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Author Topic: Posting here --newbie thwarted by messaging  (Read 1394 times)


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Posting here --newbie thwarted by messaging
« on: November 01, 2021, 12:02:59 PM »
Hi Don,
looking forward to your reaction on my answer.

Kind regards

Hi Nic!  I can tell you are passionately involved with your study, but we share the same problem... I can't understand your lingo.

Consider I know nothing about your approach, how would you describe what you want to build, and why.

What I remember is your description of multiple electromagnetic transformations of a Don Smith device while overunity is a goal.

The device itself is very lossy.  Electromagnetics loose energy when inductively exchanged.  My devices built in mind became more realistic once I put a bicycle-light generator on my bicycle-wheel, and found out that I didn't need batteries, but it wasn't free energy.  My legs could feel the generator's losses to make a bit of light with a thermal filament.

However, here, to be in the race, the mantra of overunity is just the site name... so I understand the motivation.

Down to reality... your project is an excellent learning opportunity.  The motivation here is to try something different.

I hoped you could catch-on to the cause and vehicle of something otherworldly that humans have a hard time comprehending...


These days, I can't not think without endorsing what has became obvious, but only after considering the entirety of human engineering child's play compared to the sophistication of the understanding taught Wilbert B. Smith by off-world human engineers that were way past Earth engineering.

What you need Nic is experience... and you are on your way.  What you need more is knowledge.

There is no way to give knowledge to anyone that doesn't understand.  Knowing is understanding.  To learn is to want to know applied.

Knowing goes to the grave.  I'm closer perhaps than some.  I wish to share what you want to know that you don't know you don't understand, Nic.

Isn't that twisted?

Humans are.

When known, this opens up Smith & Smith --> a magnetic regauging event traveling on the magnetic flux at the velocity that a surface wave (per se) travels on the electric charge about a nucleus, will afford coupling dynamics toward resonant control of the nucleon.

The above paragraph describes how to couple electronically with mass and inertia. (Insight of Frank Znidarsic over data produced by Eugene Podkletnov and his mysterious gravity beam.  This isn't just my intuition talking.)

And I'm not here to build it here, but to seed a few minds before I die... and surely to cooperate on any similarities that could be a win-win for both comprehending parties.

I see a similarity you may not, Nic.  The circuit details are rudimentary, but endlessly frustrating when what one wants to find is not really known.  I want to help, but without some bridge of human need, the crossing is left to fate and circumstance.

Warm regards, with respect for your zeal,