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"Cyclo Rotor Mono Wing Spin Launcher"

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This thread spun off the "Chimborzo Spinlauncher" thread. A 3 blade carousel with satellite payloads on the rim could spin up to helocopter speed on the ground, fly to altitude then speed up again from on board jets and release a series of Starlink satellites for the internet.

The 3.blade propeller can spin up on the end of the mono wing "Cyclo Rotor" and release with 2 vector forces. The 3 blade propeller can feather until launch!

The mono wing can carry a compressed air supply with two jets to spin up the wing for launch and the 3 blade rim rocket in the rotor bay!

The rocket is positioned in the hub of the tri rotor. The wing is pressurized with compressed air. The battery for The Cyclo rotor is inertialy centered. The rotor locks and the blades guide for the spin launch acceleration from air jets at the ends. The compressed air spins the tri copter and rocket hub up inside rim of the cycloidal wing. The tri copter returns to the launch site after the 3rd stage rocket blasts through the center of the 2nd stage rotor.

The battery powers the spinning wing. The compressed air accelerates the wing and tri copter for spin launch and the rocket and payload blast out from the hub of the Tri copter which returns along with the mono wing.


Jet-X MonoCopter - YouTube


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