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The Aether versus General Relativity

New theories about free energy systems > Dense aether model and scalar wave physics

The Aether versus General Relativity

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--- Quote ---Up and down are really away from earths center and toward it.
Locally valid, universally invalid, but it is a natural assumption to conclude
that up and down are universally uniform.
--- End quote ---

I would agree and many of the terms relating to our perception on Earth are obsolete in space. There is no up or down, no directions like north or south, no altitude only distance, no gravity thus no weight only inertia. In many respects we live in a very narrow band on the surface of the planet with phenomena unlike 99% of the rest of the universe, a goldilocks zone. Which may explain why our perception of things is so severely flawed. 

--- Quote ---It is also an assumption to think a universal time actually exists.
--- End quote ---

If universal time didn't exist then we can basically throw all our astronomical measurements out the window. Time as we know it is a standard of measurement like a cm, kg, amp or volt. We can't start messing around with a standard of measurement simply because we don't understand how something works.

It reminds me of the critics saying a free energy device must violate the conservation of energy, lol. However anyone who actually understands the COE would know it cannot be violated. So why would a supposed "expert" claim to believe in the COE then claim it was violated proving they don't actually believe in the COE. Contradictions can tell us a great deal about what a person really believes...


I'll just say, that to my mind relativity does not conflict with an either.
The topic does not interest me.

   see you around


In every respect free energy theory is an Aether theory.

We could also note that general relativity set free energy research back by decades. In fact every successful free energy inventor with demonstrable technology claimed GR was a fraud and unworkable.

This is why I think it's very important that FE researchers understand that time is not variable it is constant. The properties of matter are variable which means the energy of matter is also variable.

Think of it this way, if we change the properties of a mass we could make any weight float like a balloon. We could lift the weight to any height with little work then reintroduce the original properties and have the weight fall performing more work. This is the basic premise of all free energy devices. We change the properties of something so that our energy input is always less than the energy output.

No hokus pocus is required, no magical space time nonsense, no spooky action at a distance, worm holes or magical particles from other parallel universes. All this is complete nonsense meant to distract from the fact that we are immersed in a sea of energy for the taking.


                              Just NO.


Light-wave !?

conservative dimension: mass  versus relativistic dimension : mass  !

dimensionless Relativity !?




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