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Title: UFO news
Post by: onepower on September 07, 2021, 08:16:11 PM
Some interesting articles...

It's interesting to note that since various governments and military agencies confirmed UFO's do in fact exist that all the critics have become silent. The most important discovery in the history of mankind and basically everyone has gone silent.

Now were discovering that many military pilots have been sighting these craft almost daily off almost every coast. Many pilots claimed these craft can move from the air to underwater at thousands of miles an hour as if the water wasn't even there.

Here's the kicker...
1)We know these craft exist and they have been proven to exist in large numbers because of the large number of global sightings. So these unknown craft are basically coming and going as they please all over the planet over every countries sovereign and protected air space. Yet apparently nobody cares that large numbers of foreign craft are violating there air space. I mean everyone loses there mind if a kid takes an illegal joyride in a Cessna but apparently large numbers of high tech foreign craft over our countries isn't an issue, lol.

2)Another contradiction is the fact that almost all the data and video has been classified top secret and government/military personnel gagged. So if the phenomena wasn't real then why all the secrecy?. Not "don't tell anyone" kind of secrecy but a matter of national security and you will go to prison kind of secrecy. So why all the drama, threats and secrecy over something most claim doesn't even exist, lol.

3)The conclusion, what connects all this together is the fact that people who have had close encounters with these craft also claimed to have seen beings not from Earth. Call these beings whatever you want but that does not change the fact that alien life and UFO's seem to be connected. Which easily explains all the secrecy and national security. Most people are fearful of others with different beliefs or cultures but here were talking about an entirely different species of intelligent beings, probably much more intelligent and advanced that we are.

Think about that, an advanced race of intelligent beings much more powerful than we are. It all but proves our beliefs about everything are flawed, more so concerning our history, religion, technology and evolution. Now imagine what might happen if it was proven that everything most believe about our history, religion, technology and evolution was found to be inaccurate or worse a lie. Many cannot even believe Covid19, a simple virus and the pandemic is real, lol. So how do you think most people would react if they knew the majority of what they came to believe simply wasn't true?.

We know what would happen and it would result in world wide chaos and mass hysteria. So logically we have a very good reason why there was so much secrecy surrounding UFO's. Mankind simply isn't ready to put our false beliefs aside and accept what we know to be true. It was never mass hallucinations, swamp gas or weather balloons, lol. It was the simple fact that when confronted with the unknow most people panic and become hysterical because they are overwhelmed by fear. It's cool, whatever but personally I would love to have a chat with these beings, come what may.


Title: Re: UFO news
Post by: onepower on September 08, 2021, 07:06:56 PM
Let's look at some time lines...

It is well know that the very first civilizations like the Sumerians ie. Sumer around 3500 years before christainity/islam was even invented knew of UFO's. In fact there was nothing primitive about these cultures and they were more advanced in some respects than many today. That is they had a more advanced culture and means than some third world countries today nearly 5500 years ago.
They also developed cuneiform, one of the earliest known systems of writing in human history. In addition, they came up with a method of keeping time — which modern people still use to this day.

But according to the Sumerians, they didn’t do it alone; they owed their historic breakthroughs to a group of gods called the Anunnaki. In their telling, the Anunnaki mostly descended from An, a supreme deity who could control both the fate of human kings and his fellow gods.

Though much remains unknown about the Sumerians and their way of life, they left evidence of their beliefs in ancient texts, including the Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the oldest written stories in human history.

Think about that...
5500 years ago the Sumerians basically invented the foundation of modern man in there culture, art, government, tools, machinery, farming, reading, writing, arithmetic and cosmology. They practically invented the culture we have today and they claimed it was all given to them by beings not of this Earth. Which is strange isn't it?, today we like to take credit for everything yet the Sumerians claim all there knowledge was "given to them".

In any case I find it a little strange that most today have never even heard of the Sumerians. I mean, can you think of anything more relevant than the first civilization responsible for the foundation of our knowledge?. One would think it would be in bold type at the beginning of every history book and yet it seems to be missing in action. So we should be perfectly clear that...
1)The foundation of our culture came from the Sumerians around 5500 years ago.
2)The Sumerian beliefs predate chritianity, islam and all others by thousands of years, they invented the concept of gods.
3)They claimed all there knowledge was given to them by said gods who came to Earth looking for resources much like we are building spacecraft to mine other planets today.

Thus our real history starts coming together and makes a little more sense. I mean, if we travelled to other planets looking for resources and we stumbled onto another race of beings would we not share our knowledge in trade for resources?. Of course we would and every country on Earth is based on this premise. In fact North America was discovered by Europeans looking for resources and they shared there knowledge with the native inhabitants in return for labor and said resources. The irony here is mind boggling because many believe another race of beings wouldn't do... exactly what were doing, lol.

It begs the question... how did the real beginning of our culture and beliefs get so corrupted?. Why is our actual history being hidden from most?.


Title: Re: UFO news
Post by: onepower on September 09, 2021, 05:54:05 PM
With respect to the picture posted below...

Most won't understand the symbology or mechanics of what it may be depicting so I will try to break it down.

1)To the right we see two people/beings with raised hands worshipping or greeting the various craft levitating above them. Note, these craft take the shapes we are very familiar with today. To the left a group of levitating orbs, in the center a brilliant star shaped craft and to the right the common disk/cigar shape. Which begs the question how people 5500 years ago could depict the exact forms of the UFO's we see today?.

2)The being to the left appears to be a fish shape referring to the fish god also common to ancient Egypt. The being on the right is shown wearing a robe and headdress common to royalty in ancient cultures.

3)Note all the shapes on the ground with spires or points coming off of them. This should be familiar because a raised high voltage source like a Tesla coil will produce the exact same corona effects. Whenever a very HV is present any objects connected to ground will emit corona discharges and spires acting upwards. Which begs the question how people 5500 years ago knew of these exact HV effects?.

We could also note that strange HV effects are common to all UFO's. They are described as disrupting all electronics, corona effects from the craft, ground and other objects and high frequency radiation. It's also interesting that the people depicted as greeting these craft often wear what we call "costumes". That is, robes or garments covering there body and almost always a headdress of some sort. What better way to shield themselves from radiation and HV effects and in fact we take the same precautions today.

Consider the picture as a whole which only depicts three main things...
1)The three shapes or forms common to all UFO's levitating.
2)The HV corona ground effects common to all UFO's
3)Sumerian's worshipping or greeting said UFO's.

Even more mind boggling is that this is only one depiction of hundreds throughout our history showing almost the identical thing. Which begs the question how these supposedly ancient cultures knew more about this phenomena than 99% of people today.

Title: Re: UFO news
Post by: onepower on September 11, 2021, 07:27:08 PM
The ancient Egyptians use of technology from the Sumerians...

In ancient Egypt things started to get interesting and in the picture below we can see the "Menat necklace device". To most something like this makes absolutely no sense however as an Engineer it makes perfect sense to me because I built many similar devices. I recognized it right away as a moving bead electrostatic generator using one grounded vessel from which beads move carrying charges to another ungrounded vessel. These devices use contact electrification of the beads to charge them then said charge is carried on the beads and accumulated on an ungrounded object or vessel. In fact this device uses a process very similar to Lord Kelvin's water drop generator. Lord Kelvin simply used water drops to carry charge where here were using beads on a string.

Note the strange square shaped charge holders mounted onto the menat necklace device and later in the "offerings to Hathor" picture we see the same charge holders being offered to the goddess Hathor. Thus the charge holders were meant to be charged in the menat device then removed and the electrical energy transferred to other objects. Here we could ask why a moving bead electrostatic generator was meant to look like a menat necklace?.

We can see the charge holders being offered to various gods and these god/people are actually wearing a menat necklace and elaborate headdresses. These were often made of metals like copper and gold which are very good conductors of electricity. Note the goddess Hathor has a sphere on her headdress and as we know a sphere is the perfect object to hold electrostatic charges. In fact almost all HV top loads are spheres because a sphere has no sharp edges where corona could break out dissipating the energy.

Here is another aspect of the square charge carrying devices which I found kind of comical. The supposed experts claim these devices were nothing more than "rattles" used to make noise, lol. Thus we have some evidence to suggest the charged string of beads did in fact end up inside the device. So if we had many non-metal charged beads inside the device and we wanted to transfer all of the charges to the exterior of the metal vessel how would we do it?. Well, if we shook the device then all surface charges on the beads would contact the inside of the vessel and all the stored charges would transfer to the exterior. So it seems very likely they did shake these devices but not for any of the reasons most think. There is in fact a very reasonable scientific explanation for it.

So it would appear that the ancient Egyptians created quite large electrostatic generators and moved the electricity in charge holders probably similar to a Leyden jar. Which begs another obvious question, if the ancient Egyptians knew about static electricity from rubbing amber then why would anyone think nobody would ever take the technology further?. It's absurd in my opinion and most are confusing knowledge at the top of society with common knowledge at the bottom. Like today the people with wealth and power at the top of society had access to technology most others didn't. So we can assume small groups of intelligent and influential people knew all about static electricity and built working devices for reasons still unknown to us.

I like to think of it this way, everyone else is wrong because I built the menat necklace device and in fact it does work... period, end of debate. So now the only question left is what they were using it for. In fact the electrostatic generator works perfectly, the charge carrying devices also work perfectly when an insulated wooden handle is used. We also know that the electrical energy was being moved in charge holders and offered to the royals posing as gods.

The only real question left is why?, to what end?, for what purpose?.


Title: Re: UFO news
Post by: onepower on September 12, 2021, 09:18:41 PM
Today I would like to expand on the science behind charge holder/carrying devices...

To recap, we have proof the Menat Necklace device shown at Dendera in the Hathor temple can work as depicted. The science is based on the moving bead electrostatic generator and contact electrification. For the wealthy there necklaces were often made from semi-precious stones, precious metals and glass beads. In the triboelectric series glass is very electropositive and metals like copper and gold fairly electronegative. Thus in the Menat Necklace device we can assume the glass beads on contact with the copper/gold vessel were charged (+) positive and the positive charge was held on the beads in the charge holders.

Now something kind of neat happens, all the glass beads in the charge holder have a positive charge but not all of them are in contact with the metal interior and can conduct there charges to the exterior. If we shook the charge holder like a rattle all the surface charges on the beads could conduct to the exterior. Here we need to understand a little science regarding a man named Michael Faraday.

Faraday discovered a peculiar effect when doing an experiment called " Faraday's ice pail experiment" shown below. Faraday found that a charged bead inside a metal vessel transfers it's charge to the exterior when contacting the interior. This is because like charges repel and always want to get as far away from each other as possible, ergo they move to the exterior. Here science would seem to agree with what many historians suggest and the charge holders should be shaken but not just to make noise, lol. In fact, when the charge holders are shaken the exterior can become charged to a very high potential.

We could speculate on some of the reasons why ancient Egyptian royalty might want to be charged to a very high potential, lol.

The Menat Necklace was made of semi-precious stones, precious metals, glass beads and associated with life, protection, fertility and good health. Today many have similar beliefs with respect to precious stones and metals. For example, in the past people used to throw silver coins into water vessels for good luck and health. Many claimed it was just quackery but then science proved silver does in fact inhibit bacterial growth in water. So we should understand that in many cases there is science to support what many call hearsay... we just have to look for it.

In the bigger picture it would seem that small groups of intelligent and influential people in the past did possess advanced scientific knowledge as I have shown. They didn't call it science however the ancient scholars and wise men obviously knew more than most believe. The most common mistake I see historians make is thinking the elite of a society were thinking on the same level as the average person. Which is completely absurd and like comparing Elon Musk to your neighborhood mechanic. Leonardo da Vinci (15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519) is the perfect example of a man literally hundreds of years ahead of his time. Now imagine if someone like da Vinci was given wealth by influential people and means to pursue all his dreams. The fact remains that throughout our history there have always been individuals, groups and societies with advanced knowledge most cannot even imagine. The trick is doing the research, connecting the dots and understanding the science involved.