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Author Topic: Neutrino-Voltaic Power Generator  (Read 1296 times)


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Neutrino-Voltaic Power Generator
« on: December 15, 2021, 12:46:53 PM »
Neutrino-Voltaic Power Generator   Maybe some Hope with this info...
As far as I know is at the Overunity forum this device/principle not mentioned.Yes, news from the Schneiders but is it a real possibility they talk about?
You can find more in the German Net-Journal of November december 2021. I send you a link to the first article/pdf below HEFT 11/12.
I just translate for this reply some info:
Its seems that they can make a foil that reacts on neutrino blasts and produce 24/365 electricity.

-- 3 W can be generated on the area of an A4 sheet. 1 m2 generates around 50 W --

Actually, the free energy movement was only legitimized by the award of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics. It was then that Arthur McDonald and Takaaki Kajita received the Nobel Prize for their discovery that neutrinos have mass. That played into his hands so that he no longer sees the implementation of neutrino energy as work, but as a mission.

He also has a personal history in the field of neutrino energy, because decades ago his father, a nuclear physicist, saw a demo of a film in the form of a glowing LED in the Gotthard massif, which could only have been neutrinos because the energy passed through the thickest walls. Afterwards he saw many slides showing the same thing. He registered the term “Neutrino” as a trademark and in 2014 the company Neutrino Germany GmbH founded.

The planned neutrino-voltaic power generator will be 850 mm wide, 1200 mm high and 650 mm deep. The continuous output is 5 kW with a maximum output of 7.2 kW. The neutrino voltaic modules use aluminum and silicon with doping, whereby as far as possible no rare earths should be used that are not obtained in an environmentally friendly way.

The power generator will cost 15,000 euros (20,000 francs). Holger T. Schubart objects that they do not produce the electricity generators themselves, but look for partners for them. There will be one experimental facility each in Brandenburg and Switzerland.

The solar expert and economist Dr. Ruedi Meier is very enthusiastic about the efficiency of the neutrino-voltaic power generator. That is a highly efficient system! He has calculated that with a constant power output of 5 kW per year, a total of 43,800 kW / h of energy is available. Since a normal household needs around 4,500 kW / h per year, that is almost ten times as much. At a price of 15,000 euros, the device pays for itself very quickly.

If an area of 100 m2 is required to generate 10 kWp of energy via PV, it is just 1 m2 for Neutrino-Voltaik NV.  10 kWp for the PV system means that a maximum of 10 kW can be achieved for a short time under laboratory conditions. In reality, however, these conditions are not given, 2-3 kW are more realistic. In the dark, the power is always 0 kW. The price per kWp is EUR 1,000, and EUR 2,500 per kW.

10 kW with neutrino voltaic is always 10 kW. The footprint can be kept so small because the modules can be stacked on top of one another. The result is a cube of 1 m3. At 10 kW, two such cubes are placed one on top of the other. The price per kWp does not apply due to continuous output. The price per kW is 1,000 euros. The experimental facility is to be built by mid-2022 and prototype 1 and prototype 2 by the end of 2023. Approvals will be obtained from 2022, and from 2023 series production and parallel marketing should start.

What do you think about this info?
In the above mentioned pdf more about this device/principle.