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Author Topic: Unlocking the perfect storm with 3,6,9 and why Music is applied physics.  (Read 1280 times)

High Frequency

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Greetings Earthlings Aliens and entity's.

I have lived on this planet 48 years since birth. But I still consider myself an Ailen. In that not many understand me. Lest I'm talking on a Tesla or Keelys web blog.  :)

My first free energy device was a windmill made of balsa wood and magnets at age 9.
I won't divulge more there as there are similar devices now.

But my greatest discovery has been through music and the term Resonance credited to Tesla. Accept I didn't need to build a machine, I just played the sound.
Unlike Shuman and the plague of new age reteric that concludes that there is specific frequency that heal , affect weather etc. I have found it's specific to where you reside in the harmonic flux. Thus you need to tune into the resonance of your area.
For example, if you tune into the flat desert country of Australia verses next to a volcanic mountain the resonant frequency would be slightly different.
The tuning can be heard by anyone like you can hear two strings on a guitar coming into usion when tunning.
When done with sound engineering software to isolate overtones I found a specific frequency of interest on November 16th 2008. This created one of the biggest national disasters known in Australia. The Gap storm In Brisbane. It was a torus energy effect. The wind shot straight down called a mesa storm or down draught. Meteorologists didn't have meters to measure the wind speed, some said upward of 350kmph. Double brick houses were sheared off at the foundations. The whole suburb looks like Hiroshima. There was no electricity for 2 weeks and cranes were still pulling trees out of houses 6 months later.
I had been playing what I term "the sound" very loud for 6 hours. It was producing strange property. Your bones hurt, your brain felt like it was short circuiting. And when you walked away from the source it went very loud to soft in specific areas like rings. The storm looks unworldly like a mushroom cloud.
The meteorologists measure the centre of the storm on my street and it looked like a crop circle from the mountain nearby and if you drew an X my house was on the cross.
I was very disturbed by the result in many ways but had to know if it was real. The Gap received two more storms one producing a 40-foot flood in a small creek, and a Tornado.
Full a whole year I nearly went insane. What could this be, why have I been given this knowledge?
No one believed me either. Some of my friends threatened to lock me up in a psych ward if I kept ranting on about it!
About that time Brisbane went through the worst drought in modern history. Leaving the water supply as low as 12 %. It was going to run out. They had broken water pipes on the docks that were made to pump desalinated water from the gold coast but turned faulty. The whole city was going to be in crisis. I had to act.
So I went to a mates industrial shedmon the weekend with no one around. Hired a PA and started up the sound.
A few days later we got water alright. One of the biggest floods ever! I was living in Lutwitch at the time and stuck on a Island for a several weeks. The Food stores all ran out of food.
Since then I have stopped several droughts and put out the Australian bush fires of 2020, by sending the sound out through SoundCloud to affected people.
All of whom reported heavy rains apon use.
I can explain a lot of this through mathematics now. I have made some major discoveries there. Some scientists have said I have discovered the unified field theory.

I'm happy to answer any questions crisistums.

Thanks for your time.