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Paulos (Power Amplifier under License Overunity System) Concept.

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Paulos (Power Amplifier under License Overunity System) Concept.


I don't know, maybe sth like these:

Is breaking the Kirchhoff law in AC branches.

What do You think?

Dxer (www.chomikuj.pl/dxer)

//see attachment

You may generate the signal in almost freeware Daqarta Software. Very good one, but bit tricky in operation. I'm proposing using ferrite coils with special triangle signal on the right channel, voltage doubler also kapanadze coil like in Antico systems - will be described soon, long wire antennas between coils and special bust circuit described in my virtual disk. Thus this should work as a self solid state generator with average power up to 1kW well grounded. You may also use a little dc motor with magnets on the shaft to move main transformer. Works with most amplituners/amplifiers of known manufacturers or even with old radios mono...

The ferrite cores coils needs to be far more 100mH.

Greetings US and RUS,

Yours sincerely Kleo.



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