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The MAD MAX e-car

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The MAD MAX e-car

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 ::)  Thanks AI it is Frei-/Freya-/Fri-day ,time for designing :

the basic model :



2x 1,5 hp ( or ea. 1,12 KW)  electric 90 Volt DC motor,up to 12 000 RPM =

                                                          rated  2,25 KW  electric

So we will modify the numbers and e-drive model :

2x rated 2 KW

and implement

a pedal generator like here  http://omni.mcn.org/ElectriLiteB/  Pedal Generators- 600 watts peak

                                                                    pedal electric car

some pedal powered vehicles


pedal generator output to battery/capacitor to electric drive

pedal generator output to https://patentauction.com/patent.php?nb=9318 to battery/capacitor to electric drive

something to change in this concept
( after American Wind car performance and Arestov conventional wind generator modification comparison ) :


The Permanent Magnet Alternator  with Arestov double winding

The High Velocity Electric Fan with Pax Scientific Impeller

The High Velocity Electric Fan Motor sourced by


When an adult pedals in average a conventional  generator 100 W per hour electricity ,with improved generator technics the cyclists gets 200 Watt per hour !
The 2x rated 2 KW output e-drives consumes net less than 400 W per hour ! ≤ 400 e-W in,≥ 4 000 mech W out !
The average mech W consume for average velocity is normally 1/3-1/2 rated drive value !

bicycle like pedaling with a. 2x rated 2 KW e-drive with minimum 40 mph top speed

to later b. up to 2x 20 KW rated  Plauson/Imris/Ferreira drive high speed experimental vehicle ( Autodromo Estoril or Faro/Loulé race teste )

                                        XYZ mph top speed ( three digits pedal electric speed  8) )

                                                                      limitless range

                                                    HORCH = AUDI EUGENIK CHAMPIONAT

                                                          multi-user-cycle electrification


                                                               Gar(field) Wood superelectric car


                                                              rated  2,25 KW  electric

                                      US7411363 (B2) ― 2008-08-12

 The present disclosure has evaluated numerous conventional motor-related circuits and identified new methods that realize power conservation that is approximately 150% to around 200% better than conventionally available motors.


and who does not like pedaling :


this are 1000 ( one thousand ) US$/Euros 2x e-drive + controler + inverter system incl. LTO-battery  costs

It was ridiculous, rated 1,5 KW 4000 RPM electric motor as City-car drive :


It will be standart , in urban zone : 30 Km*h legal speed max. zone !

Global Trendsetter : https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://www.infranken.de/ueberregional/deutschland/tempolimit-tempo-30-statt-50-in-staedten-spanien-macht-es-vor-art-5207035

S.E.A.T. : Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo,  Turismo = Free Time  8) ;D  V.W. = Volks-Wiegenlied

The over-powered car-industry is with this act 90% in price and existence worth deflationated ! Kastriert ! Extinction !
Political to compare with PR China 80´  "one child -family politics",

now there new defined  !

But the PR Chineses are now negative fertility consequence approved and intelligent :


Abort the unwished babies,abort the unwished corrupt Oldies !


Der letzte Speedmaster druecke den letzten Kolbendeckel zu ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6K3a_ug9JE

All cars in future with black-box,velocity recorder,equipped ! 24/365 velocity controle ! USB-stick like,cheap !



Comparison V nominal,Ah and charge cycles


3,7 V x 1,5 Ah x (1000 Gr./ 45 Gr. each cell) = 123 Wh/Kg ,500 charge cycles


3,7 V x 2,6 Ah x (1000 Gr./44 Gr. each cell) = 218 Wh/Kg ,500-1000 charge cycles

1 KWh = 104 battery cells x 0,99 US$ = 103   US$/KWh
                                       x 0,2  US$ =   20,8 US$/KWh

Mass selling price ,fob factory ! Mass production costs ?


 Battery Pack Prices Cited Below $100/kWh ..."

2025  preview

" Battery Pack Prices Cited Below $50/kWh ..."

2030 preview

" Battery Pack Prices Cited Below $25/kWh ..."

The future about battery capacity and weight :


1967 :

520 pounds lead-battery, 8 units x 12 Volt (x assumption : 55 Ah)  = 235,6 Kg

 2021 :

235,6 Kg

= x 0,5 (lead DoD ) / 0,8 (lithium DoD) = 147,25 Kg by 2021 DoD standart

147,25 Kg x [(40 Wh/Kg lead )/ ( 170 Wh/Kg lithium)] 

= 34,7 Kg lithium 170 Wh/Kg battery pack

2030 +

=  11,8 Kg           500 Wh/Kg  https://www.energy.gov/eere/articles/battery500-progress-update

=    5,9 Kg         1000 Wh/Kg  https://overunity.com/18215/innolith-battery-1000-whkg/

The chemistry used in this battery has been proven to operate for more than 55,000 full depth of discharge cycles, which is between 10 and 100 times the maximum number of cycles of existing Li-ion batteries in use today.


34,7 Kg lithium 170 Wh/Kg battery pack

2 x rated 2 KW Plauson/Imris/Ferreira cap-motor

a. electric/mechanical input/output C.O.P. 10     34,7 Kg/10

= 3,47 Kg lithium 170 Wh/Kg battery pack

b. electric/mechanical input/output C.O.P. 100   34,7 Kg/100

= 0,347 Kg lithium 170 Wh/Kg battery pack

here to calculate right : e-drive VA average/peak    /    battery cells average/peak output  ( CSIRO hibride ultra-battery concept ! )


actually average Kg lithium battery price ( asian production) :

for example


fob factory                     1610 US$/140 Kg =                                                     <  11,5 US$/Kg

                                 or 1610 US$/ 28,8 KWh                                                      56 US$/KWh

 attention : beside weight: 290 Kg also listed weight:140 Kg , we take 140 Kg

based by " More Batteries " , model CTS-144200   144 V 200 Ah number

( their actual >=200 Sätze gross selling price 1430 US$/28,8 KWh is 2025 average market price standart : 50 US$/KWh ! )

Tesla Motor batteries ( 7100 units battery-cells sample )


111 WH/Kg = 3,7 V x 1,2 Ah x 25 units a 40 Gr./cell

fob factory                      30 US$ cents ea./0,04 Kg ea cell =                                  7,5 US$/Kg   or     67,5 US$/KWh

                                                        C.O.P. 100 Plauson/Imris/Ferreira

                                                   0,347 Kg lithium   170 Wh/Kg battery pack

                                            =    0,069 Kg  lithium 1000 Wh/Kg battery pack

                                                                    x 7,5 US$/Kg

                             the 1 US$cent/Wh battery capacity production price frontier  : 20?? reaching ?

                            actually 3-4 US$cents/Wh production costs

                                             supercheap Amory Lovins Hypercar development


the battery cell wrapped core Drawing page 8/9


                                       0,069 Kg  lithium 1000 Wh/Kg battery pack

                                      0,069 Kg / C.O.P. 5 Tanaka Saburo = 0,014 Kg

 0,014 Kg   or   59 Wh/C.O.P. 5     x      a.  11,5 US$/Kg or 56 US$/KWh                          b.  7,5 US$/Kg   or     67,5 US$/KWh

can David Yurth generator coil coating improvement also improve inverter/phase transformer secondary coils output ?  ::)


                                               56    US$/KWh / 3000 charge cycles =     < 0,02 US$/charge cycle KWh


                                              1000 US$/KWh / 1 000 000 charge cycles = 0,001 US$/ charge cycle KWh


                                                  20 times or 2000% industrial margin difference !


and this battery pack , 6 KWh/100 Km consume x 200 Km range + heater/cooler consume ~ 20 KWh



1000 US$ costs
1000 US$ costs the P/I/F e-drive , 15 KW nominal + variable speed controler

as middle calculation : GoldenMotor 10 KW Tata Nano electrification performance
                                 and Loremo " The EV will use a motor of approximately 20 kW power. " ( peak or rated/nominal  20 KW ?!)

7500 US$ selling price easy reachable by Renault-Dacia mass production regime/administration,

5000 US$  selling price per car by Renault Kwid India mass production regime/administration

instead conventional      200   Km range

C.O.P. 10 P/I/F e-drive  2000   Km range

and C.O.P. 100          20 000   Km range

Autonomous City-(TAXI)cars drives by 30 Km*h average and 24 hours day = 720 Km per day ( nonstop) less 10% stop-time = 650 Km

The Loremo is an outside City fun-car,
new City-vehicles are mostly 3000-2000 US$ selling price worth by law  demanded performance !

You have to know the chinese history where during the Mao revolution the youngster sended their "political unwished and political corrupt " Olds ,included own familiar grand-/parents and brother-/sister-/s into concentration camps ! Millions died !

Fact stays as Fact !

Jerry Volland,´re You Chinese ?  ::) ;)

Beside the chinese KP (kommunistic Party) only represents 10% from the total population,the question in future will be how the 90% not being "Party"-member or "No-KP-Member-Party" how they will treat the KP-POLITBUERO-HEADS with each one multimillion $/Euro deposits
by swiss investment banks like SKA/Credit Suisse !

How treats officially the PRC-Constitution such behaviouring "dissidents" ?


Why limit "corrupt" just to the "Oldies"?  Phonetical family : "e"lder from "ae"lter/older

                                                                                       ( or does some seeing themself "states-maen-erisch" !?

                    "  You mean, like, ME? " It is not about AGE(in years),but if You are by constitutional view- corrupt - :                 
                                                                            yes,worthless ! To eliminate !


                                    Okay , amplifying to "corrupt criminals in geral,age-independent,gender-independent " !   
                                                                           Totale Inklusion ! ;D

                                                     Nu´ gluecklich und zufrieden ? Politi-sch/-ical correct !

Why do you wish to truncate Humanity? :P

Oh,I do not wish it ! Others are truncating !

Up to thirty years back from 2021 : and from this date previews from many with fear,hope,plans (constructive,destructive)





actio/reactio observation          -2021


 Mit dem Bau des Atatürk-Damms zum Beispiel, hinter dem sich der Euphrat stauen soll, erhält die Türkei eine gefährliche Waffe gegen Syrien und den Irak - Länder, die auf das Wasser von Euphrat und Tigris angewiesen sind. Reibereien zwischen den Anrainern gab es deswegen schon reichlich.

With the construction of the Ataturk Dam, for example, behind which the Euphrates will be dammed, Turkey is receiving a dangerous weapon against Syria and Iraq - countries that depend on the waters of the Euphrates and Tigris.
 As a result, there was already a lot of friction between the neighbors.                                       

Right or wrong decisions and consequences over the decades are fixed,archived ! 

https://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/print/index-1995-12.html  https://magazin.spiegel.de/EpubDelivery/image/title/SP/1995/12/260

Germany, River Ahr Valley

1804  m³/s  flood  - 1910 m³/s flood - 2021   m³/s flood

individual chance/risc versus geral-social- chance/risc and


b. solidar help decision !

sustainable human development : risc minimizing ,help need minimizing

Becoming : ADULT

Reading https://web.archive.org/web/20130623184627/http://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/spiegelspecial/index-1993-4.html

                   related B(evoelkerungs)-Bombe /P(opulation)-Bomb

we get a new apostolic Pathfinder MOTTO :

                                ehemals : Unser taeglich Brot gib uns heute

                                Unseren taeglichen Atombombenabwurf sende uns heute

google translator sin-deformed :

                               Send us our daily atomic bombing today


                                  From "cold war" to "cold peace"  society

"Eugenic" is often misunderstood or in ab-using use by some by own (ideologic) political interests !

 ab-use : by the NSDAP : Ausleseprozess ,"Herren-Rasse"

classical "eugenics" for example by the phyteic games ( body and mind arts) ,today promoted as "Modern Olympic Games "

Eugenic as scientifical research by experiments : Charles Darwin,Francis Galton

The Nature decides and selects over the time

And aren't you the same one who said a 1kWh battery, charged and discharged 25,000 times gives 25,000 kWh, for driving a million miles?

                                                          How do you charge it while driving?

                                  At first : No,I do not state it !  :'(  And for this not the inventor/developper !

If You visit the Uni Queensland (AUS),Stanford,North Carolina State and some other educational and experimental  institutions You will get the ,this, statement !  :)

When the capacity is 1 KWh energy storage ,the charge cycles (for 80% rest charge limit) given with 25 000 times = 25 000 KWh energy storage potential over the time !

Visiting the alibaba site You get actually such 25 000 cc potential as Lithium-Titanate-Oxide batteries ,
cheap (relatively ) TM Yinlong ,more expensive LTO by XALT !                                                               

                                                                  Commercial standart !


 How do you charge it while driving?

"Under Natural Law, stupidity is a capital offence" - Robert Heinlein.

What if someone decided to abort unwished stupidity?



                                             alternatively :

                                           "Under Natural Law, refusing  is a capital offence"

                                        How do you charge it - the demanded power/energy- while driving?

                                 This is the 1 Trillion turnover Car-manufacturing industry question/answer !? 8)


                                         What if someone or NATURE decided to abort unwished stupidity?

                                          stupide : nicht lernfaehig ~ unable to learn/understand/accept

" ... slip that eugenics line into the mess ... " probably the impression by Yourself !

I studied the sublime and (auto-/extra-/intra-)suggestive techniques in the 80´,included NLP, but do not use it !

We have industrial a TIER4 evolution , we can understand this as optimizing process from human to automat( "robotique") production process translation !

As pioneers I see here Roy Kessinger : 250 Mio. motor/generator production investment plant to 25 Mio. investment reducement plant by same output

and similar ,with same investment and risc reducing effect, Tesla Motors ex-administration spin-off  " 24M " as battery producer  https://24-m.com/ !

Asking how to get the power/energy charge during driving a simple explanation and status quo statement :

we have many e-drive vehicles in use and experience by their driver

we have street legal speed limits

we have flat streets,hill (mass) up -pitch- and hill (mass) down drive

we have e-vehicles with different weight

So let us by given data do "virtual experiments" without ( secret insider knowledge) :


37 KW AC e-motor

12 KWh energy consume per 100 Km

 3 KWh  brake energy recuperation per 100 Km ( stop and go )

= 9 KWh total/net consume per 100 Km

First question (?) :

why 37 rated KW power drive ( 75 KW peak )

when by Garfield Wood,Richard Fradella and others we see that 2,25-5 rated KW ( 5-10 KWpeak)  are sufficient  ?

but let us take this 37 KW motor :

how much less average consume with double coils ,specific permanent magnets array arrangement !?

12 KWh to 8-6 KWh average consume modificated the Reva concept car

the recuperation generator function : motor/generator splitting

improved generator technology with higher mechanical input/electrical output efficiency ?

from 3 KWh brake recuperation gain to 5,6 and more KWh per 100 Km !?

from 9 KWh net consume step-by-step to 3 KWh net consume to 0 KWh net consume per 100 Km

I am not interested in the " actually organized" car-manufacturing industry existence , but I think and decide about their negative influence in society and  estate politics !

Zero private individual car ownership in Cities/urban zone  : nothing against !

24/365 black-box controled speed/velocity : nothing against !

In many european estates/cities there is a parking lot demand per household,costs 12 500 Euros - 25 000 Euros for max. 1000 Euros worth !

Car-free cities means in Europe directly 12 500 - 25 000 Euros less infrastructure costs per private household !

I am technocratic radical ,bringing the society to "- 2021 lab standart" !

Including JHS-Exerzitien- path of reflection

An effective week-work wishing


p.s.:     " I can self charge a battery with a single initiating pulse"
              I had to grin : " a battery"  how many hundreds/thousands of different battery models we can list ! ;)

             https://www.greenoptimistic.com/karpen-pile/ physical/chemical process ? power to weight ratio ?

            Der Spiegel Report 1995 : writing about the 3 Liter/100 Km consume ic-engine Twingo ( +- Renault Vesta 2 average consume)

            1993  priority date : consume halfing hybrid


same experimental results ( TV-news reported )


           1975 : Japan 50/50 water/fuel mix consume (similar in the 80´ Pierre Chambrin )

            KSL-Tuning,Wolfgang Krause : he got problem with his eco-tuning (Bild-Zeitung/Newspaper most economic car listening )

           less than 1 Liter fuel(+water) consume/100 Km  since 20 years experimented and published standart for "compact class cars" !

          https://unfccc.int/kyoto_protocol  ;D  - 80% GHG : 2000 Technical  Standart versus 2000 average consume


         priority date, 5 years after the first oil  and credit tax skyrocking shock : 1978


By way of example, an automobile engine of current design, operated at its most efficient speed, is expected to have an efficiency of 20 to 25 percent.

Nevertheless, the average efficiency of the ordinary motor car is much less,
being only on the order 2-5 percent, primarily because of poor compression ratios at low speed operation.

The problem is how to avoid inefficiencies which are incident to the operating cycle rather than to the basic engine construction.


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