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Title: Another Theory
Post by: buzneg on January 16, 2007, 01:58:06 AM
This might be too simple to list as a theory or fact, or it might be over looked because it's so simple. But I think this is the bacic, fundemental "Thing" to explain all the forms of energy, and it's better to think in this mindset when trying to explain other things or invent something.

I'll call it the "Theory of Momentum Entropy"

See wiki's entropy page:

Why does mass travel straight through space? Because it's charged with momentum, and momentum wants to spread out through Space-time, and the best way for the massive object to spread out (entropy) is to travel a straight line.

A plant is like a bolling ball on a trampaleen, of space-time, this is the easy way to picture it but the real way is more like a spong with a metal knot in it stretching an area in the spong into a point. So gravity is just a denser area of space-time. Momentum wants to spread out in space-time, and not our measuring system. So as an object with momentum comes by a planet, it turns towards the plantet, along with it's momentum direction, because the planet causes more space-time to be on one side of the object. The momentum of the object responds to space-time so it must turn otherwise the momentum in the object would be unbalanced.

The energy in heat, is momentum, the energy in light is momentum, the energy in magnetic feilds is momentum. Momentum of different mass particals at different speeds. Take a look at the Wiki page for the Photon it conradicts itself, saying photons have no mass but later says they have momentum?

Don't take anything I say as fact I'm not very educated. This is food for thought, or debait, don't worry about insulting me I won't take it badly. :P

I was going to explain this theory with a rotating mass connected to a bar on and axis but I found it too hard.

Also Directional for (Momentum) is explosive and gravitational force is implosive. In different particals these forces balance to different degrees, I will talk about in another theory.