself. He, like AB Hammer were
private builders who together controlled 2 forums literally. This is because they were also partners in
promoting Mr. Tim's keel effect. And as I've mentioned, why should I have to let people like them dominate me
in a forum where I show my work and they don't?
 I'll give an example. Tarsier79, I don't have a working wheel, can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Did you say to use
a 2nd bicycle wheel like Mr. Tim said and not have it rotate? And that I should tie a line to the non-rotating wheel and
use pulleys to guide it to the weight I want lifted?
 Thanks for the help Tarsier79. I sure wish I would've thought of that.
 And that is what AB Hammer taught people and what forum owners and moderators support because that is how to help someone.
And now if what Tarsier79 told me to do works, he'll be the one who figured it out.
 That's what people will hear and accept because it sounds good and makes people feel good. Tarsier79 was willing to help someone
to build a working wheel who was a failure.
 And with Bessler, he said that he did not use a wheel in a wheel. Can you define "in a wheel"? If he placed a drum on each side of the wheel
and had the rim of the wheel wider so it covered both drums, are those drums "in the wheel"? That is what would have allowed Bessler to
cover the sides of his wheels with linen cloth.
 And I'd say what has held me up for several years is that people who I consider to be scam artists were considered as credible. And I think
when someone said they'll sue me if I build anything that they should've been banned and yet they weren't. And in the U.S., such a lawsuit that
I was threatened with could've dragged on for a number of years. As things are, I'll probably move out of the U.S.
« Last Edit: April 20, 2022, 03:32:13 PM by Johnsmith »

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #173 on: April 20, 2022, 03:43:41 PM »
 And something obvious that everyone has missed. This includes Einstein as well as Newton.
Because Venus is closer to the Sun than the Earth is, it would be a denser planet than the Earth is.
Neither Einstein nor Newton considered how an increase in the Sun's gravity would affect Venus
more than it would affect the Earth.
 Venus diameter is 12,100 km and the Earth's diameter is 12,756 km. Shouldn't the planet closer to the Sun
be denser instead of not being as dense as the Earth? I just wonder how this has been missed by everybody.
 Someone gave the answer to this. Gravity acts on everything equally. Why perpetual motion can't work and
why Newton's work doesn't consider an increase or decrease in its effect just as Einstein didn't consider that.
And with something like that, it will change how astrophysics needs to be considered.
 So if people think that it bothers me what I have had to tolerate, it does. And yet the people who caused me
problems couldn't consider that Venus is denser than the Earth because it's closer to the Sun than the Earth.
And everyone knows what scientists say. Perpetual motion is impossible. It is if you don't do the math. And
with Venus, the Sun's acceleration of gravity is 1.85 times greater in that orbit than it is in the Earth's orbit.
You know, the Earth's gravity is 9.81 m/s. The Sun's gravity will decrease as you move away from the Sun.
 When Einstein said that the space around the Sun is warped, he should've said it's denser. That's what
light bending more than matter when it passes near the Sun from a distant star is about. Yet the people who
attacked me didn't even know these basic things about science.
 @Tarsier79, what I will say is that when people like you and AB Hammer say I am mentally ill, why is it the only people
who attack me have 2 English speaking parents from the country they live in? I have to believe it is because I used to
live in Norway and speak Norske. And that is what will get banned from the internet. I was attacked
and banned for not giving my work away because I am 1/2 Norwegian. Kind of why I'll move out of the U.S. as well.
Read the 5th paragraph down. What you need to be mindful of is that what's true in the universe is also true in our solar system.,contributes%20to%20the%20rotation%20speed.
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Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #174 on: April 21, 2022, 01:25:32 AM »
 I'm doing a new design drawing for this build. This way I'll know what dimensions I am building to.
Even though I've got a lot of work done, the pulleys will need to be mounted as well as the kicker assemblies.
It is a lot of work. And the people at SketchUp know that I've done a lot of design work and if this build works
then I'll be able to thank them because their program is very helpful.
 I think I'm just going to relax and try to enjoy this for a change. It's sad in a way that "real" Americans made this toxic
and forum owners and moderators allowed for it. It shouldn't be a problem working with other people. But then this is
a challenging build.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #175 on: April 21, 2022, 05:29:00 PM »
 I've done more design work. As the drawing shows, the hub will go into the retraction disc. While it's not
shown in this design, I did chamfer the outside edges of the hub core 45º. The amount of chamfer will keep
the retraction lines between the 2 sides of the retraction disc.
 When I can see how the weight wheel assembly sits in its channel I can think about how to fit it. Basically I
can make the weight wheel assemblies and then when I rout to the 45º chamfers of the guides it will roll on,
I will rout as needed.
 And with this design drawing, I need to add the brackets between the arms and the pulleys and their mounts.
Considering I started on this yesterday evening, I'd say I'm making good time in getting the design worked
towards completion. This is because I'll need to know how the kicker assemblies will be mounted. Then I can
rout the hole location for the peg the kicker will strike.
 This is where having better tools to work with is allowing me to work much more quickly. What I will need to add
are spars just as used on sailing ships to guide the retraction lines and the lines that will allow for them to be
released when a weight is shot outwards.
 This is where this coming weekend I'll just make unfinished assemblies. The weight wheels need to be finished as
well as the retraction discs. Then I'll be able to finish the arms and the braces that go from one arm to the other (not shown).
What I'll most likely do is position the braces where pulley mounts will be placed. The picture of the prototype shows
where pulleys and their mounts are positioned for using 4 weight wheels.
 I'll also need to be cleaning up the stand so it will be finished. It's just that when the frame for the wheel is finished, I'll
want to place it on the stand and leave it there.

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #176 on: April 22, 2022, 11:15:31 AM »

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #177 on: April 22, 2022, 07:01:21 PM »
fake ?

  The veproject tries to get people interested in things. With my build, sometime after May 15th I should be finished.
The build is going pretty good so no worries there.

Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #178 on: April 24, 2022, 09:27:30 PM »
 I am ahead of schedule as far as my build goes. Usually I will be at least 1 month behind schedule. I got done everything I hoped to this weekend.
During the week I should be able to make my new weight wheels. This time I will use an assembly jig so they will all be the same. This will matter
for when I rout the 45º chamfers for the tracks for the weight wheels to ride on. And this detail will also be a part of al arms and braces.
 I usually prefer to call the arms "spars". I like both boats and ships and have been on plenty. Why I want the weight wheels finished first is so I can
test fit them on the spars to ensure a quality fit. This will help the wheel work better.
 It's odd but next weekend I might only be making a piece to go around the hub core, do the chamfers and then do the same for boards that can fit
into those chamfers. I'll need a lot of pieces to secure the braces to the spars. And before I assemble the spars and the braces I'll need to drill a lot
of holes. I'm thinking Jules Verne meets Johan Bessler. And because of why that detail will matter, that will need to be finished before assembly.
 If everything works out the way I hope, people need to ask themselves what they want a Bessler Wheel for. An example is a challenge that I will
issue to and their friends. And what is that challenge?
   Das Triumphirende Perpetuum Mobile Orffyreanum
  Except for a small change in the external dimensions of the wheel for raising weights (or so-called "running wheel"), I have organized everything together in accordance with those structures of the previous machine which I had broken to pieces. These small changes occurred by chance and do not need to be defended.

Around the firmly placed horizontal axis is a rotating disc (low or narrow cylinder) which resembles a grindstone. This disc can be called the principle piece of my machine. Accordingly, this wheel consists of an external wheel (or drum) for raising weights which is covered with stretched linen. The base of the cylinder is 12 Rhenish feet in diameter. The height (or thickness) is between 15 and 18 inches. The axle (or shaft) passing through the center is 6 feet long and 8 inches thick cross-sectionally.

While in motion it is supported by two almost one-inch-thick tapered steel pegs, whose two bearings (or sockets) with two curves around the axle provide the rotational motion of the whole vertically suspended wheel through application of pendula, which can be somewhat modified, as the attached figures at the end of this treatise clearly show.

 After all, the attached image is a challenge, right? After all, I am not building Bessler's Wheel but my interpretation of Bessler's Wheel. Watch the TV show Face Off. In it, you are given a challenge.
You are literally told what to build. How you interpret what you are told is up to you. Joining Peacock is free.

 With Scott Ellis, in the thread where AB Hammer said I am the ultimate fraud, Scott Ellis told him it's not easy to stop someone who is motivated. Yet I am allowed to be attacked.
And yet if the title is in German and it says "How I, Johann Bessler Was Successful", why do they not understand this? And then for him to explain it as well? How do they not
understand Engleske? Or is the translation from Deutsche to Engleske flawed?
 Just an FYI, I asked many times, why repeat the history that Bessler went through? In 300 years, somethings have not changed. With Russia and Ukraine, the name Ukraine might
come from the Russian word for "at the extreme". Kiev is where the original Russia was founded by Vikings. Rüs (Roos) is what the Vikings were called. And Rüs ee Ya (Руссия (Рус и Я))
would mean the Viking and myself or the Viking and I. Why Россия ис нот Руссия. They simply did not want to be extreme like Kiev. It's in the language and the names.
 Of course I am 1/2 Norwegian and know why the Vikings were in Kiev. Basically to take what we have today and instead establish a government that allows for trade and commerce.
This almost like going back 1,000 years in time and saying "Really, do we need to go through this again?".
 And to show a more recent understanding of how Norway and the slavs of Russia and Norway have interacted, the group is named after a language spoken by Norwegians and Russians.
This language would've been spoken by those who fished the Arctic.

 This is a toxic subject. I am a fraud. I have always been banned for working at Bessler's Wheel. When it is my money, my time and my work, why should I work for someone
who refuses to work with me? Some examples of their work. They are well respected while I am not.

I accidentally spelled "is not"  "ис нот" using the Cyrillic alphabet. That's funny 😂🤣
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Offline Johnsmith

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Re: Build 2
« Reply #179 on: April 27, 2022, 09:25:50 PM »
  This is about what it will look like when finished. All of the dimensions are very accurate. I'll be making a video next
week to show what I've done over the years. I started pursuing this concept in 2013. I had to take a break for a couple
of years because of medical issues.
 What slowed everything up was also being attacked for being 1/2 Norwegian. Some native English speakers thought
I should give it to them because they're simply better people. And considering that John Collins was a part of that
problem along with his group, that basically makes it white supremacy.
 It reminded me of the stories my father told me about when the 3rd Reich occupied Norway. He almost got sent to a
Nazi death camp for not thinking and talking the right way. Over 13 million non-Jews died that way just as my father's
friend did. Nazis caught him but not my dad.