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Earth batteries and Telluric currents


On Earth batteries and laminate structures...

We see laminate elements/structures in countless patents and inventions relating to Telluric or Earth currents.

For example, many used layers of different metals and many supposed it was an Earth battery. However after doing some experiments I found this was not necessarily the case. Here we need to think differently and on another level...

Different metals have different properties following the Tribo-electric series. Lead is electro-positive and tends to lose electrons while copper is electro-negative and tends to gain electrons. Many inventors in past knew this and were very creative so they stacked the metals so that each layer increased in electro-positivity creating a gradient of force though the layers. That is, one layer gained electrons, passed them on to the next layer, which then passed them on to the next layer and so on.

Most inventors also spoke of "conditioning" the layers of metal, how do we condition layers of metal, what does this mean?...

Here it gets interesting because some inventors spoke of acid baths or heating. I used to do this as well when I was doing experiments oxidizing metals to produce oxide layer rectifiers like the cat whisker detector/rectifier. So now we have laminates following the Tribo-electric series producing a gradient of force and each surface layer acting as a diode/rectifier biasing the electrons as well.

Which is strange isn't it?, many could see the stack of laminates as nothing important or simply a battery or with a little research and experiment we could understand it's much more than meets the eye. It goes towards the notion that inventors do things for a reason even though we may not always understand what there doing or why.

Which begs the question, why create a laminate stack of different oxidized metal layers producing a unidirectional gradient of force?. Of course the Earth is full of electrons and the inventors did have wires leading from the buried laminate stack to the surface. So we can assume it was partly a one terminal generator of sorts. However almost all the inventors used multiple wires from the stack for another reason.

There is much more to this and again we must think differently and on another level, another perspective.


The earth has a high impedance
However, the laws of parallel resistance can overcome this

By using multiple insulated wires
One caution to note when doing this:
Losses increase drastically with current
Each wire will produce more heat as you add more wires


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