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Author Topic: Open sourcing stuff near and dear maybe?  (Read 1509 times)

Offline DonEMitchell

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Open sourcing stuff near and dear maybe?
« on: November 06, 2021, 06:39:09 PM »
Well, I'm looking for techie friends because I'm human, and friendly, but easily miffed by thread-bandits and people that respond without knowing their butt's talking.  And do know I have decades of personal attacks from talking with knowledge.

I need a coach in mixed community just to be interactive without my brain child being beaten only half way out the birth canal.  I'd like to trade some thin skin for some dragon skin!  Rant off.

So, the big system I'm working on I wouldn't want even myself to do complete at full theory implementation, for fear of safety and health, and ignorance of communications protocols in secret places (the catch 22, build it and they will come --in black helicopters).  But FCC and classified military communications are quite real its a new millennium... it is not the 1950-s anymore... and I am talking about several thousand watts to get magnetic saturation in air coils.  I'm just a dumb fellow save brilliant in a very narrow notch (which doesn't communicate, so I'm just regular dumb).

I'm craving to explain this stuff... it's where I live and all my excitement... but I feel pigeon-holed in a world of one without builder skills that work well lonely.... seems like my attention deficit becomes a total block when there's zero social interaction on things I wish I could share.

So I'm thinking.

Were I to share why I think the 13:8 knot 3-phase-group is very special, and how to drive it in phase rotation, it would not be particularly unsafe.  It will not invoke a tempic-wave  of the Wilbert B. Smith alien tech kind, tutored to him by tensor beam mind interface, and buried by Canadian and American intelligence communities since the 1950-s.)  It would only invoke a tempic wave if exactly engineered to the proper scale and frequency... and us hobbiest won't/can't do that for many reasons.  God knows I want to share. Have I been standing in a jail cell of mind with an open door all these years?

I have zero plans to sell the whole system any more than I would auction off a warp drive.  That's literal treason sentence, for real guys... patents are gag-ordered all the time if they could be twisted into weaponry... and the inventor is told to never even talk about it for penalty of national treason (once gagged)  But we're not going to be patenting... it is ok.  Nor building anything close to what I seek help for ultimately.

[size=78%]This stuff everybody wants... but all one has to do is say 'I have a design based on years of research." and one immediately turns invisible.  Nobody wants the innovator, everybody wants the innovation.  Well, in general, you get me, right?[/size]

Magnetic self-resonance, where the open-air copper tubing resonates only with itself, and not with a capacitive element (like an LC tank) is necessarily high frequency.

A ring amp runs balls-out.  It is perfect for driving magnetic self-resonance...

So, talk at me... Might this be anything someone wants to understand? ... If there is interest, which means I may have actual healthy interaction with other innovators, AND if I behave in community (AND there is sudden and immediate shut-down of bad actors <--their inclusion is damaging to think tanks in an extreme way)  Here me wizen moderators.  Numbers in a forum are pointless if only a few of the numbers are jaded. Their inclusion as a parade of fools in the light of this mission statement here at here is bewildering. 

Expect me to talk straight.

So, do I sound like a tilted amateur mad scientist, or are others in here of same mind?

I want to explain why the 13:8 knot is special.  Why it will generate scalar waves as a 3-phase trefoil when activated in a bifilar fashion... it's rather amazing.

I think I'm coming out.

Talk at me.  Let me feel like I'm not a word monster making people run and hide.  Make me share my secrets!

Thank you each, past all the words, directly to the heart with that look of compassion that makes us human,


The 13:8 knot colored in the conduction directions of bifilar activation...

Offline ferrarijody

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Re: Open sourcing stuff near and dear maybe?
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2021, 11:16:44 PM »

I think what you mentioned sounds very exciting. I would like to hear about it.

Thank you